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Slamet Package, Porter Bambangan, Termurah 2H1M

The Cheapest Climbing Package Slamet package- itinerary – facility – the cheapest package lane (the same lane in going up and down) 

The legal lane (Optional: Bambangan – Guci – Baturaden – Pemalang) 

Hello, Xplore viewer. This time, XploreWisata team would like to give you an offering one lane trip in Slametclimbing. There is going up via Bambangan and going down via Bambangan, going up via Guci and going down via Guci, and so on. 

Summary for Bambangan to Bambangan 
  • Trip 01 : Slamet one lane climbing via Bambangan-Bambangan package 
  • Trip 02 : Slamet one lane climbing via Baturaden-Baturaden Package 
  • Trip 03 : Slamet one lane climbing via Guci-Guci package 

Location : Slamet mount, Central Java Trip 
Duration : 2 Days 1 Night [ 2D 1N ] 
Post Camp Recommendation : post 05–post 07 [ under limited of vegetation ] 
Meeting Point : Purwokerto, Tegal [ Agreement reached ] 
Water Available : Water source in rain season 

Day 01 
07.00 Groups should have arrived at meeting point that is being in agreement reached 
07.00-09.00 Groups go to Slamet Pass basecamp in Bambangan 
09.00-10.00 Brunch, briefing, and tracking preparation 
10.00-17.30 Go to campsite [ post 05-post 07 ( vegetation limited )] 
17.30-02.30 Enjoy sunset, dinner, take a rest 

Day 02 
02.30-03.00 Summit attack preparation [ Snack, warm drinking ] 
03.00-05.30 Slamet summit attack 
05.30-07.00 Enjoy spectacular sunrise on Slamet summit and around crater 
07.00-10.00 Go to post 07 [ agreement reached) Bambanganlane  [ Breakfast ]] 
10.00-11.00 Lunch and take a rest 
11.00-16.00 Go to Bambangan basecamp 
16.00-17.00 Dinner, take a rest 
17.00-20.00 Go to meeting point [ Purwokerto ( agreement reached )] 
20.00-21.00 Culinary tour in finishing point 
21.00-22.00 Go to airport or train station 

  • The itinerary can be changed any time Tracking via Baturaden lane is not recommended for people above 60 years old [ consult us when we have negotiated ] 
  • Cross lane trip is not insurance 

The facilities that are provided are equal with the budgeting, but we inform you that the necessity for cross lane trip spent money more than one lane climbing. 

  • Transportation to the meeting point-basecamp Pass- finishing point 
  • Professional guide 
  • Professional porter 
  • Equipment [ tent, mattress, fly sheet, kitchen and dining utensils for pass ]
  • Logistic [ vegetable, fruit, rice, snack ] 
  • Communication Tools (HT, Walkie Talkie) 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • SAR Team 
  • Documentation [ Action Camp, Pocket Camera, DSLR Camera, Drone ]
  • Private porter 
  • Tipping guide

Us Contact Admin Operator dan Provider Pendakian - XploreWisata - XploreGunung
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+ 62 85 643 455 685
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