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Porter Mount Slamet, Trip and Mount Slamet info via Dipajaya 3428 meters above sea level, Pemalang

Porter Mount Slamet, Trip and Mount Slamet info via Dipajaya 3428 meters above sea level, Pemalang, Guide Mount Slamet Slamet Mountain Guides

mountain survivors
Mount Slamet
Mount Slamet is the highest mountain in Central Java and is the second highest mountain in the island of Java after Mount Kilimanjaro. (Read also:  Toward Land Top Java )

 Mountains with an altitude of 3428 masl (meters above sea level) is also an active volcano. Crater crater IV is the last remaining active until now. Mount Slamet located in 5 districts, namely English, Banyumas, Pemalang, Tegal, and Brebes.Oleh Therefore, until now there are 7 trails towards Mount Slamet, namely:
1. Trailhead Via Bambangan, Purbalingga
2. Trailhead Via Dipajaya, Pemalang
3. Trailhead Via Baturraden, Banyumas
4. Trailhead Via Kaliwadas, Bradford
5. Trailhead via Guci, Tegal
6. Line ascent via Dukuhliwung, Workers
7. Trailhead via Kaligua, Brits

Bambangan path is the path of the most popular because it tends to be shorter than the path - the path of another, even though the terrain is fairly steep. However, we will not discuss here about the route bambangan, we'll go hiking Dipajaya. Actually, the climb Dhipajaya will also be met with lane after passing the post Bambangan 2. Later there will be clues such as pictures berikut.Jadi intersection, after passing through the intersection, the path will be a fellow with hiking Bambangan Purbalingga.

Slamet also famous track is quite challenging. This is because the water sources found only in post 5, so that we have sufficient water supplies. In addition, in the mountains or even survivors also rarely found a bonus in the form of a flat strip, the track continues to climb with the fog that can change at any - time.
climbing routes via Dipajaya
These climbing
Basecamp - Post 1
From Basecamp, climbing starts with a ride through the plantation population and the ranks of pine trees. The climb began to climb, the trail passes through the sometimes confusing between hiking and trail plantation residents. Up to heart - the heart and find guidance hiking trail is right when passing through the intersection. Usually installed in a tree big enough and easy to find. After passing through the ranks of pine trees, then the route will begin passing through various vegetation typical of mountain with trees - trees - great. Continued to climb uphill without bonus squares ample. In the Post 1 at an altitude of 1960 meters above sea level there is also no shelter.
Heading 1 - Heading 2
Post 1 Located at an altitude 1960 meters above sea level. Flat land with no shelter. However, cukupah to unwind after a long post 1. Furthermore, to the Post 2, the track was still not much different from the way to the post 2. With the tree - big and tall trees that can protect us from the sun. On a trip to the post 2, often also found a herd of monkeys hanging from a tree on a high - high.

Postal 2 - heading 3
Postal 2 at an altitude of 2080 meters above sea level. Heading 2 in the form of flat land with an area not far from the post 1. The journey to the post 3 little lighter, then passes the meeting point between the Gaza Strip via Bambangan with Dipajaya climb at an altitude of 2440 meters above sea level. Next, keep track heading uphill to reach the 3 - Pain.

Meeting Bambangan hiking and Dipajaya
Pos 3 - Pos 4
Heading 3 (Pine) at an altitude of 2465 meters above sea level, in the form of flat land is large enough. Trek through to the post 4 from many big trees with large roots are not lost. These roots can help or complicate the climbers. With a fixed path uphill, roots and branches that can be utilized for holding. However, there are also the roots and branches that block the path, so it is quite difficult climb. Pos 4 - Pos 5 

Heading 4 (Samarantu) at an altitude of 2635 meters above sea level. Known as the post anchor so rarely used for camping. Post samarantu believed to come from word ambiguous and ghost, which means ghost vague - vague or ghosts who like to disguise. The trip to the post 5 is not too far away, with many tracks like roots and branches on a trip to the post 4.
Heading 5 - 6 posts
Heading 5 (Spring) at an altitude of 2775 meters above sea level. In this form of land and there are ample water resources seasonally so often used for overnight hikers. Heading 5 in Shelter There are also providing a variety of food stalls. The trip to the post 6 is not too far from lush vegetation before.

Heading 6 - 7 posts
Heading 6 (Samyang Rangkah), in the form of flat land that is not too broad. Once past the post 6, would begin to open, we can see Pinang scattered in the evening and a wonderful view in the daylight origin shrouded in fog.
Heading 7 - Pos 9
Heading 7 (Samyang Jampang) is a favorite place for climbers to set up tents and campers. For post 7 in the form of ample land with adequate shelter and open. Thus, the landscape looks very beautiful. In addition, the post 7 also is not far away with a peak Slamet. The next track is heavier, we will be heading to the open field past the post 8 (Samyang Kendit) and then to the Post 9 (Pelawangan). Although quite heavy, but also very beautiful scenery with Edelweiss flower that is found if it is in blossom time.
Posts 9 (Pelawangan) - Puncak
Post 9 is the limit of vegetation marked by a red and white flag. The next track is heavier and very challenging. The route traveled quite steep with many rocks and gravel mixed with sand unstable. Thus, it is prone to slip and fall if not cautious and careful - the liver.

mountain summit attack survivors
Summit Attack !!!
sunrise mountain survivors
Sunrise Beauty of Mount Slamet
mountain cloud ocean peace
Ocean Clouds Mount Slamet
Slamet peak with an altitude of 3428 meters above sea often referred to as the peak Chairman, this nomination is said to honor climber named Chairman who slipped into the crater of Mount Slamet and died. From the top, it looks wide caldera called pirates fear. To reach the crater, we must sand down the field called the pirates fear. If the weather is fine, the survivors will be seen from the summit of Mount Mindoro, Mount Sumbing vessels, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Shinta.
The crater of Mount Slamet

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