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7 Tips for Hiking in Current Rainy Season.
Taken from Facebook Groups

The rainy season in Indonesia, which falls around November to mid-May is not the best time to do outdoor activities such as mountain climbing.

The risk of an accident while climbing did increase during the rainy season. One example is the trail becomes slippery due to rain so prone to cause slipping.
In addition, the thick fog also often hit the mountain region during the rainy season. This causes visibility to be limited so that it can lead astray. The wet conditions due to the rain also increases the risk of hypothermia.
To minimize this risk, some have closed the mountain climbing activities during the rainy season. In addition to the good climbers, the closure also works for the restoration of ecosystems.
It is better to refrain beforehand not to climb during the rainy season. However, if you still want to climb during the rainy season, consider the following seven tips:
1. Select a mountain or hill that is easy to climb.

If you still want to climb in the rainy season, the selection of the right mountain should be done. Very better not to climb the mountain terrain pendakiaannya difficult because when it rains the condition will become worse.

Select is also a travel time to the mountain peak and a short journey. It is important to avoid bad weather. If the weather began to deteriorate the way down can be done quickly.
2. As much as possible do not have to camp.

Indeed, the tent can be taken when climbing in anticipation of bad weather such as rain and wind. Still, bad weather conditioned campers remain at risk. If heavy rains often, the water can still penetrate the tent lining.

Strong winds also not uncommon to get knocked down tents. Cold drafts when the weather is bad, may also fall into that will increase the risk of hypothermia.
3. Bring a raincoat.

Raincoat into the ascent must be taken when doing the rainy season. Of course the goal that did not get soaked when having braved the rain because the mountain is usually minimal shelter.

If it gets wet by not carrying a raincoat, the climb will be heavier. Especially if the air or cold wind hit, his wet clothes doubled their risk of hypothermia.
4. Bring a change of clothes exstra .

Indeed change of clothes should be taken when climbing, either rainy or dry season. However, the risk remains greater wet clothes when the rainy season arrives, despite wearing a raincoat, water can still enter through slits or small holes.

Therefore, to keep the body dry, must be brought extra clothes. Make sure that you put into place a change of clothes wrapped in plastic water-tight like getting wet.
5. hike when the weather is fine.

Ensure start climbing trip when the weather is sunny. It was better than if it had braved the rain since the beginning of the trip. In any case the trip easier when it does not rain.

If the condition worsens when it will go as heavy rain or even storm, wait until the weather improves.
6. Avoid running at night har i.

Climb during the rainy season will be safely performed in daylight. When the light was still climbing lane is more easily seen by the eye so that it can minimize the risk of getting lost.

At night, especially if it rains, the hiking trail will be more difficult to see. If the fog down, then this will increase the risk of getting lost.
7. Check the schedule of opening and closing the mountain.

Also check any that remain open mountain to climb during the rainy season. Some mountains such as Mount Prahu, Gunung Gede Pangrango, Mount Semeru is closed during the rainy season.

Not to say to her post destination mountaineering, mountain climbing destination turns being closed so that the journey to be in vain.

If closed, do not be too desperate to climb in addition to endangering the safety of themselves, the manager of the climb did not hesitate to give punishment to those desperate to climb.
Source: Compass

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