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Niagara on the slopes of Mount Merbabu

Not easy reach Semuncar lying valley is surrounded by steep and lofty.
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Semuncar, is a waterfall on the eastern slopes of Mount Merbabu. This waterfall is the water source for the community and the surrounding Ampel. This arose from the secretion of mist that always enveloped him. Niagara Semuncar addition, there are two breeds falls below it, the ax and Sipongok. Not easy reach Semuncar lying valley is surrounded by steep and lofty.

Located in the village of Candisari, District Ampel, Boyolali district, this waterfall is rarely visited by tourists because it is publishing only by word of mouth. Access to the waterfall is not difficult, just by motorcycle taxi that was already ready to take tourists. The distance is only 10 km from the city Ampel.
Before you get there, visitors must register at the post Candisari village. Command to withdraw the contribution of natural and managed activists of local youth. Everyone charged an entrance fee of Rp 3,000.

Prior to the Semuncar, visitors will find the ruins of Sheikh Maulana Ibrahim Morocco. Petilasan is frequented by local people and of other cities for pilgrimage. The distance between the starting base camp up to the waterfall is estimated at about 3 km and can be reached within two hours.

Visitors are advised to bring equipment like mountain climbing, such as special shoes for hiking, jacket, and bring a change of clothes and enough stock. It was because of impassable terrain is quite steep.

There are two paths that can be traversed by travelers. The first path on the left is a garden surrounding residents. Although it looks flat, must be careful because the bandwidth is only 60 cm and quite dangerous. On his right is Cipendok River flow which has a height of about 2 meters and prone to landslides.

The second track, to the right is the path Cipendok River that is no longer flowing water. That's because it has been moved through a large pipe by the national water company for residents. The second track is quite steep because there are large rocks. The path is often not obvious.

After enjoying the beauty of the scenery on either side there are high cliffs, visitors will find the first waterfall, the battle is very beautiful. High waterfall is not more than 5 meters. The smell of incense still smelled from a distance, evidence of occult belief that pervades its citizens.
Visitors can pause for a moment to unwind and enjoy the cold and the cold waterfall. After enjoying panoramic battle, proceed to Sipongok.
Distance from the battle to Sipongok about 15 minutes away. Sipongok not as high as usual waterfall views, just 2 meters height.

To continue to Semuncar, visitors are asked to be vigilant and watch out for the steep and dangerous path. The visitors have to go through the river where the water is quite heavy, with large rocks were very slippery. If one step, the result is very fatal.

This is a great river edge strips to test your nerve visitors. There are some visitors who carry out the attack because the preparation is less, but many are desperate. Isal example. It continued its journey even recognize quite difficult.

"If you look at these lines, actually excited too. But for fun, I go along and test your nerve, "he said when met SH at the same location, some time ago.

After a steep down the river path, visitors will discover a land quite difficult. Therefore should the cliff path with a slope of about 60 degrees, under which there is a river flowing.

Visitors are also asked to be careful when walking. To be able to rise to the top, use a piece of the bag must have been prepared. After some resistance, finally arrived in Semuncar.

Semuncar comes from the Javanese word "Melton" or squirt meaning Merbabu radiating from the body. The waterfall has a height of about 30 meters that make the visitors want to feel the splash of water falling and dripping sensation. A tiring journey, but was able to make the admiration and gratitude for His grace. Niagara Semuncar tub a hidden paradise.

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