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Porter Sumbing, Tips and Info Complete Sumbing Mountain Climbing, Second Highest Mountain in Central Java

Porter Sumbing, Tips and Info Complete Sumbing Mountain Climbing, Second Highest Mountain in Central Java

Sumbing Mountain is a mountain located in three districts, namely Magelang, Temanggung and Wonosobo, besides Sumbing also become the second highest mountain in Central Java with a height of 3,371 masl and the third highest in the island of Java after Mount Semeru and Mount Slamet.

photo sunset in mountain Sumbings
sunset on the mountain Sumbing. Photos: brobali.com

Sumbing has multiple paths, such as via Garung (Wonosobo), Cepit Bodo (Waterford), and Bowongso (Wonosobo), between the lines, strip lines Garung is among the most popular and famous among climbers.

As is the case with Mount Merapi and Merbabu a close, Mountain Sumbing is also located adjacent to the Sindoro, so that not infrequently a lot of people call it the twin mountains.

Mountain Sumbing have Hill dipterocarp forest, dipterocarp forest Upper Montane forest, and forest Ericaceous or mountain forest. Most of the region's slopes have been used for farmland. "Wikipedia"

Mountain Sumbing known for its quite heavy but has a beautiful view, even when we reached the top we can see almost the entire mountain in Central Java from Mount Merapi , Merbabu , Sindoro, boat , Slamet, Cradle , Ungaran , Telomoyo to Andong .

For those of you who want to climb Mount Sumbing for the first time, it is advisable to go through the path Garung because of its location which is easily accessible and is quite popular, so you'll find a lot together.

Mountain Sumbing itself has two peaks, the peak of the Dead End (3362 masl), and True Peak (3371 masl), usually the climbers only reached the peak of the block because it is easier, but if you want to get straight peak is also not a problem.

photo true path to the top of the mountain Sumbing
The true path to the top.

Mountain Sumbing via Garung

Basecamp Mountain Sumbing via Garung quite easy to find due to its location on the side of the road, if you're from Semarang and its surroundings can through Sumowono-Temanggung, Wonosobo, just after the border Temanggung and Wonosobo there are lines left by the signs "Basecamp Garung Sumbing".

Estimated Travel Time:
Basecamp - Heading 1 (2 hour walk, a half hour ride motorcycles)
Heading 1 - Heading 2 (approximately 2 hours)
Pos 2 - Pos 3 (approximately 1 hour)
Pos 3 - Party (approximately half an hour )
Party - the stone box (approximately 1.5 hours)
Stones Box - Top Dead End / crater (approximately 2 hours)
peak of the crater - Puncak Sejati (approximately 15 minutes)
Total: 8-9 hours (depending on your walking speed)

Hiking Tips Sumbing via Garung:

  • There is only one source of water that is near Pos 1, Pos 1 we still have to walk about 100 meters to get to the water source, located behind Postal motorcycles, but sometimes during the dry season water sources dry.
  • Bring enough water supplies for water resources are only available at Pos 1 and sometimes dry, at least one person bring 3 bottles of 1.5 liter.
  • Line Mountain Sumbing via Garung is quite difficult because it continues uphill, so prepare your physical before you start climbing.
  • More recommended to ride motorcycles from Basecamp to post one to save time and energy, because if we walk takes about 2 hours.
  • Usually climbers set up a tent at the last summit before the wedding and lower, but more is recommended under the wedding because many of the trees, if you set up in the party quite vulnerable to storms because there are no trees in the way.
  • The highlight of the party still takes about 3 hours uphill, make sure you're not too late to make a summit yes.
  • If you want to see the sunrise, you should be able to pass first, because this Garung sunrise on track will be visible at the top.

Mountain Sumbing via Cepit Aurora

The location is located in the village of trails Cepit, Aurora, Temanggung, though less popular but the stripes Cepit famous Aurora has beautiful scenery, paths Sumbing via Cepit Aurora is used by pilgrims, so not too many climbers.

To reach basecamp we must aim is Ngesti Waluyo Hospital, Waterford, and then proceed to the village Cepit. Basecamp in Cepit practically non existent so we only visit in one of the houses only. But still, because of its population in Cepit friendly coke-friendly.

Estimated Travel Time:
Observation Post - Post 1 (1 hour)
Heading 1 - Heading 2 (1 hour)
Pos 2 - Pos 3 (1 hour)
Pos 3 - Crater (about 4 hours)
Crater - Top Dead End (approximately 15 minutes )
Total: 7 hours (depending on your walking speed)

Hiking Tips Sumbing via Cepit Bodo:

  • Line Mountain Sumbing via Cepit Aurora is fairly quiet and ordinary climbers passed by the pilgrims, it is suitable for you who do not like crowds, but still have to be careful about that.
  • There was no water source in the path of Afonso Aurora, make sure you bring enough supplies.
  • For beginners who have never climbed the mountain Sumbing, discouraged by this route because it is fairly quiet.
Sindoro mountain photo of a mountain Sumbing
Sindoro mountain view from the summit crater. Photos:  mistersuu

Mountain Sumbing via Mangli Sorocaba

Line Mountain Sumbing via Sorocaba is quite popular but not as many as via Garung, the hiking trail via Sorocaba is located in the village of Mangli, Sorocaba, Magelang regency, the hiking trail via Mangli / Sorocaba famous fast enough to reach the summit, but it is not as heavy as other lines.

To achieve Mangli we just need to Kalegen village. If we could use the bus Tonoboyo down at the fork, continue to use public transportation to the village and then go ride motorcycles Kalegen To Mangli.

Estimated Travel Time:
Basecamp - Heading 1 (1 hour)
Heading 1 - Heading 2 (1 hour)
Pos 2 - Pos 3 (1 hour)
Pos 3 - Pos 4 Tree Single (1 hour)
Heading 4 - The peak (2 hours)
Total : 6-7 hours (depending on the speed you walk)

Hiking Tips Sumbing via Sorocaba:

  • Because of its location on the east side, so you do not get to the top to see the sunrise, unlike Garung track where you have to pass to see the sunrise.
  • The line is somewhat easier than other lines, but quite lonely climber.
  • There are many sources of water for the Pos 1 and also there is a river on the path to the summit of Post 4.
  • Usually climbers set up tents last post 3 and 4 (Single Trees).
  • According to some climbers experience, track via Sorocaba has a breathtaking view.

Mountain Sumbing via Bowongso

Line Bowongso, although quite popular but fairly quiet, this track is in Wonosobo, both in Wonosobo, strip Bowongso still less popular with the route via Garung, so it is not recommended for novice climbers .

Hiking via Bowongso is located in the village of Bowongso, Kalikajar, Wonosobo, to get to basecamp we just need to Wonosobo Mendolo terminal. From the terminal Mendolo we have to go to the market Kertek (located between the highway Wonosobo - Temanggung). From our leading market new Kertek Bowongso Basecamp.

Estimated Travel Time:
BASECAMP - Viewing (30 minutes)
Substation - Post I Garden Asmara (30 minutes)
Pos I - II Nude (3 hours)
Posting II - III (1 hour)
Postal III - Puncak Dead End (2 hours )
TOTAL = 7 hours (depending on your walking speed).

Hiking Tips Sumbing via Bowongso:

  • Bowongso path is quite short and simple, so it's pretty safe, unfortunately this path deserted by climbers.
  • Line Bowongso have equally beautiful views with other lines, but it also occurs savanna at this point.
  • There is a fountain in the path of the Pos 2 Pos 3.
  • Usually climbers set up a tent in the last 3 Pos.
Photos sea of clouds on the mountain Sumbing
waiting for the sunset in mountain Sumbings. Photos: fahlul_iqbalzzz

Mountain Sumbing via Sipetung

Sumbing Mountain hiking trail via Sipetung located in Roseville, Kledung district, Temanggung, Wonosobo from Magelang-down in front of the village gate Pink kec.Kledung located on the left of the road.

Almost facing the gateway to the peak tourist blank sunrise which is on the right path. to go to Basecamp Sipetung you can take a bus or a private vehicle to pass through Jalan Raya KM.09 Bodo-Wonosobo. after arriving at the gate of the village, there are hints towards Basecamp Green Grass Hiking Club within 500m of the village gate.

It is not known exactly how much time should be taken to reach the summit via the Sipetung Sumbing, but according to the information through the Sipetung not much different from the other lines, which is about 7-8 hours, depending on the speed you in the running.

Hiking Tips Sumbing via Sipetung:

  • There are springs in Postal 2.
  • Strip via Sipetung is relatively hard but not too easy.
  • From some other band quite well-traveled path Sipetung climber after via Garung.
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In addition to beautiful scenery and charming presented as well as a variety of traditional culture of the local community, there are some things that must be observed by the climbers to the summit of Mount Sumbing not see things that are not desirable, among which are:
  • Non-defecation (large / small) random
  • Do not bring drugs
  • Commit adultery
  • prohibited complain
  • Prohibited from telling lies and insolence
  • No damage to crops
  • Unobtrusive gardens population
Well, that's the information about hiking in Mount Sumbing, below are additional tips for you who want to climb the second highest mountain in Central Java.
  1. The group is best 4-8 people.
  2. Before starting up, make sure you moderate exercise a week before the hike so that the body is not surprised.
  3. Take special equipment such as climbing shoes / sandals mountains, tent, sleeping bag, stove, and of course adequate logistics.
  4. Always prefer the team together.
  5. The top priority is security together, not peak or views.
  6. Choose a time hiking in the dry season to avoid the rain or storm.
Name: Mountain Sumbing
Height: 3,371 masl
Location: Wonosobo, Temanggung, Magelang, Central Java.
Apex: Apex Dead End (3362 masl) and True Peak (3,371 masl)
Simaksi / Levy Tickets: Rp. 5,000 / person

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