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Travel Semarang, IG Dear Hey Kids !! Tourist Attractions in Semarang And Surrounding The Instagramable Sure Can Make You More Beautiful Instagram Feed Deh!

Travel Semarang, IG Dear Hey Kids !! Tourist Attractions in Semarang And Surrounding The Instagramable Sure Can Make You More Beautiful Instagram Feed Deh!

LiburMulu.Com -  If asked to express their tour in Semarang , about what the heck is going to mind you? Lawang Sewu, Tugu Muda and may, culinary lumpia Semarang so menggonda Alas! Weits, but actually travel in Semarang and surrounding areas that attract not only that it loh!
Especially for you who like to create beautiful and cute photo on Instagram, there are many tourist attractions in Semarang who instagramable. One of the attractions instagramable in Semarang is very well known anyway possible Brown Canyon yes!

22 Tourist Attractions in Semarang And Surrounding The Instagramable

Psst, do not tell others, if in fact, in addition to the already ngehits Brown Canyon, there are 21 sites in Semarang and its surroundings, so instagramgenik nan instagramable! I believe, check it here!

1. Mount Telomoyo

Telomoyo Mountain, one of the great attractions in Semarang use too!  by IG @rianpict
Mount Telomoyo, one tour in Semarang cool to use too! by IG @rianpict
Mount Telomoyo this may not be too high, its height is about 1,894 meters above sea level only. But that does not mean it does not have a mount Telomoyo beautiful views yes! Mountains are located in two districts, the districts of Magelang and districts of Semarang has a view that can make a fresh eye!
But remember yes, up the mountain is not a joke, it's not a skill you can survival, and of course do so climber who loves beatles nyampah! Agree it all !? If you agree, you share to friends who want to talk to the tourist attractions of this pest deh: D

2. Niagara Kalipancur

Niagara Kalipancur, Salatiga by IG @Soraedha
Niagara Kalipancur, Salatiga by IG @Soraedha
There were familiar sights of Semarang by name Kaliancur Falls. Some even know her name Niagara Kalipancur, but what's in a name, which is clearly the place to be cool! Travel Semarang Niagara Kalipancur is conveniently located in the Village Nogosaren, Getasan Sub District Semarang . Or, only about 14 km to the west of the city of Salatiga .
Unfortunately, to get to the waterfall tourist sites in Semarang there is no public transport, so you have to bring their own vehicle. Sad is not it? To get to Niagara Kalipancur, you can go the path Kopeng - Salatiga , to reach the village of Bouna district Getasan. From there, to go to Niagara Kalipancur only about 3 km course with a pretty good way ( Map Locations Falls Kalipancur in Google Maps ).
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3. Fort Pendem

Fort Pendem, Ambarawa, Central Java by IG @erfix
Fort Pendem, Ambarawa, Central Java by IG @erfix
Visit tourist attractions in Semarang related to history or heritage it is fun. For an alternative that is being traveled hope history in Semarang , might try a visit to Fort Pendem. The location is not far from the city of Semarang , Ambarawa is still entered in the District of Semarang .
His real name is Fort Willem 1, while others know him by name Pendem Castle. "Pendem or bungahe" itself is interpreted that the Java language a "hidden or buried" . Perhaps this fort was buried so called Fortress Pendem by people around?
The location is close to Fort Pendem Railway museum, which is located behind Andreas Hospital and also in the Prison Complex Class II Andreas. So all could come to the Railway Museum Ambarawa you deh! For the uninitiated, this Pendem Castle was used as a setting Soekarno Directed by hanung bramantyo the tables!
Unfortunately, because it is in prison, not just anyone can get into the area of ​​Fort Pendem. You have to ask for permission well before they can enter the fort area. Or, most likely, you've got to have a contact person prison deh ~

4. Brown Canyon Tourist Attractions in Semarang Hits!

Brown Canyon Semarang by IG @xyisemarang
Brown Canyon Semarang by IG @xyisemarang
Definitely have to know if Brown's Canyon is one of the tourist attractions in Semarang so instagramable! In fact, this one is already tour ngehits precedent since long. Still, nobody is bored to hunt Instagram photo here, right?
Brown Canyon itself is located in the area Rowosari Meteseh Tembalang, Semarang ( Location Brown Canyon in Google Maps ). The location is a bit outside the busy city but still be affordable pest by private vehicle. Sights Semarang which is perfect for hunters Instagram photos!

5. Amanda Hills

Amanda Hills is actually a two-star hotel rather than a tourist in Semarang in general. Even so, this is one cool place for a staycation while hunting Instagram photos in Semarang . Well, for you who traveled males nature, can really try a staycation in Amanda Hills : D

6. Mount Diponegoro

Diponegoro Hill, tour in Semarang cool for hunting Instagram!  by IG @ maulana.fitri
Diponegoro Hill, tour in Semarang cool for hunting Instagram! by IG @ maulana.fitri
Maybe this is not a tourist spot Semarang famous, or even common sights not ya? but a clear, pretty cool place to hunt photos! You do not want to add the feed Instagram PAULClive you with cool photo in Bukit Diponegoro?

7. Mount Patah Hati Tourist Attractions in Semarang For The Warriors

Hill Broken Heart, by IG @alfianamarizkia
Hill Broken Heart, by IG @alfianamarizkia
Who is actually the name for this hill? Is it really true that you name this hill was confusion? Hence his name be known as the Mount of Broken Heart? I do not know, but Hill Broken Heart in Semarang The latter increasingly ngehits in Semarang . Hopefully, not because they are a lot of heartbreak in Semarang yes!

8. Mount VW Semarang

Later Bukit VW Semarang is indeed being discussed in social media Instagram. Known as the Mount of VW because this place is filled with dozens of used cars of the 70s retro neatly lined up on the hill which is located on Jl. Sambiroto Kingdom, Tembalang, City of Semarang .
The location is not far anyway! To reach the site, you just have to take the route of the Tembalang then headed SIGAR Wetlands. From there you take the direction to find Mundu Other Jl. Sambiroto Kingdom to arrive at the site of the Mount of VW's previous image Grand Semarang .
There is no entrance fee, but there are parking fees for parking motor with rates £ 2,000 and £ 5,000 for the car. We recommend a visit to this place during the morning or evening, because when the sun is not too high intensity. Obviously with so you can get a great photo moment atmosphere complete with panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset.

9. Niagara Benowo

For the uninitiated, this Benowo Waterfall located at the slopes of Mount Ungaran , Rural District Kalisidi Ungaran Barat regency Semarang . Niagara Benowo in Semarang is still so natural. The course of such a step, and a little up and down. Therefore, the tourist attractions in Semarang is only recommended for nature lovers who like a challenge. For a relaxing vacation with family, travel Semarang Niagara Niagara Benowo is less suitable.
How to Niagara Benowo is, you have to Unggaran first. The indications are, of Alun Wonosobo take direction Mapagan (Road towards Gunungpati). After finding the gate "Welcome Campus In Now Gunungpati" continues again around 1.700m, on the right side of the road there is the Tomb of the Faithful Darul Siplaosan Sumurgunung turn left to Jalan Gunung Dukuh Well, Keep it up to coordinate Map -7.14213, 110.36022 .

10. Curug Lawe

Actually Curug Lawe is actually next door to the Niagara Benowo, so if you pay a visit to Niagara Benowo, you can come to Curug Lawe Also deh! The location itself is located in the Village District Kalisidi Ungaran North. To go to Curug Lawe this, you will pass Later that are in the area owned by Clove clove plantations of Zanzibar . Admission is just £ 4000 per person coke.
Curug Lawe is a waterfall tour in Semarang who remained in the area of Mount Ungaran , District of Semarang . Curug Lawe in the water really clean and of course the beautiful surrounding nature. Suitable for those who like the natural thing!
Named in Curug Lawe because the water that falls from the steep cliffs that look like white threads. It was a white thread in the Java language called "thread". There is also another version explains, Curug Lawe name is given because it is said that there are number of waterfalls are a total of 25 pieces in the Java language is "twenty". If you think about what you really like?

11. Lake Bukit Semarang Baru

Lake Bukit Semarang Baru by @ nurina.rina
Lake Bukit Semarang Baru by @ nurina.rina
Bukit Semarang Baru This is actually a residential area with the concept of the new city. Located in Jalan Semarang -Boja, or about four dozen kilometers from the city center of Semarang. Yeah, it's not a tourist place in Semarang it. However, to hunt Instagram photos in Semarang , you can try to play it here.

12. Pulador

Pulador by IG @ adikapratama88
Pulador by IG @ adikapratama88
You can enjoy views of the Swamp Dizziness Pulador. Because it Pulador this location is not too far from tourist attractions Swamp Dizziness. Because of its altitude of about 800 late charge masl, if in fact incompatible also called mountain. However, by the local community known as Pulador.
Pulador exact location is right on the north side of Mount Telomoyo and southwest of Lake Swamp Dizziness. How to Pulador simplest is, if the direction of Salatiga you can head towards Banyubiru, and will travel through the Mount of Love.
Keep it up, until it crosses the School of Police State Banyubiru. After that you will find a fork. At the T-junction, then to the right is the direction of Andreas and to the left is the Pulador. You will like to travel Semarang this one!

13. Mount Ungaran

Mount Ungaran this is a volcano that has a height of about 2,050 meters above sea level. The location is still in the districts of Semarang , and is a mountain in the district of Semarang has a lot of tourist attraction. Mountaintop first of three, known as the peak Gendol, Bald Peak, and Peak Ungaran . The highest peak is the peak Ungaran .
There are many interesting places in this mountain. For example, on the slopes of Mount Ungaran itself there are archaeological sites in the form of a temple Gedongsongo. There are also a number of waterfalls in the mountains or waterfalls, such as Niagara and Niagara Semirang Lawe. Sebuag cave, known as the Cave of Japan also exist. The location is around 200 meters before the summit, or in the vicinity of the village is the village Promasan that the tea pickers. Interested doing here?
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14. Pine Forest Kanyon

Kayon pine forest, village people, Getasan district, Semarang regency by IG @akbarbinrasyid
Kayon pine forest, the village of Batu r, district Getasan, the District of Semarang by IG @akbarbinrasyid
For hunters of cool photos in the IG and also love camping, you should pay a visit to this Kanyon pine forest deh! Travel Semarang a pine forest located on the north side of Mount Merbabu, this is awesome and so is able Instagram! Here you can enjoy the cool air refreshing eye and soul!
The exact location Kanyon pine forest is hamlet Krangkeng, Desa Batu r, district. Getasan district. Semarang . When the direction of Bobby , you can go to the village Getasan insulation. Arriving in the village of insulation Getasan fork (or in front Koramil), turn left at an alternate path to Sruwen or Landmarks.
Approximately 6 km, until the intersection Wonosari, you turn right towards the village of Krangkeng which only takes about 5 minutes to get there. Kayon pine forest is still entered in the National Park of Mount Merbabu.

15. Tourism Candi Gedong Songo

Tourist Area Gedong Songo by IG @ighfifi
Area Attractions Candi Gedong Songo by IG @ighfifi
Candi Gedong Songo is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran . Or the exact location is in the temple Gedongsongo, Darum Hamlet, Village Temple , District of Bandung 's district of Semarang . The temple complex was built in the 9th century AD.
O iyak Gedong Songo itself named after a word that comes from the Javanese language. "Building" means a house or building, "Songo" means nine. So the meaning of the word Gedongsongo are nine groups of buildings. Been tour this pest, it means you can hunt Instagram photos, as well as learn the history of it!

16. Baruna Beach

Baruna Beach, Semarang by IG @rinttos
Baruna Beach, Semarang by IG @rinttos
Perhaps not many people know about the existence yes Baruna Beach in Semarang are ya? Indeed, perhaps it is because the road to Baruna Beach not so good. However, the beauty of one beach in Semarang is decent thumbs up! Especially to capture the moment sunrise or sunset!

17. Marina Beach

Marina Beach, Semarang by IG @rinttos
Marina Beach, Semarang by IG @rinttos
Like the Baruna Beach, Marina Beach in Semarang is also a great beach to hunt for Instagram photos, especially the sunset moment. However, beaches in Semarang this one is more famous.
Marina Beach Hotel is located not far from the Castle Maerokoco or Taman Mini Central. To get to this beach you can pass housing Castle Marina. Each visitor must pay a levy of £ 3000.00.
Unfortunately this beach water was murky, so not very suitable for water play. But for hunters photo sunset, one of the tourist attractions in Semarang in the form of this beach is one recommended.

18. Moro Beach

Beach hunting, Kendal, Central Java by iG @rianpict
Beach hunting, Kendal, Central Java by iG @rianpict
Area beaches are not actually in the city of Semarang , but in the neighboring town of Kendal. Its main attraction is a lighthouse with great views of the grounds. Yes, the view from the summit of Moro Beach Lighthouse, Rowosari, Whakatane, Kendal this is awesome for photos Instagram. He did not?

19. Pondok Kopi Semarang

Pondok Kopi, Semarang by IG @syarahnafiah
Pondok Kopi, Semarang by IG @syarahnafiah
Relax with a glass of hot coffee in Pondok Kopi Semarang certainly a pleasant experience. Plus, hunting Instagram photo cool to meet the instagram feed you are not less exciting!
Location Pondok Kopi is around 1KM above Bannerman Sido Mukti tourist sites. Here there is seating for guests and is divided into three. That is in the room, on the terrace, and on this side too under Pondok Kopi. Asiknya, this place is open 24 hours loh.
The drink menu is available in Pondok Kopi Semarang is hot or cold coffee, tea, milk, juices, traditional drinks like bajigur, skoteng, adultery, and ginger. Do not forget to try a special drink Pondok Kopi is hot chocolate, coffee, ginger, tea pot, coffee and milk.
The food menu here she is: toast, baked bananas, nuggets, potatoes, sausage, cassava, cassava, fried rice, fried noodles, noodle soup Java, and the rice package. For the price of food and beverages in Pondok Kopi Semarang is still friendly with bags of coke, yatu between S $ 3,000 to S $ 35,000. Plus, you can get great photos Instagram. Interested?

20. Puri Maerokoco

Puri Maerokoco is also known as Taman Mini from Central Java Indah. This is a tourist place in Semarang located at Jalan Yos Sudarso Semarang . Or less than about 5 Km from Tugu Muda, who is one of the gardens of the PRPP (Development Promotion and Recreation Center) Central.
As a mini park in Central Java that encapsulate all the traditional house in the center, this resort has various types of traditional houses from 35 regencies and municipalities in Central Java. In the house is also known as industrial products and handicrafts produced by each region.
Featuring custom homes, attractions in Semarang is equipped with recreational facilities such as water, water bikes, boats, cars also for visitors. Open to the public from 08.00 to 18.00. Puri Maerokoco can be reached by public transport or private vehicles.

21. Swamp dizziness

Rawa Dizziness is one of the tourist attractions are located in the district of Instagramable Semarang . The name itself comes from the swamp dizziness word "swamp" and "dizzy". The word "dizziness" is derived from "transparent". This lake is a water attractions in the district of Semarang , Central Java with an area of 2,670 hectares.
From the size, the lake is in the region of vast stretches of Ambarawa Bawen, Tuntang, and Banyubiru. Rawa Dizziness itself is also located in the basin of the lower slopes of Mount Merbabu, Mount Telomoyo, and Mount Ungaran .
According to legend, Rawa Dizziness is formed of vomit water flowing from the former draws a stick made by New Mormon. New Mormon stories that turn out to be a child of pain and smelling so it is not accepted by society and ultimately helped this old widow has passed.

22. Bannerman Sidomukti

Bannerman Sidomukti, Semarang by IG @san_junox
Bannerman Sidomukti, Semarang by IG @san_junox
The tour flags Sidomukti nature is one of the coolest and Instagramable in Semarang . Its location in the village of yourself Sidomukti District Bandung 's district of Semarang . Here are four terraced pools which you can choose according to the desired depth. The water was cold, crisp and very clear. Or, if you do not want to swim, you can just relax and hunting Instagram photo deh!

23. Village Inn Wonosari Semarang

From the slums, now a beautifully colorful village by IG @ xie94
From the slums, now a beautifully colorful village by IG @ xie94
Once the village is a slum unkempt. But thanks to the local government, the village now has been transformed into a village of colorful paint. Until then become hits and more widely known to the public through social media Instagram. No wonder many who donít kalaus rushing - flocking go to Kampung Pelangi , newest attractions in Semarang to hunt the instagramable OOTD photo!

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