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Porter Rinjani, Suka Duka Porter Mount Rinjani, Struggle for Climbers, Love More, Do Not Granted

Like Durant Porter Mount Rinjani, Struggle for Climbers

Porter Rinjani, Suka Duka Porter Mount Rinjani, Struggle for Climbers, Love More, Do Not Granted

Ahmad Masaul Khoiri
Travel Editors
Lombok - Without the presence of the porter, who climb Mount Rinjani is likely to be exhausted and unable to enjoy the atmosphere. Sweat the porter is for the convenience of tourists.

Hiring a mountain guide and porter is the right choice to facilitate travel of tourists up the mountain. For a porter or guide requires expertise and qualified experience also in order to cater to the maximum. One porter and guide Gunung Rinjani, trust his experiences.

Born in 1985, native of Central Lombok and then moved to Senaru to seek his fortune as a porter or guide since 5 years ago. Earlier, it used to be a parking lot.
"The first attempts to become a local guide. Enter into the waterfall. Keep up 2.5 years later to try to Rinjani. Originally a porter guide then so again," said the man who is familiarly called Safe when talking with detikTravel in the village of Senaru, Bayan District , North Lombok regency, on Wednesday (11/09/2016).

"Here, if he can English then it could be a porter directly. If I learn self-taught, because there is no training for this," he added.
Views of Mount Rinjani from a distance (Masaul / detikTravel) 
Views of Mount Rinjani from a distance (Masaul / detikTravel)

Starting try to guide it was acceptable though not yet proficient in foreign languages. It reveals never bring guests from 2 to 12 people most.

"If your luggage is only 10-12 kilograms and 30 kilograms porter usually. But we mutually supportive inter porter if there is no strong will helped," he explained.

Compared porter, earning a little more mountain guide. The 2016 Hire a guide around Rp 250-200 thousand and a porter from Rp 175-200 thousand per day. Monthly, Safe claiming they can earn Rp 4-5 million in July-August.

"If that's often up to 7-8 million could be even more if given the customer tips. Guide it more expensive for him to bear the risk and demand a living. If he was just a porter will cook and carry only the logistics," he said.

Being a porter or guide necessarily have ups and downs. About grief, Safe not think much about it. Because the mountain more than a hobby, it also gets income.
The traveler prepares to climb Mount Rinjani (Masaul / detikTravel) 
The traveler prepares to climb Mount Rinjani (Masaul / detikTravel)

"At least when met bad weather but still enjoyed her grief. Sukanya exactly meet the royal guests. It is fun and can definitely above tips that much. It was for a good living," he said with a laugh.

Total guide at the entrance of Senaru, said Aman totaling about 50 people. For Porter totaled more, that is 200 people.

"The price of services in Senaru and Sembalun tend to be similar. Variations price depends on the agent. If the agent is already known that the higher the price is," he said.

"In addition to a porter and guide residents are subsistence farmers or gardening. If the young are often to mountains and mountaineering in total cover they moved into a local guide with the purpose waterfall Spring Gile and Tiu Kelep," Secure lid.

Mount Rinjani is still alert status and forbidden to climb. However, this should not discourage the agents receive guests for a ride to the top. Any risk was taken by the agency for the support of companies and of livelihood for the residents slopes of the mountain. (aff / aff)

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