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Sumbing Package, Climbing Climbing Via Via Garung Baru

Climbing Climbing Via Via Garung Baru 
Guide Mount Sumbing and Porter Climbing Call 085.643.455.685

Climbing mountain trails via Garung is the most favorite climbing route for climbers. Garung is a village name at the foot of Mount Sumbing the north. Close to Garung village or opposite, the climbers can meet the basecamp for climbing Sindoro mountain. 

The location of Mount Sumbing and Gunung Sindoro facing each other. Many called by the public that the mountain Sumbing-Sindoro is a mountain like a mountain-Merapi Merbabu. 

The height is not much different and also the natural conditions of the mountain are also almost the same. But for climbers who have climbed both of them more say if the mountain cleft treknya heavier than the mountain Sindoro. But both are equally beautiful scenery. Trail climb via Garung letaknya in Garung Village. 

We just need to go towards Wonosob, Central Java. GOOGLE MAPS MOUNTAIN SUMBING PATTERN ROAD BASECAMP THE GARUNG ROAD Basecamp garung crowd-min To get to the basecamp we have to go a bit further and pass the TVRI transmitter tower is different from the Sindoro basecamp that is close to the highway. 

After a bit up we will find many residents locally, look for the most crowded usually is basecamp Mount Sumbing. For registration Rp 7.000 / person motor parking Rp 3.000 / orang. 

In the basecamp we are doing is preparing, member registration. In addition we can also eat first or sleep in basecamp. 

On this Garung line we will meet the motorcycle taxi service to Post 1. The cost is Rp 15.000 / orang / motor. Well, who wants to try tuh. After preparation is complete, do not forget to pray first before starting to climb.

ROAD MARINE PATHETICAL MAP Garung Line has two options namely the old track and the new path. 

But for the old line less recommended. ROAD PATH OF THE MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN VILLAGE GETTING STARTED BASECAMP - Pos I Malim (1 hour) / foot - with ojek (15 minutes) From the basecamp we will walk past the residential community for a while, then go into the plantation. 

After that we will walk on the road that has been contrived neatly print like in the picture until it comes to Pos 1. Ojek harel road Ojek route POS I MALIM Heading 1 Mallim 

Post I - Post II Gatakan (2-3 hours) 
From Post 1 to Post 2 the lines are rather long. 

We will walk in the forest and the tracks are quite up. 

In Pos 2 we can set up a tent. But the location is limited and not extensive enough. But if the morning from here we can see the beauty of Sindoro mountain. 

POS II-min Post 2 
Place it Post II - PESTAN (15 minutes) It only takes a moment to Pestan. Pestan is the path of meeting Garung old path with new Garung. 

From Pestan we will go through extreme path of Mount Sumbing. Namely in the form of dusty land if the summer, and can slide when it rains. After that we will arrive at a large stone piling up "Pasar Watu". On the track is full of rocks all and extreme. And then we come to "Watu Kotak".

Trekking mountain chippy-min The path to Watu Kotak after "Pasar Watu" Rock climbing min-chipped mountain After that we will also crawl up the rocks. (In the photo only the lebay version only haha) 


From Watu Kotak to the Peak is actually near the track is very steep. 
TREK EXTREME SUMBING-min The track looks like this Peak of cleft-min Unlock! PEAK BUNTU KAWAH SUMBING-min Kawah gunung Sumbing. 

If we calculate the trip: 
BASECAMP - Pos I Malim (1 hour) 
Post I - Post II Gatakan (3 hours) 
Post II - PESTAN (15 minutes) 
PESTAN - WATU BOX (1.5 hours) 
TOTAL = 7 hours 45 minutes. 

We take a total square 8-9 hour trip up the peak outside the tents. For trip down the mountain we can reduce 25% -50% to 4-6 hours. 

Choose a good day to climb, try not to rain     
Physical exercise a week before the day of H     
Prepare the team and the equipment to be brought. 
Do not forget to bring something like a favorite object or writing for someone to be able to photograph together at the top    
A solid team is 5-8 people. If a little try 3 people (1 person must have ever climbed the mountain)     
Do not underestimate safety. 
Wear sandals or mountain boots and mountain jackets. Bring enough food and water not too little and not too much. 
The most important do not break the rules and do not dispose of garbage on the mountain     For climbing Cleft we can ride morning or night. If the morning is good at 10-13. 
If night 6-7     Set up a tent in a flat place and try to cover the trees or shrubs so as not to be exposed to direct mountain winds     
If any group member who can not continue the trip should be accompanied. Or if a serious illness immediately tell the other group. 

Name: Mount Sumbing Elevation: 3.371 mdpl 
Location: Wonosobo, Temanggung, Magelang 
Type: Stratovolcano volcano 
Last eruption: 1730 
Peak: Peak Buntu (3362 mdpl) and Puncak Sejati (3371mdpl) 
View another mountain from the summit: Mt. Sindoro, Merapi, Merbabu, Slamet, Ungaran, Lawu Condition: has crater, forest, hill, steep terrain rocks, still thick with tradition and culture Spot nature: tea plantation 
Flora: edelweis, orchid, tea etc. 
Fauna: A variety of birds Forests: 
Dipterocarp Forest Hill, Upper Dipterocarp Forest, Montane Forest, and Ericaceous Forest or Mountain Forest Water sources: - 
Hiking trails:     Garung Line     Strip Cage Path     Bowongso Line     Mangli Line 
Myth: Mount Sumbing and Sindoro the story is a pair of husband-wife who was upset. The husband (Sindoro) slapped the wife (Cleft) until his lips torn. The wife is a mountain of Cleft (cleft lip) while the husband becomes Sindoro mountain ('ndoro = lord) and they have a child that is Mount Flower Raisins (The Mystery Story): 
Mount Sumbing is often used as a ritual of astral beings Rate of tray: Rp 5.000 / person 

West: Bus majoring Purwokerto - Semarang East: 
Bus majoring Yogyakarta - Temanggung go Wonosobo


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