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Guide and Porter, Mountain Climbing Cikuray

Guide and Porter, Mountain Climbing Cikuray

Cikuray Mountain Climbing
Guide and Porter Cikuray Mountain, Mountain Guide, Mountain Transportation
Since it was 10pm and there was no street lighting, then the way to the transmitter on the hill which is the zero point of the climb, we just feel our bodies bounce-reflective sitting on pick up (cabbage tub) that we were riding for rocky road. However, the road that divides the tea plantation has been located at an altitude, crossed the line of light pollution, so the vast expanse of the sky without clouds beautiful starry twinkle gleamed able to make us forget for a moment the case of "transportation Curse" was.

"Curse of transportation" is a term of treveler (which I read in his blog) to refer to the transport that has been "menculasin" their entourage of Guntur Garut to the transmitter terminal. When he reached the middle of the trip when going into the tea gardens, public transportation which they were just running around and did not want to take them to the destination, and dropped them on the way.

When going on a trip to the area we have not, prudential matters and do not easily trust people. Case pretend either to provide drinking water containing the anesthetic, then bagged goods or bullying cases has frequently appeared in the news.

I was actually already cured "suspicious" because of what happened the other way around. When traveling to Gaza by the end of 4 months which is also the group leader's ascent to Mount Cikuray, we pursued the motorcycle ride. When we stop he also stops. When we plan, that person also quietly.

"... the right of these people we ask where the road to the waterfall Cikaso. Well maybe we had to ask for it to be pursued. I think it would be the father of the shooters Guide and the edges will ask for a nominal amount of money "

We were getting suspicious because it was nearly 1 hour drive through the mountains, the father is still lagging. We try to be the father did not follow us to stop at the gas station, but the father also stopped. When they take a shortcut, the father was even banned. * aduh..benar2 we have followed Guide shooters.

But when we arrived in Niagara and we've had siap2 bargain usher services, the father suddenly said.

"Ok dek.ini waterfalls nya..bapak way they want to go home, because it was a road accident with my sister brother the last shuttle, fearing brothers astray. Happy holidays ... "

We filmed it turns out dad was sincere up and do not ask for a
* excuse because we were" suspicious "

is also the case when I was praying in the mosque's famous Orchard Road, there are fathers taxi driver who had just finished praying with us, suddenly nawarin want to take us. Suddenly I said "sorry sir we have to pay how much?"

"Free ... .because we saudara..adik it all right from a distance and need to show the way there."
The man finally drove us to the bus pool and even he gave them food our journey. Dad was also advised during our drive. Among them, "Wherever the brothers went, and under any circumstances, do not forget to pray yes ..."

* Oh Bapaak.maafain I have been wrong precedent

Well from experience I felt guilty when suspicious person when traveling to new places, because we experienced turn out differently. There are still many people who do well.

But this time when we want to mount Cikuray fared differently. We "keblonyok". Maybe because it was the last transport then we must pay for transportation to get Haur 25 rb Theaters usually 10K.

Haur Theater is still far from the transmitter, that if the path to the transmitter will clubfoot leg. Hmmm..sepertinya we had boarded the transport of untold curse on her blog. * Kleenex tissues

Once Haur Theater, and free transportation, in front of us there kolbak, a vehicle that will take us to the transmitter. Money children is low, at least the money that is out of 70rb from Bandung.

"Mr. rental kolbak how to transmitter", said Irwan
we objected.

I also tried to make a bid with hope and compassion because there is a real person Momon root
"Mr Cook was expensive too, had said about 150rb Pak transport driver. This is the root of the original nurse, cook not discount sir, "I said.

"Oh brother, I've never been here," said Momon when generally I pliers. * tap forehead

After Menego quite long, and we also have to lift the bag as if to walk to the transmitter, and the father also seems to want to let us give directions to pedestrians, eventually all agreed more kolbak, 180rb rent.

Kolbak drove. Up the hill towards the village road. Senior left a country house with a wide halamanya. Several times we see the group of climbers are walking that look great fatigue carrying a backpack on his back.

After passing a paved country road, we entered a tea plantation road between the hills. The silence was beginning to feel. Street lamps no longer exists. More and more distant high and we left the crowds. The cold air also began to be felt. In the end there on the hill seen TV transmitter mast, our destination.

Do not forget I remove the iPhone, find applications astronomiku, track the coordinates of the point where we are in the earth, and also to read the sky.

"That's ... that's his name Vega Saturn ...", I said to the children, pointing to the sky iPhone.

I also tell if the old days when people traveled far beyond the desert or wilderness area or fishermen who sailed them navigate the constellations.

Not only that, the villagers mark the change of seasons also saw the star is in the sky at that time. When the plow has emerged constellation (Orion) which is shaped like a pirate then that means plowing season has begun. Only this time the constellation orian invisible because it's not in season or the beginning of the rice planting Orion. Fortunately there is a constellation of scorpion that appear each season.

"See this flashlight ..." As she turned on the flashlight and ordered him to heaven.
"This large curved tail, the tail end of this constellation is the star named Shaula ..".

Then I move the torch follows the curves of the body of the scorpion, to show the children where the tail, which sting and which claws.

Kolbak that brought us even further away. Passing through the cobblestone streets, joking laughter. While berkuis guess Nanya-star to ask not clear, what is north and south.
"Mas Imam..antara bla..bla..bla..siapa most beautiful hayo..bla..bla..atau bla.bla ?"
"... ..Modus ... .."
"... code ... .more ... . "
etc ... etc ... * tap forehead.
We are many, we are echoing laughter-laughter broke the silence of the night the tea plantation at the foot of Mount Cikuray Garut. The night was ours.
************************************************** ****************************
Akhirnya..kami already arrived at the feet of the transmitter, seen a big hill in front of the walkway and post guard. Behind the hill towering look, though only see black as night, that he has a mountain hiking trail most sadistic, made unite chest and knees, crawling, creeping and movement what they are, can all combine here.
He also no bonus flat track. He said it took 8 hours to reach the summit with obvious way 45-90 degrees. In my mind imagined how wonderful pemandangain the hill this morning when the sun
Promptly at 10:30 pm, was marked by the planet Mars on the head, we walked up the hill with big bags on their backs. Irwan gets bring the refrigerator. Robi bring tents. Wallace led the group kitchen appliances and goods. The girl gets bring relatively mild. There are 7 posts should we pass.

And really ... ..

It might surprise or what, I have breath when struggling just uphill tea.
"I use the nose breath ... .bla..bla", said children

We keep walking splitting evening, fragrant cloves pervade everywhere.
We have already entered the forest. After there had cramps, we exchange each bag to feel the burden.

And right turns ... There are no bonus, not just to post one already feels ...... .nafas Monday, Thursday, panting. 2 L of drinking water tenteng I finally I decided to be left behind, hidden behind the grass to be taken down as soon as the next morning, because the legs and hands have lackluster.

Once past the post two more challenging climbs. Sometimes legs spread through the woods, climb over tree roots, twigs interesting hand maneuver only to be able to go step by step. Traveling between the posts eventually we traveled with an average time of 30 minutes.

Roby before riding also advised: ".. later I see weird in the woods do not tell ya .."
Satan, spirits and apparitions that may arise in the forest ...?

Oh Rob .... Any conceivable .. massage the shoulders and the knees and thighs pinggul..elus ......
Once past the post 4, it looks like we've found a rhythm climb. Our movement is even faster. Moreover, after setting up the tent and put the bag in a post peak shadows, heading punjak that he takes 1.5 hours, we were able to tempauh about 1 hour. I do not know as it is the energy that drives me to learn that the summit in sight.

Finally we reached the peak of approximately 4. Initially we were pessimists will not find sunrise. But tonight it was fun and challenging journey, bright sky without rain, so we can reach the summit of Mount Cikuray 2.8 km above sea level quickly.

We likewise fell back on the ground for a moment, with a sealed body except the face. At the top there is a rectangular roofed concrete buildings. I immediately imagined the beautiful galaxy of our Milky Way Galaxy that are above background when I shoot with this building. * but I have not got a DSLR

Never asked how dingingya.
The laws of nature say every increase of 1 KM then the temperature will drop 9.8 degrees. When dawn the sea surface temperatures in the West is 30 degrees, then the peak temperature that morning was Cikuray 30-9.8 × 2.8 = 2.5 degrees Celsius. It makes our feet can not stand when we have to step poncho wide open on the ground to pray Fajr. We also pray wearing shoes. Dawn call to prayer echoed softly below to above. The night was silent.

A priest of prayer. Ar Rahman read a letter sobbing. We pray Fajr in squatter 2.8 km above sea level.

God ... I pray first .ini dawn on a mountain top.
Slowly orange sun in the east indicate forthcoming. All tired and sore blisters, paid off when we saw the expanse of clouds as broad as the eye can see. Seen in the eastern volcano spewing clouds of red blue dawn sky. Beautiful ..

In the west looks volcano towering clouds split. In the north there stands a pillar of cloud line.
Lovely ....

A friend of mine once told me that people see the beauty of nature can only wonder, what again later when you meet and see the beauty of this substance is the creator of all ??? ..

Duhai ...... God, creator of all beauty, only to you kupanjatkan desires. Duhai ...... Ebbing most beautiful, just turn to you all depressed die

Sea of ​​clouds on a hill
Sea of ​​clouds on a hill
Tea Gardens
Cikuary behind the hill
sea ​​of ​​clouds
sea ​​of ​​clouds
The volcano from the top Cikuray
Bukit Teh
Bukit Teh
sea ​​of ​​clouds
towards Transmitter
towards Transmitter

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