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This 35 Tourist Attractions in Tegal latest, finest and most Hits, Vacations, Travel Guide Tegal, Tegal Guide

This 35 Tourist Attractions in Tegal latest, finest and most Hits, Vacations, Travel Guide Tegal, Tegal Guide

Bagikanberita.com - Speaking Workers, terbesit Surely that entertains you are warteg "Warung Tegal" and one syllable "Ngapak" unique. But, when you browse further in the northern city, you will be amazed by the beauty of the interesting tourist objects and exotic.
Workers do have a lot of tourist destinations that reportedly not less cool than the tourist attractions in Semarang, Purwokerto, Pekalongan, Dundee, as well as other areas in the vicinity. Call Rita Park and jars that can be fairly popular in Central Java. Talk about the price of admission, do not worry, you can just select them from a free attraction, cheap, and expensive in this city.
Accommodation is offered in Tegal also relatively complete. Of the various hotel / accommodation to the shopping center is also available. Access roads and transportation is quite good. For those of you who are going home on holiday or any holiday weekend (weekend) or even that happened to be passing Workers, time to stop in this town a short just enjoy delicious culinary Workers and Lazise.
In terms of administrative, Tegal is divided into two areas, namely the Municipality / City Workers are in the north (near the beach) and Tegal are to the south. Well, on a good opportunity, this time bagikanberita.com will provide reference and also a complete guide sites that are in both regions. This list is just a list.

This is the list of Tourism New Workers The Good, The Hits, And Famous

1. General or Bukit Bukit Batu Cave Lawa
New tourist attractions in the desert
S new attractions in Bukit Batu Agung Tegal or Balapulang Bukit Lawa Cave (Photo: IG @fatihzafran)
It is a new tourist attraction in Bharatpur being ngehits / trend among very young children, and her name is Bukit Lawa Cave or better known as Bukit Batu Agung. Attractions are located in three villages namely Bukateja, Village of Stone Court, and Harjawinangun village in the district Balapulang in Tegal regency.
From the stories of local residents, called the Mount of Goa Lawa because many bats (bats in the Java language) who occupy the cave that is in the vicinity of this hill. What are the peculiarities of the hill is quite famous in the Instagram?
Lawa Cave Hill on the hill there are some piles of boulders that towered. At the height of the stone is a favorite location for young people who present for selfies and narcissistic. From the top of these rocks, you can see a view of the natural beauty of the exotic and beautiful as far as your eyes can see.
Stone Court Balapulang
Photos Batu Agung Balapulang (photo: IG @anjarar)
If you do not remember any of these destinations like  Cliff Palace also ngehits and trends among tourism Bandung . Both have views of the green when viewed from the heights. Bak land above the clouds so deh.
But, you need to remember is that you must go through field leading to a pile of stones is very difficult and arguably belongs to the extreme. So, Admin suggest you invite an experienced guide. Keep in mind you do not visit this hill during the rainy season because the road is slippery.
Lawa Cave Hill is now better known as the Stone Court, it may be due to the large pile of rocks towering instagramable enough and is in the village of Batu Agung. To enter this destination, you will be charged entrance fee of 5,000 / person.
2. Lake Beko Huntly
Lake Beko Huntly
Lake View Beko Huntly (Photo: IG @sasmythapict)
In addition to tourist attractions Bukit Batu Agung, is no longer a place of nature in the most recent Workers are also on the rise lately, Call it Beko lake that is located in the hamlet of Karangdawa Village in the District Huntly Tegal regency.
The lake really is not an accident managed to attractions, but because of the beauty of the place and not a few of the residents, especially among young people who often visit. Beko lake basin is a former mining limestone in the area.
The basin is then filled by rainwater, which gradually filled, and eventually formed a beautiful lake. Not just one, even where there is about 5 basins. If not mistaken, the formation of the lake is similar to one of the new tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta is known as Blue Lake Semin.
For those of you who are interested to visit it, should you come upon during morning or evening when the weather is not so hot. This is because the shelter is not available here. For the price of admission destinations is likely to remain free.
3. Suspension Bridge Danawarih
Tourist attractions and ditegal latest hits
Photos tourism in recent Workers (Hanging Bridge Danawarih) (Photo: IG @silmi_kafi)
Suspension Bridge, which is currently a trend among young people and the young traveler, especially children IG exist in social media. There are so many who posted on the flying bridge sosmed the background, like a hanging bridge and Selopamioro Siluk which has become one of the new tourist attractions in Bantul, Yogyakarta.
And it turns out in Tegal regency is also a suspension bridge that is very cool, not least when compared with two suspension bridges that have been mentioned above, the name is a suspension bridge that is located in the village of Danawarih Danawarih, in the District Balapulang, Tegal regency.
Suspension Bridge Danawarih is above the river dam Romance function as citizens irrigation of rice fields around. The bridge itself also serves as a connecting road between the two villages of Danawarih and Sangkanjaya village located in District Balapulang.
The bridge was built around 1992, has a length of approximately 273 meters with a width of 1 meter. From the top of the bridge you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the dam area and of course berselfie or take a picture of one of the activities required here.
4. WKJ (Travel Health Herbs) KALIBAKUNG
WKJ (Travel Health Herbs) KALIBAKUNG
Tourism Health Herbs (WKJ) in KALIBAKUNG (Photo: infotegal.com)
Travel Health Herbs in KALIBAKUNG is one of the new tourist attractions in Tegal can increase your knowledge about the types of herbs, and you offered beautiful views complete with rice and small streams soothing and soothe you after a long struggle with everyday activities -day.
Here, there are a variety of plants that can be processed to be used as herbal medicine, there are also showcases the kinds of herbs, herbal medicine clinics, and doctors and pharmacists also special. In addition you can add to the knowledge about herbs, you will be pampered by beautiful scenery. The flow of the river that is on a hillside and rice will also complement your holiday smiles this time.
5. Rita & Rita Park Mall
Rita & Rita Park Mall
Photos attractions Rita Park Tegal (Photo: IG @ritaparktegal)
You do not need to go all the way to the Trans Studio Bandung to enjoy a variety of exciting rides and fun. Tegal also has attractions that children and families are relatively new to the diverse attractions of the game, call Rita Park.
Rita Park lies still in a complex area in Tegal Rita Mall. Rita Park can be enjoyed not only by children, but also adults can enjoy it. Because there are adrenaline rides which will challenge your guts.
Rita Park founded in 2013, and also claimed to be the largest recreational park in Central Java. You can also enjoy a variety of rides that total about 21 species in the playground. Sure Seru deh, suitable for a place to spend the holiday weekend with the children and your family.
If you come from the terminal or station Tegal, it is just about 5 and 10 minutes. The recreation area is closer to the coast. So if you want to go back and Workers happened to be passing you can all holiday to Rita Park first. Rita Park has an area of ​​about 2.4 hectares with a total of 21 rides.
A wide variety of rides at Rita Park as Mini Coaster, Ferris-wheel, bombs Car, Bike Flying, Rodeo, Cinema 5 Dimensions, Ghost House, and many more. That is quite extreme, is Circle 360! 360 Circle it berberntuk like a circle. The visitors will try, will be rotated 360 degrees.
For Monday to Thursday, the cost of a ticket to enter the canal all the rides is Rp 60 thousand. If on Friday-Sunday, admission to Rp 75 thousand. While the price of a ticket to enter without a vehicle valued around Rp25 R = thousand. The price can change at any time.
In addition, the ticket system was already using E-ticket model. The price for the rides range from USD 10 to 15 thousand. E-ticket is returned after the visitors will return. If there is still outstanding, visitors will be eligible for a cash back Rp 10 thousand and the remaining balance.
Rita Park more precisely located on Jl Kolonel Sugiono No 153. Amenities include a prayer room, a toilet, and there is also a food court in it. When the holidays, usually Rita Park certainly the influx of visitors. You can also shop here because of the location is still a complex with Rita Mall Workers. Suitable for those seeking  a holiday during Eid in Tegal .
6. Gate Mas Maritime Waterpark
Mas Maritime Waterpark desert gate
Illustration picture of Mas Marine Gate Waterpark (Photo: Hardware-sosmed .blogspot.com)
Workers also known as maritime city, do not be surprised if there are a lot of water attractions in this area. Call it the Golden Gate nautical Waterpark which is located near Terminal in Tegal. Waterboom or Waterpark is established in an area covering approximately 5 hectares.
Marine Water Park is one of four water park in Indonesia which has a wave pool that is Solo, Jakarta and Surabaya. With an entrance fee of Rp. 15000 (Monday - Friday) and Rp. 25,000 (for Saturday - Sunday & holidays) you can try out some exciting rides like Olimpic, Kiddy Pool, Outdoor Flow, Racer Slide, Raft Slide, Futsal, and many others.
For the big balls, you can try Swimming flows. The resulting waves can reach a height of about 2 meters! Admission not included tickets to rent buoys yes. In these places provide enough float for rent to visitors. Rent is also quite diverse, depending on the type of buoy will we hire.
Forgot take stock? No need to worry about starving yes. Because in the area of ​​maritime Waterpark is available a lot of food vendors, from snacks to a heavy-weight. In the parking lot of food stalls were also available, with a variety of menu available that can block the stomach that you're hungry.
To go to the nautical tourist attractions Water Park, where you from Brebes, nautical Water Park precisely located in the northern side of the road after the bus terminal in the city of Tegal. And if you are from Pemalang, from the intersection of Maya, still less to the west, past the Pacific Mall, as well as the new Inn Hotel, continue until roughly around 200 meter.
The location is in the right way, but you must be careful when turning, because in that region there are no traffic lights. If you are confused, in the middle of the street is also available indicators point to the location. As a keepsake, you can take pictures with or selfie near the building of ships and whales.
7. Niagara Seven Huntly
Seven waterfalls Huntly
Photo Waterfall Seven Huntly (Photo: IG @bolang_bocah_ilang)
For the young traveler who may want to find sights waterfalls in Tegal, you can try to visit the Seven Waterfall located in Huntly. A natural tourist attractions are in Tegal is suitable for lovers of nature (natural explorers) because the terrain is practically very difficult and can take an extra struggle to get to where they are.
Curug Pitu has beautiful scenery and the atmosphere was still experiencing. Waterfall is a waterfall and seven is seven. So unless a means waterfall of which there are seven. However, the stories of local residents used to have nine waterfalls, so do not be surprised when the place also has a reference to the nine waterfalls.
Distance between Niagara Tourism Market Huntly Huntly with about 4.5 KM late when walking about 2 hours drive. The journey starts from the intersection of Market Huntly. To indicate Huntly market, you can also ride public transportation such as buses AKDP Tegal - Purwokerto or bus / elf Workers - Brits or with rates that are not too expensive.
When you are down at the Crossroads Market Huntly then walk south to meet with SMP 1 Huntly and then eastward to meet with police Huntly. If you ride a motorcycle, it is advisable to entrust your motorcycle to the police, all reports regarding your plans to Curug Pitu.
Given their journey is far enough, you should of course preparation and provision of sufficient energy. As there is no public vehicles were headed to that location. But if you're lucky, you can catch a ride on the car of citizens who might happen to pass.
The first challenge is that you have to cross the river which is fairly wide. Due to the unavailability of the pedestrian bridge, keep in mind do not push to cross the river when the current is swift. Once you get past the first river, you will be spoiled with beautiful scenery, no less, which is a line of teak forests around the road.
After the teak forests, you must meyeberangi and down the river again and also will meet with teak forests again. Keep walking until it met with a place to break a dam or dam. From here you will begin the journey uphill but not too steep. But you need to consider is the area prone to landslides enough, so you must remain vigilant traveler ya buddy!
The distance between the waterfalls that plunge one with a much more lucrative. So must remain patient and cautious yes. If my friend traveler heading to Niagara Falls or to water it, make sure you bring along a guide or even a friend who had come to the waterfall Seven.
O yes, not to forget to bring my camera, because there are many spots that are very instagramable when captured through the lens. Curug Pitu worth if it falls into one of the tourist attractions in Tegal nice to take pictures or berselfie. And another message to friend admin travelers wise, keep the cleanliness and purity with not spout strike indiscriminately.
8. Hot Water Jar
Hot Water Jar
Place jars Thermal Bath (Photo: adventureriderscommunity dot wordpress dot com)
Well, if a tourist is certainly possible that you already know or hear it. Who seh is not familiar with the destination Hot Springs jar? Most of the residents Workers had a holiday here. Tourist attractions in Tegal this one well-known and also one of the hot springs in Indonesia is the favorite of tourists .
It was not afdol if you have not set foot into this jar Thermal Bath. The location is in the highlands makes this destination have very cold air, even to say tend to be cold. But, there is a jar of hot water baths are always ready to warm up your body.
There are various accommodation facilities as well as warm water pools to choose from with varying price levels, can be adjusted to your taste. The tourists who body aches will immediately feel relaxed and can also disappear tired when a dip in the warm waters.
Hot jar or jars called Beautiful is one of the attractions in the village of Jar dikecamatan BUMIJAWA Tegal regency. It lies at the foot of Mount Slamet, and of course the air in the jar so fresh and cool.
If you want a warm bath to this place, you live a distance of about 40 km to the south of Tegal. This Kawassan never empty of tourists due to hot running water is believed to cure for various diseases such as itching, ulceration, rheumatoid arthritis, and other skin diseases.
Hot Water Jar
Illustrations in one of the ponds found in Hot Springs jar (Photo: IG @panjianggoro)
In addition, there are hot showers, there is also a waterfall tablets. One well-known is Niagara firearm. If you do not want berbasah-wetting, there are also rental services that charge a relatively cheap horse that will be ready to take you around. Jar is also a tourist attraction in Bharatpur is famous for its beauty charm hunting for a spot that's cool and nice.
Heated swimming pool, Ecotourism, tennis courts, star jasmine to class accommodation, camping grounds and football field will complete your comfort in jars. No wonder the jars become one of the tourist attractions in Tegal that you must visit when going home or even while on vacation in this city.
Besides offering a hot spring destinations, attractions jars also menuguhkan charm beautiful panorama and peaceful. Cover Green forest as far as your eyes as well as the cool air here seems to make a jar to be one of the romantic sights in the town of Tegal.
O yes, besides jars, there are also several sites in Regensburg and  Puncak Bogor  is famous for its hot springs. Well, to co-traveler who may happen to be located in the West you can try to visit him because the distance is not far from your home.
9. Beach Pur-in (Printable)
Beach Pur-in (Printable)
Pantai Indah Purwahamba (Photo: sheisegiyantina.wordpress.com)
Workers favorite tourist attractions in the further is the beach Beautiful Purwahamba or better known as Pur'in beach. White sand beach is of course not like the beach in Bali , will be on the beach but the view is very beautiful. Located in the village of Purwahamba located in District Suradadi. If you are from Tegal bus terminal, you can simply cover a distance of approximately 14 km in order to reach this beach.
If you come to Pur'in to bring a mat and also supplies it will be very soon. Because of its wide area and also lots of shade trees make Pur'in become one of the sights of children and families in Tegal is the favorite of tourists.
Apart from sitting alongside the beach while listening to the noisy sound of the waves and feel the gentle breeze, you also can visit Taman Permai Ria glass. Buddy travelers are greeted by a statue of a king-sized T Rex will be a marker when you've arrived at the park also has a mini zoo in them.
Parks Permai Ria Sosro
Area attractions Sosro Permai Ria Park (Photo: atmajatasya89 dot wordpress dot com)
You can also enjoy plenty of amenities here, such as mini cars, waterboom, swimming pool, mini zoo, a gazebo cafe, water bikes, playground and much more. With the price of admission pools around Rp.12.500, - / person you can swim in the pool which has been prepared in accordance with the depth of the pool that you want.
This destination is quite extensive, with several other facilities such as bathrooms, changing rooms, car rental bathing suits, restaurants, and locker storage of goods. Pur'in beach park because that is strategic, the beach is usually used as a transit point for the travelers rest at the time of going home and holiday season arrives.
10. PAI (Alam Indah Beach Workers)
PAI (Alam Indah Beach Workers)
Photos of Alam Indah Beach Workers (Photo: IG @vinitsurayya)
Workers laid in the path of the North Coast (northern) Java, do not be surprised if the desert has several  beaches that attract a visit . One of them Alam Indah Beach. The beaches are located quite close to the town of Tegal, will be always ready to greet you with a bed of sand and the waves were big enough.
Even so, the tourists can swim with the requirements to comply with existing regulations. Want to enjoy the coastal scenery is better? You can rent a boat together with other visitors. Alam Indah Beach is also one of the tourist attractions in Tegal pretty good and also cheap. The price of admission to PAI around 1000, - and for holidays Rp.1.500, -. Murmer too, right?
The government has also been quite sensitive to the interests of the tourists who want to visit Alam Indah Beach. Some supporting facilities such as children's games, bicycles, horse-drawn carriage, and waterboom also available. Hungry Your Stomach? Plenty of food stalls in Pantai Indah Alam which will provide special meals Workers.
Monument or PAI Maritime Museum Workers
Photos Monuments (Museum Bahari PAI) (Photo: IG @gitadwiastuty)
One more thing you can not forget. At sunset (sunset) on the beach is quite stunning, you know! In addition, at the beach complex there are also stands a monument and also the Maritime Museum. The physical building of this monument similar to the warships of various main weaponry system (defense) that have been unused.
Examples battle tank PT 76, torpedoes MK 44, aircraft Nomad N-22 cannon land, mines horn, anchor and chain, navigation lights, combat vehicles Pintam BRDM, and bouyance Therefore, take pictures selfie on monuments and museums will make your vacation more complete.
11. Niagara Women Workers
Niagara Women Workers
Photos Niagara Women Workers (Photo: IG @ iam_dickie47)
Waterfall Princess is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Tegal is never empty of tourists. This waterfall has a height of approximately 25 meters.
In addition to a beautiful waterfall and a nice, natural scenery around the waterfall was also very exotic so it is guaranteed to be able to spoil the eyes of tourists. Not quite good with a waterfall tour in Malang, East Java known .
In order to reach the location of this waterfall, you just simply walk across a number of footpaths around the green overgrown by trees. There are two routes to reach this location, namely through the village of Benda (Sirampog, Brebes) or also through retail outlets Sakalibel (Bradford).
If you pass through the village of objects, you can drive from Kalisalak intersection on Jl. Kingdom Tegal - Purwokerto (village museum) up in the village of Mendala be extending to meet with village Bad. Vehicles can not pass through this road, because the road is not yet paved. We can also tracking across rice paddies and even a footpath about 500 meters.
Travelers also will be through the banks which can be quite steep. When passing through the second path, the direction of Navan - Tegal, down at the pump or at the junction Kaligadung Sakalibel. About a half hour trip, arrived at the crossroad Sirampog please take the north until you meet Bad Hamlet.
12. Reservoir Cacaban
reservoir Cacaban
Photo Reservoir Cacaban (Photo: IG @rosie_arreusi)
The reservoir is located in Cross Cacaban, district Slawi, Tegal regency, has a very beautiful landscape and interesting. Not only see the reservoir, but you can also see Mount Semar, grass green, sky blue, buffalo herd, and also passes through other people's lives to be able to make the heart peaceful and spoil your eyes.
Rows of boats can be hired in droves for the area surrounding the reservoir created by the Dutch colonial government. Because the building is very old, the facilities here can be considered complete. Start lodging, floating, parking, toilet, jasmine, stage entertainment, granny Bukit Santi, camping, road race, a restaurant, and children's playground.
Reservoir Cacaban you can travel through two paths. The first path, from the passing lane Kramat Tegal Reservoir Cross Cacaban. When you take into the reservoir from this path, the distance that must be traveled more than 20 km. The second male, from the town of Slawi. You simply follow the path Slawi Slawi Cacaban Reservoir. The distance you travel will be much shorter, approximately 9 km away.
13. Site of Ancient Human Semedo
Ancient Human Sites Semedo
Ancient Human Sites Semedo (Photo: wisatategal.com)
For the traveler who loves a man with a history of travel to a destination you must visit this one. Site of Ancient Human in the village Semedo is in the district Other Bull in Tegal regency. Here there are various fossils and relics of ancient humans who once inhabited the region of Workers.
You can see a lot of prehistoric artifacts are interesting enough to be seen and studied. There are also fossils of Homo erectus, and also some other fossils that are not to be missed. When else you can travel while studying in the city of Tegal.
Although the place is still simple and also not as grand as QT, you should not look at the eyes of the world are available at Semedo. Because the discovery of a variety of fossils and prehistoric relics in this Semedo began to unfold around the year 2005.
Starting from Mr Dakri, population Semedo found several fossils that just lying on the ground. He then collect fossils in the house, no doubt of his house into a museum PU simple. Fossils that you will see any unsparing.
Start early elephants, pigs, hippos, buffalo, rhino, cow, buffalo and deer that ever lived approximately one million years ago. The skull of Homo Erectus and also relics, such as flakes, axes penetal, drawstring also will further complement the existing wealth in the world is in the village Semedo Semedo, Other Bull, Tegal or about 23.8 km from the center Slawi Tegal regency.
Besides Semedo site, there is also the tomb of Mbah Semedo in this area. Mbah Semedo is the burial place of the common people of the village Semedo who is one of the historic cemetery in Tegal regency, because it sits in a prominent elders were very instrumental to the establishment of Tegal, particularly Semedo Village area.
14. Agro Tourism Loco Antiques
Loco Tourism of Antiquities
Photo IG Agro Tourism Loco Antique (Photo: @tguuuh)

When co-traveler and the family want to feel the sensation of walking around with a cane locomotive old days, then you must visit the antique Agro Tourism Loko are in control PG.Pangkah in Tegal regency. Here you will be treated to a view of the sugar cane plantation owned by the Dutch colonial government currently has automatically become the property of Indonesia.
15. Hot Guciku Waterboom
Hot Guciku Waterboom
Photos Guciku Hot Waterboom (Photo: infowisataguci dot blogspot dot co dot id)

Oops, this is not a hot water bathing jars are very famous loh ya! Hot Guciku Waterboom this is a new tourist attraction in Bharatpur which is located near the ticket counter enter into jars. So place before the jar. But they're welcome in the village of Jar, BUMIJAWA, Tegal.
In keeping with the name, this place has waterboom or water rides. The place is divided into four regions, namely:
  • Swimming Opal, used for a children's play pool with a depth of 50 cm, a width of 12 m and has a length of 25 m and is also equipped with super slide and utility bucket / jar spill.
  • Swimming Agency jars, for teenagers with a depth of about 60 cm - 90 cm width 15 mx 30 m is also equipped with a super slide.
  • Soak pool, equipped with eight hot shower that is believed good for health and also cure various diseases.
  • Main pool, which has a width of 30 mx 40 m that comes with the game and also spiral waterslide.
Not only that, there are also flow over rapids have a length of 200 m and a width of about 3 meters, to a depth ranging from 60 cm. More fun again down the rapids of the manggunakan buoys that can be rented separately.
For those of you who want to rest, there are some shelters that you can use to rest. There is also a restaurant and villas that can be booked when you want to stay a bit longer in Guciku. The location of the villa also overlooks the main pool. To complete the facilities you could say.
In the Guciku is no flow of warm water which will flow into the Niagara Twins. The flow of this river you can see directly from the huts that are off the pool. But it is not advisable to go down, because the terrain is slippery and quite steep. O yes, if you want to visit here is worth arriving early, because when holiday, Guciku usually very crowded by tourists.
16. Sulak Earth Java Park
Sulak Earth Java Park
Photos facebook Sulak Earth Java Park (Photo: fb.com/sulakubumijawapark)

Still be around attractions jars, there is 1 more waterpark in Tegal city that you must visit the Central Park Sulak Earth. Here you will be able to feel the cold water with a temperature of about 20 degrees C, which is wrapped with water games and also exotic mountain panorama.
Located on Jl. Wredameta Kingdom BUMIJAWA, Bandarsari Village, District BUMIJAWA district. Workers or accuracy of location is not far from the foot of Mount Slamet. So do not be asked again how cool atmosphere attraction in this one. Maybe if just waterboom are familiar, but in this Sulak there are many places that you must try.
Outbound call it, store herbs, fishing, accommodation, playground, agrotourism, waterboom, futsal center, but you can walk around the garden with my ATV. Exciting is not it? Very fitting for you who want to relieve fatigue of daily routines with the children and also your family.
Sulak Earth Java Park
Photos facebook rides ATV on Earth Sulak Java Park (Photo: fb.com/sulakubumijawapark)

For you who like a challenge, do not forget to try the flying fox which is also available here. There is a lot of different kinds of long trajectory, there is a long trajectory of 60 meters, some 150 meters long path, there is even a track 200 meters long which has an average speed of 80 km / h through the garden that is in Sulak. Talk about security, you do not worry because the vehicle is already using the safety standards of an experienced instructor.
Outbound contained in Sulak that so many tourists subscription. Its outbound packets are divided into packages that suit their needs and the price is relatively cheap. No wonder many schools or agencies in the area around the beroutbond Workers fun at this place.
After trying everything in Sulak, you can also taste the herbal steam bath with boiled can make your body become more relaxed and healthy. Especially when done regularly. After your steam bath, do not forget to try the culinary Workers that are here.
17. Cape Mount
Cape Mount
Photo IG Bukit Sitanjung Havant Workers or Cape Mount (Photo: @irwantawink)

Workers natural attractions will be very suitable for those who like adventure in the outdoors, especially hiking. Cape Mount is located in the village of Havant District Tegal in Central Java. When the direction Slawi, then you will cover a distance of approximately 7 kilometers to get to the location of the tourist attraction.
There are 2 factors that caused the object of this one is always crowded by the tourists, that is the beauty of the scenery and the people are very well known for its hospitality.
18. People's Park Slawi Ayu
People's Park Slawi Ayu
Photos of People's Park Slawi Ayu Photo: IG @tirfon_julianto)
For the co-traveler who may be in Tegal district, never try to hang out in the taste or the People's Park Slawi Ayu. The park is located in front of the Bus Terminal Slawi. Its location is very strategic because the place is in front of the main road connecting Tegal-Purwokerto or otherwise.
The purpose for establishing the People's Park in RTH Slawi Slawi Ayu is a place for social interaction Tegal regency in various activities, such as social activities, sports, arts and so on. The park is divided into three main parts or often referred to as a shelter.
At the shelter north to the seller of the product or the seller souvenirs Tegal regency. To shelter the center is designated as a community activity. The shelter consists of a tiered platform stage lined floor are suitable for the venue.
As for shelter in the southern part contains the sidewalk vendors (PKL), which provides ready-made meals. So for those of you who want to find a place vending souvenirs and culinary Workers, it's here.
Trasa be quite crowded during the afternoon until the evening. Quite a lot of the activities conducted in these places. Start of activities specific communities, who just sit around, play bike, to play ball.
Especially during the holidays, not just a particular community who will gather there, some other visitor was invited family members to simply enjoy the facilities at Trasa.
Facilities also can be considered complete. Starting from the mosque, public toilets, parking lot and also motor car pretty shady. The parking was free. But you have to stay alert and keep monitoring each vehicle.
19. Agro Tourism Tea Gardens Workers
Agro Tourism Tea Gardens Workers
Photo IG Kebun Teh BUMIJAWA Workers (Photo: @ajengbebo)
Workers known as one of the biggest manufacturers in Indonesia. There are quite a lot of the products that come from Tegal and we can find in stores or supermarket.
Not only famous for its tea products, tea plantation Workers also have a very nice and cool atmosphere. The hills were heavily decorated tea leaves can also be enjoyed here. The location is indeed not much exposed by the media.
Put the tea gardens in Aren village, Village BUMIJAWA, BUMIJAWA, Tegal regency region. More precisely approximately 1 km from Bulakan who still continue to rise. You can walk or you can also use a personal vehicle because the roads in this area are already using asphalt.
If you've arrived at the location, other than treated with a spread of tea gardens, behind the garden was also visible line of hills and mountains that stand strong. Especially if the atmosphere is bright, can keep you hooked for berselfie or take pictures ria.
It is said that the tea leaves that have been generated by this place is not to be produced on a large scale, but only for one's own consumption. Up to the tea-making process is still very traditional one. Only the dried, when the tea leaves are dry they can simply brew with hot water.
Tea is not ditambahankan with jasmine flowers. When you meet with one of the farmers in the area, do not forget to try the tasting tea. Suitable taken in the area of ​​cool weather. Also in the village of Aren, there are many other tea gardens and scattered BUMIJAWA.
20. Reja Muara Beach
Muara Beach Reja
Muara Beach Photos Reja (Photo: IG @ghaltani)
This is the Another beautiful beach in Tegal mandatory for you to visit is Muarareja Beach. The beach offers thick mangrove trees that grow in coastal environments. Also visited by the tourists, many anglers who come to spend time in this place.
Pine trees are available around the beach was also able to make the visitors or so anglers like to linger here. Also the height of the waves and birds chirping as if it could cut off every time you visit kepenatanmu Muarareja Beach.
Drink coconut and grilled fish menu is not one that is difficult to find in this area, because many traders who provide the menu at this. Not just playing in the sand, swimming is also necessary for you to try in this Muarareja Beach.
21. Bukit Cepu Workers
Bukit Cepu Workers
Photos pinterest.com Bukit Cepu Workers (Photo: infotegal dot com)
Cepu hill located in Krajan, Batumirah, BUMIJAWA, in the district of Workers, or less than about 24 KM to the south of the district center of Tegal. To go to this place is not quite easy because there is only a footpath which is quite uphill.
When you drive a car you have to park it at the bottom of the hill Cepu. There are like rungs made of land totaling approximately 950 units. So you have to prepare extra energy supplies and also yes.
The access road is relatively difficult it will be paid when you arrive at the Mount of Cepu, you will feel tired treated with natural beauty and freshness of the air. On top of the hill you can see firsthand the Mount Slamet located in the southeast of the hill.
In addition, a lot of pines and firs that grow tall flowers. The seeds of new trees also seem to grow so lush with a fence of bamboo to prevent rapid deterioration. For those of you who need a quiet atmosphere, this place is quite hidden may be very suitable.
Especially for those who love photography, it is recommended very much! Not surprisingly, when Hill Cepu is entered into the list of tourist attractions in Tegal, known for its beauty and scenery. But yet available public facilities like bathrooms.
When your vehicle is parked at the bottom of the hill, there is a box-like contributions of people around, you can browse outright. Calculated to be able to charge for parking. Because this area is still not so touchable, and remember as visitors who are wise in there you have to take care of hygiene. And do not throw litter, more to damage the existing trees in the area.
22. Niagara Cantel
Niagara cantel
Photo IG Niagara Cantel (Photo: @rifqiahmad_qq)
Workers beautiful waterfall is located in the hamlet Kalipedes Village District Sigedong BUMIJAWA Tegal regency. To go to Niagara Cantel tracking requires a fairly long to cross the river rocks that could be fairly large. You are required tracking about 400 meters away from the road by the river against the current direction.
Tracking field in that area is quite unique, because you walk in between two hillsides that separated only by a small river. You also must be aware of the condition of some smooth stones.
Cantel waterfall has a height of approximately 60 meters. So you can imagine how high the waterfall. Splashing waterfall will immediately feel like you get so wet face in this area. It is not recommended to you when showering under a waterfall because the water that falls can be fairly strong and swift.
On the side of a hill overgrown with moss and vines. At the top, there is a large tree that position just off the cliffs, unique. At the front of the waterfall, there is a fairly high mound of stones. It is here that the location is quite instagramable to take pictures or berselfie.
Actually Niagara Cantel could have gone past the point jars, but unfortunately the condition of the road and also too much, because it's better to use BUMIJAWA path. Straight until you meet Bono take the left fork (Beverages Adi / directions Jln Wredameta).
Go straight until you meet another fork take the left (towards Batumirah). You will meet a crossroad Mentik still straight up to the village of Kalipedes and also met with Kalipedes bridge. From here, you'll start tracking.
23. Waterboom Yogya
Yogya Waterboom wilderness area
Yogya Waterboom Workers (Photo: wisatategal.com)
There is another waterboom in Tegal suitable as a vacation spot children and their families is Waterboom Yogya. A water park rides located in front of the Terminal Slawi formerly known Waterboom Dedy Jaya. But, due to the change of name was also changed management.
Waterboom Yogya is open from Monday to Friday at 9:00 to 17:30 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday open from 08.00 pm. The ticket price for the entrance fee of Rp 12,500 on Monday-Friday and Rp 15.000 seconds Saturday and Sunday. How pretty cheap right?
24. Garden Teapot
Teapot Park wilderness area
IG Park photo pot of Workers (Photo: @ oohnina96)
The pot garden is small, but has a certain appeal that will be able to suck up hundreds of visitors each week. The beauty of this park as if bewitched visitors to linger in this place.
Garden pot is usually a favorite place to hang out for teens or young Workers. Teapot Park location is quite close to the Railway Station Workers.
25. Consortium Home Movies
Home Cinema Consortium
Photo flickr.com Home Cinema Consortium (Photo: wisatategal dot com)
For your traveler friend who like the culture, the Home Cinema Consortium could be one of the tourist destinations in Tegal. This place is located in Studio Satria Laras, Studio belonging puppeteer Ki Enthus Susmono. Not too hard to find it, because there are signs in St. Martins Bridge area, Talang district. Workers who go to the Red Brug.
If you Highway chamfer or commonly known as Road One, after you meet Bridge in Salado, take direction eastward to meet a long bridge that runs over the River Romance, you just follow the main road until you reach the village Bengle, conveniently places located on the left of the road.
Seen from the front of the house is a conveniently Movie Studio Satria one place with this barrel-like gate into a government equipped with guard statue in front of him. But do not worry, these gates are always open during working hours and its staff is friendly colleague Ki Enthus ready to be our tour guide for a tour of all collections.
Home Cinema which has an area of ​​approximately 4 x 4 meters even save up to thousands of movie either model traditional to contemporary, from shadow puppets, puppet creations, cinema students, puppet, puppet bamboo, there are also accessories such as the type of dagger, dance , batik field, masks, photographs Ki Enthus, special weapons the world of puppetry, painting the world of puppetry, and many other collections were quite unfortunate if passed.
If you want to learn how to make puppets or shadow puppets and puppet show, here too there is full information. There are also stages of the manufacturing process from raw materials to become a puppet, ready to be played. In this place you can practice the process of making the movie as well.
For those who have the notion that cinema was archaic, when visiting this place you will surely be enchanted by the many kinds of movies that are always up to date pace, such as Upin and Ipin, Tom and Jerry, and also leaders of the world.
Those with enough atmosphere away from the crowds could get us the wisdom to see the collection one by one. Each collection has also been given a name and a brief description so it's easier to learn.
To visit please come to the venue from 08:00 to 10:00 and 15: 00-17: 00. If you come on a weekend, usually a couple of puppet collection has been displayed in accordance with packing for invitation leather puppet show.
26. Niagara Santana
Niagara Santana
Photo IG Niagara Santana (photo: @airrbebing)
Tourist sites Tegal regency of course there are many waterfalls (waterfalls) are wonderful and beautiful. This is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tegal call it Niagara Santana Santana is located in the village, district. BUMIJAWA district. Tegal. To visit this waterfall, there are two routes you can skip is the Batuagung (late Dares) and also the BUMIJAWA (late Yomani - KALIBAKUNG).
These late Batuagung indeed not too hard at him, but the path of relative disrepair. Because it takes longer to get to this waterfall. While passing the BUMIJAWA, of ternary Tuwel please take right direction towards to BUMIJAWA (when left towards jars) towards to the village of Muncanglarang - Village Santana.
Which will be through Sulak BUMIJAWA Park, to the west to meet the SMP N 1 BUMIJAWA until Muncanglarang village. Before entering the village gate Santana, there is a bridge, well, this is usually small vehicles like motorcycles parked nearby area.

Then walk south Sier river against the current, less than 10 minutes you've got to Niagara Santana. Therefore it can be concluded, when the Sulak, the distance is less than about 5 KM. Can be fairly close.
Niagara Santana has a charm of its own, besides the place is still beautiful, the waterfall has rocks that can be occupied while enjoying the sound of water coming down from the top of the hill. High waterfall is approximately 22 meters. The flow when the dry season is not too heavy, so you can enjoy the freshness of waterfalls water safely and comfortably.
Not available public facilities in the vicinity of the waterfalls, which are only a few houses and people's activities around the river's waterfalls. When viewed directly, the waterfall has three levels and is also a pool of water that is not too deep. So that it can make a game of water or take pictures. The condition of the water is not too clear, but the water temperature can be fairly cold, typical of water from the mountains.
If you want to visit this location, use of vehicles such as motorcycles because it is hard enough to find a location for the park because the main road in the village of Santana is not too wide, because it feared could disrupt the activities of the people around.
And another thing, do not litter or damage the environment around this area. So waterfalls like this can also be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren later. Greetings dear traveler Lestari for my friend!
27. Curug Luhur
Curug Luhur
Photo IG Curug Luhur (Photo: @ imuss_95)
This one is also a beautiful waterfall on Earth Java in Tegal regency is also not to miss for granted, is Curug Luhur. Waterfalls, which are located between Sokasari Village area, District BUMIJAWA and Tuwel village, district. Yara (village Kopigandu) has a height of approximately 25 meters.
Once you are at the location, the fresh, cold air will soon greet you. Clear water pouring down creating a beautiful and picturesque scenery. Coupled with moss and tree climbing vine found in making this increasingly exotic waterfalls.
28. Niagara Twins
Twin waterfalls
Photo IG Niagara Twins (Photo: @iindelonge)
The waterfall is known by the name of Niagara Twins because there are 2 waterfalls are located nearby. In a way similar to Cimahi, which boasts one of the rushing waterfalls water wing and the other is not too heavy.
Parking is close to Niagara Twins Hot Guciku Waterboom, more precisely located next to Villa Shariah into jars village, district. BUMIJAWA district. Tegal. But you have to go down and be careful because the roads were quite slippery. You only have to walk a few meters across the field was able to get to the waterfall which has a height of approximately 5 meters.
The temperature of the water contained in this waterfall is quite warm. On the side of the waterfall there are some pipes mop owned by residents who will drain the water from the fountain in this waterfall. The water here was quite clean, but unfortunately the sides of the river flow is maintained. Sometimes you can find along the flow of waste streams. It is unfortunate of course.
Twin waterfalls is also entered into the list of the natural attractions in Tegal is hidden because it is suitable for you who are looking for a quiet atmosphere / silence. In this place, you will just listen to the sound of rhythmic splashing waterfalls.
When fog is down, this place is also not free from the invasion of fog. Therefore make sure you find the right moments and mild weather to come this Twin Waterfall.
29. Bukit Rangkok Pagerwangi
Bukit Rangkok Pagerwangi
Photo IG Bukit Rangkok Pagerwangi (Photo: IG @mufilavida)
This is one of the new tourist attractions in Tegal currently hits is known as Bukit Batu Mr Rangkok Pagerwangi located in the village, district. Balapulang district. Tegal. The exact range of approximately 2.5 km to the west of the village KALIBAKUNG or approximately 4 km to the east of the village of Dares.
Rocky hill with a few weeds that have culminated hill, offering stunning views as views of Mount Slamet, rice, or to just enjoy the moment of sunrise or sunset can also be done in this place. Especially when the weather is friendly.
Hill Rangkok is you can get a view of Mount Slamet clear enough and still be in the safe zone of course. There are 2 hilltop in this place, the first hill that has a flat contour, and the second is a relatively gentle slope of a hill with a view of the exotic and the beautiful.
Rangkok the hill has a height of about 384 meters above sea level krang more. Therefore, beginners climbers can explore the region, but must remain vigilant when exploring this area especially during the rainy season.
Access course also quite easy, from the Village Gate Pagerwangi, just follow the road until you find villages with a bridge, then turn left. Continue straight until the end of the road and met with the last house, in the area bordering the road to the vehicle either motorcycles or cars.
The path is very narrow for cars, so it is not advisable to drive a car because of the narrowness of the road. The limit of the road, continue walking for approximately 10 minutes and met with a group of bamboo plants. To track width and arguably the beginning of slope, but in the middle of the course will begin to narrow and uphill. Until finally meet a rocky hill.
For directions to the hilltop, use the right-hand lane that is not so difficult, but the road is quite narrow. The shape of the rock that is on top of the Mount Rangkok almost equal to the peak of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. Not too high, only the range of approximately 4 meters. But you have to remain cautious and vigilant.
When developed better yet, this region can be a mainstay of the natural attractions that exist Tegal Regency. But for sure, you do not damage the environment and still keep decorum in particular to local residents.
30. Kebun Melati Maribaya
Kebun Melati in Maribaya
Kebun Melati photos Maribaya (Photo: bungamelatitegal dot blogspot dot com)
Not only famous for its tea products warteg well, Tegal was also one of the exporter of jasmine result of the harvest is in great demand by foreign markets. Maybe it escaped your notice, because it is rarely exposed to the media.
Just come to maribaya village, district. Kramat district. Workers which is a center for producing high-quality jasmine. But not only village that has Maribaya jasmine flower gardens, there is also the Village Purwahamba, Sidoharjo, Kramatdan other villages.
Jasmine does not recognize the harvest season, you could say almost every day can be harvested. But the quality of the flowers are determined by weather conditions. When a lot of sunlight, then the quality of jasmine will be better. For the process of harvesting, usually done Tanta 06:00 until 10:00 am.
For marketing can be fairly easy, because usually there are agents who come to the garden alone. Good for export or for domestic consumption, which is commonly used during weddings, ceremonies, religious, and others. For the export, usually jasmine varieties most in demand are the types of CVD and type of jasmine jasmine buffalo.
So, for those of you who want to learn how to grow crops or just want to know about the jasmine in Tegal regency, not hurt you been to this village. Happily, the owner of the garden will share their knowledge on you.
31. Slawi School Museum
Slawi School Museum
Photos Museum School Slawi (Photo: kisahklasikduniaku dot blogspot dot co dot id)
Which One's place in Tegal educational tours that can both be used as an option for students, children, and family is a Slawi School Museum. The museum is located at Jalan A. Yani Slawi, more precisely the South of Roundabout be born who made his position quite easily found. The museum is located on land approximately 554 square meters.
Slawi School Museum is the only museum that presents an overview about the development of teaching and learning is in Indonesia, especially in Java. Therefore, most of the collection in this museum is a diploma, Certificate of Completion (Skilled), and others from time to time.
In addition, there are also instructional media collection starts from the informal nature of the university - the traditional teaching, formal teaching until boarding.
The one-storey building is divided into two rooms. The first column contains the tools that exist in the world of education. For example miniature school in earlier times, photos of school antiquity, stationery, slate over time, old textbooks, school, and school uniforms are so characteristic of earlier times.
As part of the room on the second or back room separated by a door so many statues and also fossil relic call it the fossil of Semedo, yoni, sculpture temple, inheritance Mbah cumin Balamoa, Mask field, puppet farm, currency certainly china, shards of pottery, and many others.
Interestingly enough come to this museum, besides you can track the progress of education, can also get a new knowledge about the history of the Workers. Do not be shy to ask, because the duty officer here will always help to explain any of your questions.
32. Cimahi
Cimahi (Photo: IG @ yulirahmawati598)
Cimahi is almost similar to the twin waterfalls, but different locations. Both equally have 2 cascading waterfall nearby. Cimahi location in the village Bandarsari, BUMIJAWA village, district. BUMIJAWA district. Tegal.
Cimahi located not far from Curug Luhur, shells over about 500 meters above it. With a height ranging from 10 to 14 meters, this waterfall presents a beautiful natural landscape and also great. As soon as you're hunting for photo-style child IG.
1 waterfall with water which flows straight to the bottom, while his partner has a fairly heavy flow of water. The water is fairly clear, cool and fresh, typical of mountain water is still beautiful. Its location is quite hidden waterfalls make this perfect for relaxing.
Both the waterfalls flow towards a pool of water that are below it wide enough and not too deep. Swimming is often used by residents or tourists for bathing or just splashing around. Waterfall on the wall a lot overgrown with moss and plant more vines.
33. Pondok Makan Street Teri (pokanjari)
pokanjari desert
Photo IG pokanjari Workers (Photo: @mikhaelsulianto)
Jalan Pondok Makan Teri (pokanjari) is a center of culinary Workers. Call it the typical auto dry, kupat glabed, kupat blengong, rice grombyang, swikee, and others can be found in this area. Not only are the traditional food menu, there is also a restaurant with a modern menu.
In the morning, in this area you can taste the breakfast as doa field, Sega Yellow (Yellow), and Ponggol. Menjelag evening, a variety of other culinary desert will be ready to shake up your taste buds are definitely a cheap price.
One of the foods in pokanjari
Photo IG One food in pokanjari (Photo: @mutilarasati)
Same as the name suggests, this place is located at Jl. Teri, a direct road connecting Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Veteran Tegal. Where at one of these locations you can find some old buildings still standing today.
Pokanjari strategic layout adds to the appeal for anyone who was stopped at the Tegal. Because just off the north coast road and the public area in front of the Parliament Office Tegal.
When entering the month of fasting, miscellaneous takjil can be found in this area. And the place is also getting a lot of visitors. Try to encourage your family, relatives, friends to visit this place! Tourism Workers when it feels incomplete without enjoying the variety of culinary right?
34. Pacific Mall
Pacific Mall desert
Photo Pacific Mall Workers (Photo: id.wikipedia.org)
For your shopping buddy holic, Pacific Mall Workers can be an alternative place to spend apart from Rita Mall. Here there are a variety of clothing such as shirts, pants, shirts, and accessories are nice. In addition, there is also a food court food menu is quite varied. Western-style menu also worked, for example pizza hut.
Parking Pacific Mall is located in Jl. Major General he was 35, Tegal, Central Java. Pacific Mall offers a variety of options for shopping also qualified for the visitors. In addition, other tenants who join the few who is not a national tenant.
On the ground floor, the tenant F & B, you can find CFCs, Dunkin Donuts, Tongtji Tea Bar, Roti'O, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Tenant F & B is in the ground floor recently joined Teppanyaki & Gokana Ramen is managed by one of the largest and most established network resto Champ Group.
Still in the ground floor, of entry to the place of the greatest, namely Sri Ratu Department Store. Sri Ratu Department Store itself fairly long and successful enough poor across the retail business.
In addition, the business of fashion and accessories, there are also national tenants such as Ping !! Fashion, Celsius, up to ADA fashion. Do not miss Cinderella, Strawberry, and Naughty also be an option for visitors who want to shop for accessories.
On the First Floor, you can find anchor tenants Inul Vizta, Hypermart, and tenants and good-quality fashion for men and women. Not to forget for a hobby narcissistic photos, some EM Hofu Photo Studio.
For those of you who could take the children to the second floor where there are rides like the Jungle Safari and Happy Time. Perfect for a place to hang out, kongkow, and hanging out with my friends or family.
35. Orange Coral Conservation Area
Orange Coral Conservation Area
Photo IG Reef Conservation Area Jerusalem (Photo: @ ariyanto.putra)
Got a fish hobby? If so, you must come to the District Water Conservation Area (KPPD) in Coral Orange or also known as the Coral Orange. Orange coral itself into one of the best spots for fishing in Tegal. Even had also entered the event in one of the private TV station Fishing Mania.
Orange coral biodiversity conservation is an area that is in high seas waters that enter the area of ​​Tegal regency, precisely in the village of Munjungagung, District of Kramat when we draw a straight line.
Various types of fish that you can find here. Call it the grouper, barracuda, sea bass, red snapper, gutters, mackerel and other fish species.
For barramundinya fish (barramundi) are available in Coral orange weighs quite varied, ranging from 0.5 to 24.3 kg. These fish have the ability to fight is very high, so that targeted prestigious angler (angler).
Coral Orange also can be used for diving, snorkeling and to learn about the underwater ecosystem. To go to the location of Karang Jeruk public transport PDS is not yet available, but can be hired / used fishing boat which costs about Rp. 300,000 departing from Pier Muarareja.
From the pier, located about 3 miles north of the city, or about 3 miles from the beach ban. Travel approximately 45 minutes. Karang Jeruk own territory marked by a light beacon given.
Well, that's an interesting variety of tourist Tegal for your visit. For the traveler who has other references about the tourist attractions in Tegal counter and also nice and again ngehits please share via the comments, may be useful.

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