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Travel Lamongan, Lamongan 10 Places That Can not be Missed

Travel Lamongan, Lamongan 10 Places That Can not be Missed

by irma
07:00 AM on April 11, 2016
East Java is an island of natural wealth and attractions are unquestionable. But apparently there are many tourists who often confused when they visit the city of Lamongan. Not because there are not any, but rather some typical tourist sites in the city this soup has not been known.
Until it's time for the team Boombastis to help you explore the city and in a barrage. No need to wait a long time, let's just look, what and where the hell can not travel that we missed?
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1. Marine Tourism Lamongan

Marine Tourism Lamongan is the most famous tourist locations in Lamongan. And thanks to its natural beauty, WBL (short Wisata Bahari Lamongan) then became a major icon of Lamongan. Not only serves the beautiful natural scenery, but here, tourists can enjoy a variety of rides, challenging and exciting.
Marine Tourism Lamongan [Image Source ]
In the past, tourism is on the northern coast line between Surabaya and Tuban, more popularly known as Cape Frog Beach. However, due to the good management of the two-party shareholders, thus making this tour quantum leap as the most visited attractions in Lamongan. Not only that, over time, increasingly add WBL latest rides, no less fun and exciting.

2. Mazola

Investors are still under the same WBL, Mazola development was no less rapid. Conveniently located just off WBL, Mazola also no doubt be a compulsory destination for tourists visiting the barrage. Mazola itself is a continuation of Maharani Zoo & Goa barrage.
goa empress
Mazola [Image Source ]
Mazola is a blend of natural and tourist attractions of Goa named Empress. Here you will be surprised by the beauty and uniqueness of Goa found by the miners of phosphate in 1992. In addition, once satisfied playing in Goa, you can see hundreds of unique and interesting animals. And be prepared to witness a number of new rides such as wildlife parks, wildlife gallery, and a gallery of rocks.

3. Beach Bellew

Since gaining in popularity in the media, Brassiere Beach located in Lamongan, thereby impressing the tourists. Not only because of the beauty of its beaches, but the title of 'virgin' that makes the tourists become anxious and racing to visit first. Bra into a fitting name for this beach, due to the many found bra (lingerie) scattered there.
beach bra
Beach bra [Image Source ]
Bellew own beach is located on the edge of the hamlet Kenthong, Breakwater Village, District Popcorn, Lamongan. But unfortunately, there are many tourists who feel distress when they want to pay a visit to the beach that has a strange name.

4. Reservoir Inglewood

Inglewood dam or reservoir is one of the natural attractions that are located on the west side of the city barrage. In addition to the option of becoming a tourist location, it still serves as a reservoir for irrigation of thousands of rice fields in Lamongan. Around the dams, we can find a variety of lush green trees, which will make tourists feel the coolness and peace.
reservoirs gondang
Reservoir gondang [Image Source ]
Fun activities you can do here other than enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the reservoir is using oats. To be able to get around using a motor boat, you only need to pay Rp 60,000 with a capacity of 10 people / boat. How, exciting is not it?

5. Mount Dick

You may want to visit the hills is in the center of this tripe. Mount Dick is limestone hills that connect the city with the City Jombang Lamongan. Limestone hills that are in this mountain will make you marvel at the natural beauty unique and not widely known.
separate mountain
Mount Paget [Image Source ]
However, be careful when you intend to bring your spouse to the location of this tour. As the name implies, Dick, which means 'goodbye', the mountain is believed to result in the breakup of a human two lovebirds lovers. And it is still a myth that is believed to date tables, believe it or not, depends on you.

6. Memorial Van Der Wijk

If my friend is a lover of history and Boombastis also a fan of the work of famous writers Hamka, then this one monument not to be missed. Van Der Wijk Monument is a monument erected by the Dutch government long ago to commemorate the tragedy of the sinking of the Van Der Wijk.
monument van
Memorial Van Der Wijk [Image Source ]
Because the story is well known, this monument then be one inspiration in filmmaking selling Indonesia's 'sinking ship Van Der Wijck'. The film, starring veteran artist Pervita Pears, and Junot Ali was then made many viewers are curious about the Memorial Van Der Wijk. So, what Boombastis buddy, do not be too anxious with the monument?

7. Popcorn Beach

When you hear the word Popcorn, certainly some of us thus leads to the figure of a handsome young man is not it? Oops, this is not a figure Popcorn was a handsome young man, but is the name of a beach in Lamongan. Beach this one may not be so familiar to you.
Beach popcorn [Image Source ]
Located in the village of Popcorn, flocking Beach is approximately 47 km from the center of Lamongan. Here, you not only can sail along the coast using traditional boats and see the beautiful natural scenery alone tables. However Popcorn Beach is famous for its fish market that sells dozens of kinds of fresh fish with high quality liners. Interesting is not it?

8. Religious Tourism in Sunan Tenure

For those of you who is a Muslim, would have been very familiar with Amanah. Well, Amanah Islam is a figure who took part in the spread of Islam. It then makes millions of people flocked to visit the tomb of one of the Amanah in order to make a pilgrimage.
the grave of sunan
Religious Tourism in Sunan Tenure [Image Source ]
Well, the barrage was one of the Amanah is the shrine which is still actively used as a tourist pilgrimage. He is sunan Tenure, the ancients fight and spread Islam around the region of Lamongan. Sunan Tenure alone is 30 minutes from the center of Lamongan. Not only pilgrimage, but you can also visit the museum that was built and was inaugurated in 1994 Slate.

9. Spring Brumbung

There is a belief that attracts tourists during a visit to Lamongan. Spring is Brumbung, hot springs, located in the district of Oudtshoorn, this Kranji Countryside historical story that has mystically inclined. According to their belief, formerly an Brumbung never change color by itself and poisoned villagers. But after sunan Tenure stick magic sword, warma water in these pools was then returned as ready stage and got stopped out.
water brumbun
Spring Brumbung [Image Source ]
This ultimately makes people believe in miracles then owned by Spring Brumbung. Indeed, anyone with a dip in the pool with an area of ​​5 x 10 meters can be recovered from the illness. Not life, the tourists were always taking the time to nourish membuktikkan the water.

1o. Tourism rice Boran

Speaking of travel, is not complete if it does not discuss about culinary tourism. Culinary is a mandatory thing to do when visiting a tourist area for vacation. The barrage itself, a lot of delicious food, but can we find in other cities. In contrast to Rice Boran.
rice boran
Tourism rice Borann [Image Source ]
Boran rice is a typical dish barrage consisting of rice, spices, fish, and peanut brittle. However, rice seasoning that is the secret recipe passed down for generations owned only by some people. Usually the seller rice Boran mutual relationships between other sellers. This is done so that the rice Boran be typical barrage of food that can not be found in other cities than Lamongan. Tempted to try it?
That flash of tours around the city there are in Lamongan. Approximately tour where ya been man Boombastis ever visited?

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