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Trekking / Climbing Mount Semeru 3 Day 2 Nights - Surabaya / Malang Airport

Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing Mount Semeru Tour

The beauty of Mount Semeru charm with an altitude of 3,676 Mdpl indeed extraordinary beautiful, but to go there is not as easy as we might imagine, require special struggle to reach the Summit of Mount Semeru mahameru, and also the need for notes the struggle of the conquering the highest mountain on the island of Java.

Various preparations that are ripe for to mount Semeru on the need to consider properly, ranging from physical to Desire Preparation, preparation, provision of logistical Supplies to fullfill a need for hiking mount Semeru. the equipment must be brought to Semeru includes tent, sleeping bag, mattress and others, in addition to setting the rhythm of travel so that travel is more dynamic and regularly, if the wrong path once as a result will be danger.

Maybe if you are a beginner and have never done the climbing of Mount semeru feels heavy to do yourself, but quiet just us travel agents tour trip program will provide a weekly Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing mount Semeru or Tour Package Semeru Trekking Tour with duration of climbing for 3 days 2 nights.

The package that we offer this will give advantage to you, so, why? by purchasing a Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing mount Semeru Tour you no longer need to think through the logistics or the provision of supplies, travel, travel, rhythm connections to Semeru. You just prepare physically and mentally just during the ascent to mount Semeru in progress.

Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing mount Semeru Tour 3 days 2 nights it had enough time to conquer mount Semeru trekking takes place during the process, you will stay 2 nights in the Lake Kumbolo Ranu first and second at the Kalimati. More information we will explain in detail to the climbing Tour Package trip program Ranu Kumbolo mount Semeru Tour.

The order of events travel trip Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing mount Semeru Tour are:
Day 1: Poor - Ranu Pane Heading - Ranu Kumbolo Camp
Pick up the morning for prospective climbers from the city of Malang to mount Semeru. Our staff will warmly welcome your arrival in the city of Malang from the airport or from the train station, then continued to travel towards the village of Ranupane using the transport agent our tour bromo, which travels more or less 3 hours drive away.

After arriving in the village of Ranu pane do preparation for hiking semeru, warming up for a moment and then a light trekking toward the Lake the Kumbolo Ranu traveled more or less around 4 to 5 hours,

Arriving at Lake Ranu Kumbolo then break and lunch at continue set up tents, lunch and overnight around Lake kumbolo.

2nd day: Ranu Kumbolo - Kalimati area Camp
In the morning enjoy the beautiful sunrise/Sunrise Ranu Kumbolo. extended breakfast that has been set up by porter semeru, may need the presence of explorisasi kumbolo ranu area until satisfied and subsequent preparation back to kalimati will do after lunch.

Arrived 12 noon continue hiking trips towards the dead time that will be required to travel more than 3 hours of climbing. After arriving at the Kalimati breaks, while waiting for the porter set up tents and continued with a dinner break.

Day 3: Kalimati base camp - Arcopodo - peak Semeru/Mahameru Ranu Pane - the unfortunateWake up at night and 12 preparation for the ascent to the Summit of Mount Semeru Mahameru. Before the climbers breakfast beforehand to get some energy, do not forget to read a prayer to God so that the trip can be up to destination safely. Started to climb heading into Arcopodo approximately 2 hours. Arrived at arcopodo at cemoro single, after a short break and continue trekking to the Summit at the Mahameru with duration 3 hours trekking through the terrain that is pretty heavy.

After arriving at the peak of the Mahameru you can enjoy the beautiful Sunrise above the clouds and the land of semeru until satisfied. Then drop back to Kalimati, a short break and breakfast, then continue trekking home to Ranu Pani about 7 hours, lunch can be made at Ranu kumbolo and after that the journey continues back towards the village of Ranu pane with the same time as before.

Arriving at the village of ranu pane to proceed toward travel in to the unfortunate or in Surabaya to continue to the end of the program of the trip Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing mount Semeru Tour.

Facilities and prices Climbing Tour Package Ranu Kumbolo and mount Semeru is:
  • Transport Private fully air-conditioned [ FUEL and drivers ]
  • Tent, sleeping bag 2 nights on Mount Semeru
  • Mineral water During the ascent
  • The cost of the entrance ticket to the tour.
  • Guide/Guide on Mount semeru
  • Lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • Porter on Mount Semeru

Mandatory in prepare to take a Package Tour Kumbolo Ranu Climbing mount Semeru Tour 3 days 2 nights:
  • healthy affidavits from your doctor/Medical check up
  • personalized medicine
  • shirt and Warm Jacket
  • Trekking Shoes.
  • wet and dry Wipes
  • Sun block
  • Goggles
  • Gaiters
  • gloves

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