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Guide and Porter Via Mount Gede Cibodas

Guide and Porter Via Mount Gede Cibodas

Via Mount Gede Cibodas, Suitable for you New start climbing

Written by Abid
Kesiniaja.com - Activities climbing Mount that has become commonplace nature lovers or for those who want to start their first ascent. In the West there are some friendly mountain to climb for beginners, one of which is Mount. A mountain is in the scope of Gede National Park, which is one of the five national parks in Indonesia was first announced in 1980. The mountain is located in the three districts of Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi.
For hiking, the Mount has 3 official channels namely Cibodas, Gunung Putri and Selabintana. At this time we are going to track through cibodas. Climbing Mount Kenya via line Cibodas is the main and most favorite route for climbers. Cibodas location in the district of Cianjur, West Java. To reach basecamp or gateway climbing Cibodas Cibodas access is easy enough to just go Cibodas Botanical Garden because it was one way to base camp. Some natural charm in the Mount will be found along the trail, so be careful on the seductive beauty of nature!
Photos source of www.InfoPendaki.com
Photos source of www.InfoPendaki.com
At the entrance gate of the Cibodas bascamp, you are required to report and show the letter - a letter of permission and will do an examination of luggage, starting with the beginning of the climb passes a rocky path through the rainforest. During the trip often climbers will find some monkeys roam freely. After traveling a distance of 1.5 km, you will arrive at a swamp called Telaga Biru. These wells are discolored due to crop the algae in it. Next you'll be taken through a bridge made of wood with the right-hand side is a swamp, would be to get Gayang Great Swamp. Post Gayang situated at an altitude of 1600 masl or 100 meters above the Blue Lake. Line a wooden bridge has been damaged, a lot of wood apart so you must be careful in their stride. Beauty and coolness around Telaga Biru often makes climbers linger at home to relax.
After successfully resist the temptation of Blue Lake trail at Mount Kenya, you will find a crossroads that will tempt you again for stopping by. An intersection, if the right toward Niagara Cibereum while to the left to the top of Mount Kenya. If you're tired, it could not hurt to wash your face with water from the Niagara Cibereum.
After a rest or just enjoy the air Niagara Cibereum, you can continue perjalanamu. From the fork trail began to climb and meander through the trail of steep rocks. Roaring waterfall trail vanishes slowly disappearing Cibereum pace of getting away. Later you will find a ZIP Stone marten (1,820 masl). In this place there is a building to sit and rest.
Photos of IG @alfaresi_rafiih
Photos of IG @alfaresi_rafiih
Running back uphill path through rocky soil began to change with a more natural way. Further lines derived from ramps and bonuses will speed you up in Post Cottage View (2,150 masl). As for the crowds of visitors climbing season then you can rest on this post while waiting for hot water passes through the queue. Please note if you pass the hot springs is very necessary prudence and vigilance because of the narrow and slippery terrain.
There are hot rocks here that allow many climbers stopped to warm the body. You should not stop here because it would interfere with other climbers who want to cross. In addition, we recommend using water shoes because the heat is felt if you wear sandals. The journey then continued to the Post cages with a height of 2,220 meters above sea stones. To go to the next post will take about 1 hour the rhino enclosure Pos.
When approaching the post Cage Rhinoceros you will hear the roar of the falls from below the hiking trail. You could look down to see the falls. You can go down to the bath when the water is not too cold. Surrounding the waterfall is steep and narrow path that must wait for the queue to pass through. Once it starts sloping path and fewer dropped to arrive at Rhino Post Gola (2,395 masl).
For climbers should fill its water supply at Rhino Post Stud is because the next trip will be difficult to obtain water. Cage after Rhino Post trip to the summit was uphill and tiring. The air is very cold there. Here also there is a deviation of the road, to the left to get to the summit of Mount Gede, but make no mistake the road to the crater, but if you take the right direction towards the summit of Mount Kenya. Physical preparation and equipment and supplies should be taken into account. Should rest first on this post before continuing the journey while the condition of the weather,
To the summit of Mount takes about 2 hours and to reach the peak of Mount Kenya in about 3 hours. To reach the summit of Mount Kenya duperlukan time approximately 3 hours at a distance of about 3 km, crossing the dense forest area is very steep. From the summit of Mount Kenya climbers can enjoy the scenery around because there are many trees. But little down westward it will find an open area large enough, which in many areas is overgrown with flowers Edelweiss. It is often called by the name Crown Square.
To reach the summit of Mount Gede yourself, YOU down steep ridge, and here there was a place called Ramps Satan. This place is very steep and is equipped with steel ropes to hold on. From the top of this hill you could see the peak of Mount Kenya is very beautiful. Strong wind blows strongly felt in this place. When the rains will be felt even colder because of the wind mixed with the wind. Climbers are not eating normally be easily hurt when arriving at this place. It could even be hit by cramps when not using warm clothes and thick. Until peak wind continues to blow hard.
The peak of Mount Gede elongated look different with the pointed peak of Mount Kenya is perfect. Climbers usually enjoy the view of the crater of Mount Gede is very beautiful. At the top of the smell of sulfur is sometimes extremely pungent nose. Crater of Mount consists of Kawah Ratu and Kawah F.
Photos Ig by: @holyween
Photos Ig by: @holyween
The peak of Mount Gede was beautiful but need to be careful because you are standing on a very steep slope. Under the slopes overgrown with Edelweiss flower were so beautiful and special. Although a special look, but you are forbidden to quote it because it is very dangerous for kelestariaanya. From the top of Mount you can down to the square Suryakencana backdrop of Mount Gumuruh. Square Suryakencana an area of ​​approximately 50 hectares of open space, so you can set up tents there and do photos or relax enjoying nature Mount.
Photos of IG @ haniahumi1996
Photos of IG @ haniahumi1996
Charm nature Mount Kenya is one of the best places in Indonesia to enjoy the beautiful edelweiss flower. This place has become one of the climbers of Mount Kenya with edelweiss flowers that grow in the area around the square at an altitude of 2,958 meters above sea level. The existence of edelweiss flowers that grow in the middle of the meadow is one of the rare sight that you can find on the ascent on Mount Kenya.
That's the natural charm of Mount Kenya along the route that will take your time if you do not withstand the temptation beauty of these places. So even if you are a beginner, do not hesitate to start climbing the mountain. But it must be remembered to maintain the continuity by not littering and does not damage the natural beauty for any reason. Agree?
Special tips for those of you outside the Greater Jakarta: 
  1. Secure online booking on the website http://booking.gedepangrango.org/ 1 month before you climb. The mountain is always crowded when hiking in the holidays kayak weekend or other major holidays. The rest follow the procedures that are in it, until the guys in data validation by officers TNGPP, the sign you're entitled to a SIMAKSI.
  2. After SIMAKSI data in validation, you must change the data in the Office TNGPP residing in exchange for SIMAKSI Cibodas. Ga bother you more than cibodas, mountain bride, or Ristori, you must first convert the data that has been validated to work TNGPP in cibodas maximal H climbing day.
  3. If you're turning data already validated the official SIMAKSI late daughter but wanted more, you can Kiematubu of cibodas or bring your vehicle up the mountain basecamp daughter. The path to Mount daughter cried loudly good, nice work ngebuat bent rim.
  4. If you want to climb the mountain / Kenya's public transport, from Kampung Rambutan bus terminal Rambutan / Jakarta - Cianjur Cibodas down in front of the alley, the alley entrance cibodas to ride public transportation. If more commuter station down in Bogor, riding public transportation to the terminal Operations, later there are many transportation / elf towards Lima. The rest follow the same as above.
  5. If you are more of cibodas, then will you reach the top first. If the bride, then the square solar east gold, and if the Salabintana the square solar western gold which you reach first.

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