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Mount Semeru Trekking package tour Abroad-history and legends of Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru Trekking package tour Abroad-history and legends of Mount Semeru

Description: find out about the history of Mount Semeru or legend of the Summit of Mount Mahameru currently being one of the favorite mountain to be climbed by tourists. The natural beauty of Mount semeru in describing this made many people interested to visit it.

The mountain is part of the Earth's surface that soars higher than the surrounding area. A mountain that became the main attraction for tourists both local and foreign wisawan in the region of Java Island primarily East Java is Mount Semeru. Semeru Summit with an elevation of 3,676 M above sea level is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTN) it keeps a mystery we'll Peel thoroughly i.e. history of Mount Semeru.

History and legends of Mount Semeru
In addition to the beauty and natural panorama which is so stunningly turned out to have a history of Semeru saves a lot of myths. In the Java community will tell you the history and legend of the mount semeru in ancient scriptures taken from the 15th century that the Mahameru peaks or mount Semeru in believe as the abode of gods highest Hindus i.e. Lord Shiva. In katatakan also that the Lord mahatunggal that resides on top of a mountain known as Mahameru Himawan or Kailasa.

The word Semeru itself taken from the language of sangsekerta that is â € œMeru Agungâ € which means the Centre of the universe both physically and spiritually. Semeru also in interpret as â € œLingga Acalaâ € Lingam has 2 meanings of words, something that was not first moves and the second, that is something that is not a human creation. and Acala means mountain or coral.

Continuing the content history of Mount Semeru or legends of Mount Semeru, namely the origin of Mount Semeru is derived from the Hindu majority country i.e. India that in lifting to Java. In the days of yore the Supreme God in Hinduism, namely Hyang Shiva commissioned by Bathala to move atop Mount Mahameru from Bharatawarsa india to Java. The order was done because of the soil conditions of Java at the moment it is tossed around and unstable. Mount brought by Lord Shiva finally in the drop in the Western side of the island of Java, but the weight of the Mount Meru makes the ends of the eastern part of the island is lifted upwards. Then in line in the mount meru and half carried and drop it at the eastern end. Thus the condition of the land of Java being balanced.

The major piece in place in the West end, forming a Mountain named Pawitra, which is now known as Mount Pananggungan, and a major part of Mount Meru which is located at the eastern end, is now known by the name of Mount Semeru.

Mount Meru brought from india and put in Java are not only shaping the 2 mountain alone but when Peak Mount Meru brought by Lord Shiva to the eastern part of the island of Java, some are tumbling and grow into some small mountain of which there are mount Lawu, Wilis Mountain mdpl 3,265 2,169 mdpl, Kelud 1,713 mdpl, Gunung Kawi 2,631 mdpl, mount Arjuna 3,339 mdpl, and lastly Mount Kemukus 3,156 mdpl.

Semeru in the know with a sacred mountain, legend and mystery that covered him, this mountain has a gate unseen that can only be seen by people who have a high occult science. The gate was a statue in jaga currently on call with Arca Podo. as the name implies Arcopodo actually comes from the word â € œArca and Padaâ € œ, which Sangsekerta in Javanese language, on the same meaning. â € so the statues On the Statue is samaâ €

Mr. Dwi Cahyoo says that the Statue was in the trust as one of the five Pandava Princes of the term figure i.e. designation of five brothers, call it the statue of Bima. BIMA is a character from the Pandavas the most powerful among his brother in the legend of the Mahabharata which is always scary for the enemy. So Bhima's Statue located on Mount semeru served as disaster drove from the top of Mount Semeru is active.

According to another view of some historians refer to the book by Prof. Soekmono. so Arcopodo is the embodiment of the statue of the God Kala and Anukala which the gods had the task of guarding the gate to the West Gate at the temple gate. Not only is it part of North, South and East also at guard by some of the other Gods whom the placement of the gods at the Eastern Gate guarded by gods Gana, South Gate guard by Agasti, and to the North of the gate in the keep by Gauri. So the gods that is guarding the gates of the arch to the top of the most holy place of the Mahameru.

Once again mount Semeru or gunung Mahameru peaks is sacred, so if you plan to climb Mount Semeru we expected you could keep attitude, waffle, and maintain the sustainability of nature, and do not litter.

That's the short story in history and legends of Mount Semeru or ceirta origin of Mount Mahameru rakya, until now by the people of tengger Semeru mountain in believe as the residence of the gods or Ethereal.

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