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Tourism Wonogiri, 14 Tourism in Wonogiri That should be visited

Tourism Wonogiri, 14 Tourism in Wonogiri That should be visited

14 Places in Wonogiri - Wonogiri regency is ex - Surakarta flanked by two provinces: East Java and Yogyakarta. Wonogiri rich with beautiful karst mountains and magnificent and tourism project memanjang.Kabupaten Wonogiri has beautiful beaches and nice, in addition to other tourist attractions such as caves, reservoirs and other natural attractions.
Let's check one of the following places of tourist interest in Wonogiri:

1. Sendang Asri Gajah Mungkur

Sendang Asri Gajah Mungkur wonogiri
Jalan Raya Wonogiri Village Spring Village. Wonogiri, Central Java
Map of Spring park reservoir Gajah Asri Munkur: click here
Sendang Asri Gajah Mungkur is one of  Tourism in Wonogiri located on the banks of the reservoir elephants leave a magnet for tourists to spend time enjoying the wind breeze Sinaga day. Sendang Asri is Gajah Mungkur Village Spring Village. Wonogiri, 7 km from the city of Wonogiri, with rare wildlife park, swimming pool, car rabbits. Also there arena: Water Boom "which has a variety of games such as pool water spill buckets, slides and a lazy river meandering. Ditepian elephants leave the reservoir are also special culinary facilities for the foodies
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2. Niagara heaven
Niagara heaven
Goda tourist destination where tourism is a form of waterfalls, but nothing to do with things mystical one of the tours that offer the potential for spiritual tourism. Attractions located in the hamlet of heaven Dlepih, district Tirtomoyo or about 47 km from the capital city of Wonogiri, should take about 1.5 hours
In addition to offering a strong sense of mystique, the area around the heaven offers the charm of nature is so beautiful. Moreover heaven is also in the area of ​​natural forest until rush of the river and the beauty of free flying birds chirping not be unusual anymore.
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3. The stone ketapel Semar
Semar ketapel stone wonogiri
Photos: promojateng-pemprovjateng.com
Wonogiri, Giripurwo Village. Wonogiri Wonogiri, Central Java 57612
Location Watu ketapel ki (Garden Selopadi):    click here
Selopadi Park neighborhood, Giripurwo village, Wonogiri district, 200m from the center of Wonogiri, with a weight of 25 tons of stone, leaning on a tree is very large Java Asem. Ketapel Semar is the main attraction of the park is a relaxing place selopati for the community.
0.5 acres of park visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city wonogiri ketingian.Plinteng semar become one of the landmarks of the city as it is located just off wonogiri main highway wonogiri-solo
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4. Sanctuary Danalaya
Sanctuary Danalaya wonogiri
Danalaya nature reserve nature reserve which is dominated by teak forests which offer different
with other nature reserves, a timber specifically designed for building Surakarta royal palace. Trees in the nature reserve is mainly teak trees are large.
This tourist attraction visited by many tourists who have specific interests or backgrounds nature lovers.
For those of you who like to challenge these attractions worth a visit. Nature reserve Danalaya place deserves to be a place of training, camping, etc.
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5. hang gliding Wonogiri
hang gliding Wonogiri
Hang gliding Wonogiri (photo indonesia-tourtravel.blogspot.co.id)
Address: Spring Village. Wonogiri Wonogiri, Central Java 57615
Map Location Wonogiri hang gliding: click here
If you come to Simone elephants left in Wonogiri, will not be complete without visiting the hang gliding located in the north side of the reservoir. A hill in the village of Spring where the launch of hang gliding and paragliding, with a height of 200 m and 400 m; landing place could be clearly seen.
There is hang gliding location and hang gliding hang gliding above the ground. Bedasar evidence of their travelers be more comfortable in, because Gajah Mungkur water views can be seen clearly. fun gliding between the bottom and the top, which under the more beautiful, because Gajah Mungkur views can be seen clearly
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6. Girimanik

Waterfall girimanik wonogiri
Waterfall girimanik wonogiri
Village's hot, Slogohimo, 40 km from the city of Wonogiri, with waterfalls Manik Moyo (70m), Kinjo Moyo (30m), and Condromoyo. There are ruins of Raden Mas Said named Miles Priest.

7. Mary Cave

Mary cave
Hamlet Ngampohan, District Pinhao, 50 Km from Kota Wonogiri; There is a spring that is believed to have many benefits.

8. Cave steady

Cave steady Wonogiri
Cave steady Wonogiri
The cave is one of steady caverns of Bayemharjo villages, districts Giritontro, Wonogiri, Central Java province and is located 50 km from the town of Wonogiri. This cave is one of the caves tourist destination in Wonogiri than cave background. Stalactite and stalagmite formations found in this cave.
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9. Cave Kencana Putri

Kencana Putri Cave wonogiri
Kencana Putri Cave (photo: wonogirikab.go.id)
Wonodadi Village, District Pracimantoro, 40 Km from Kota Wonogiri, with stalactite and stalagmite in the cave walls are very beautiful.

Karst 10.Museum World

World Karst Museum - sights wonogiri
World Karst Museum - sights wonogiri
Village Gebangharjo, Pracimantoro, 38 km from the city of Wonogiri.
Pracimantoro Karst Museum is located in the village Gebangharjo Pracimantoro Wonogiri District. The museum's most unique
and largest in Indonesia. It is in the area of limestone hills, with rice fields and teak forests around it.
Tourist destination to the museum to learn about the history of rock and karst cave gua.Ada 7 that surrounds this museum is translucent Cave, cave Pepper / Mrica, Cave Sodom, Glazed Cave, Cave Luweng Sapen, Sonya Ruri Cave and Cave Potro Bunder
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11.Museum Wonogiri Indonesian Wayang Kulit

Museum Wayang Kulit Wonogiri Indonesia
Museum Wayang Kulit Wonogiri Indonesia
Location Museum Wayang Kulit Wonogiri: click here
Museum Wayang Kulit Wuryantoro is a museum located in the district of Wonogiri Wuryantoro.
The distance is about 15 km from the town of Wonogiri and takes about 30 minutes by private vehicle.
Indonesian Wayang Museum has a collection of movies not only from the Middle East but also from other parts of Indonesia. The museum is stored in hundreds of different types of puppet collection of 17th century 436 years puppets of 15 types are arranged in the museum which is located on the east side Wuryantoro District Office.
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12. Beach Nampu Wonogiri

Beach Nampu Wonogiri
Beach Nampu Wonogiri
Wonogiri Nampu Beach Location Map: Click here
Village Gunturharjo, Paranggupito district, 60 km from the town of Wonogiri
Wonogiri Nampu Beach is one tourist destination in Wonogiri, this beach has a beach area with panoramic karts are so beautiful to make us move to another place. Location This beach is 15 km from the district Paranggupito Gunturharjo in villages that can be reached by 2-wheel vehicles or cars.
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13.Pantai open

Beach open wonogiri
Wonogiri open coast (photo: wonogirikab.go.id)
Reef offers beautiful open beaches that flank a putih.Bukit coral sandy beach with the breeze lifted the coast make us comfortable long long time at the beach.
The beach is open open in Hamlet, Village, Parang, Wonogiri District Paranggupito.
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14. Spring Siwani

Spring Siwani wonogiri
Spring Siwani wonogiri
Singodutan Village, District Selogiri, 6 km from the city of Wonogiri, the ruins KGPAA Mangkunegoro I in a guerrilla war against the Netherlands.

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