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 13 Café/Restaurant romance in Malang with spectacular views

Unfortunate indeed offers many things, among them the atmosphere and beautiful green mountains of nan, a privileged scenery, and outstanding culinary diversity. Combine it all in a single package, perhaps the best thing that you can get there.

Moreover, lately along with the growth of tourism, not a few eating places with beautiful scenery and wonderful are popping up.

And for those of you who want to fill the time both romantic couples, these places would have been obliged to so objective.

Curious? Come check out the list of the best places to eat in Malang TripCanvas recommendations with outstanding natural landscape beauty!

1. his coffee lovers Paradise: BataPuti Coffeehouse
Children always offers a beautiful natural landscape and soothing. One that is in the BataPuti Coffee House.

For those of you who came up with the couple, this place will be much more special because of the romantic side of the offer. At the pool for example, where you can spend time in the twilight of the evening, but still treated to a far from terrible words.

Background the existing suspension bridge next to cafe spot it could be interesting to you air-selfie with a partner. Guaranteed, the result would cool!

Not that alone which made BataPuti special for the couple, but also for his drink and food menu. Although more cereal coffee dominated, but there are also other menu to pamper you and your spouse, as well as forced to linger here.

Please try the Bruschetta like Java, or perhaps Rock n Roll Fried Spring Rolls, or even simply Tempo Mendoan and Tape Rondo Royal. For coffee, you can enjoy many servings, characterises with float, squash, blended ice tea and specials.

So, with views of the garden is cool, fun food, refreshing drinks, and the atmosphere is cozy, doesn't seem to need more reason not to BataPuti, not so?

Photo via riowidiyan590

Photo via inha atun
Photo via bobobz, ayib

Photo via kevingdoms, nart_o
Photo via ratnarere85

2. Hanging out while warm fireplace surrounds self: Outdoor Campfire Cuisine

Stone town is famous for the fair's chilly winter. One way to kill a cold sense of most effective is to assemble fire pit or fireplace surround. But imagine having to collect firewood alone already make a lazy.

Quiet, has now opened a hangout again hits a rock in the region, namely an Outdoor Campfire Cuisine. Uniquely, this concept cafe opens with "Campfire" is available at each table. And that makes it more fun, because the fire was lit using coal and gas, then don't worry interrupted by fumes of combustion.

Each table is surrounded by a circular bench covered with padded cushion is permanent, so you can hang out to warm themselves up.

Because each table already exists "bonfires", then most of the menus offered are bakar-bakaran aka barbecue we can burn yourself. Starting from the Flame Grilled Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Grilled Banana, or if you want to sample the many varieties of food, you can order Campfire Sampler consisting of sausage, chicken and so on.

When it's fun to hang out rame-rame with friends or family to surround "bonfire" hot like this, it feels lacking only one, namely the ... guitar!

Photo via bendottetapsemangat

Photo via ullvypamungkas
Photo via alvinlintangk

Photo via satyawinnie, faridhayuniati

3. the natural feel of rustic nan asri: Paddy City Resort
Paddy City Resort becomes one of the most romantic places to spend together with your partner.

This resort has the best natural scenery and cool air, with rice being the flagship.

There is one special spot where you can spend time in the middle of the rice fields, listening to the sound of water from the River, sitting at the table and chairs are indeed provided special, for you can enjoy the special atmosphere in the middle of nature, enjoy meals and drinks like wedang ginger.

The specialty of this place is not just a rural atmosphere and rice fields, but also familial atmosphere offered by the surroundings. The neighbouring House of citizens directly.

What about the food? It serves traditional cuisine, such as Krengseng beef, Beef Ribs, Chicken Soup Rica-Rica and much more. To taste, never asked because the standard used is the standard of the hotel.
Photo via adishkharisha

Photo via razak.abdullah

Overall, this place is highly recommended for You who want to get a romantic atmosphere together with couples, romantic dinner in the middle of nature. So so sweet!

4. Enjoy the mild nature of the mountains: Fertilizer Onion Cafe & Dining
Imagine, at the foot of the mountain, sit back relax watching the rice field and the field, as well as trees and houses, accompanied by a snack Favorites along with your loved ones.
Exciting, isn't it? It is all you can get in Fertilizer Onion Cafe & Dining.

The Cafe is located in a quiet place away from the hubbub of the city and offers refreshing alternative factor tastes.

During the day, the air does not feel beat down and you can see the gardens green celery with the mountain as a background. At night, the atmosphere became more melodious with city lights took over the essence of beauty from afar.

It's not just the landscape that so the mainstay of this cafe, the menu which is served any time in price, ranging from snacks like Onion Rings, western dishes like Classic Beef Burgers, to the tasteful dishes from Asia, the five flavors of the chicken so the mainstay.

Photo via achmaddenimalana
Photo via Yanis Anggoro, dwiratna.indrihapsari
5. Eat in the middle of the rice paddy field: Cafe dykes Pujon Kidul
Never has the wishful thinking could eat with the darling of the green rice paddies in the middle with the rural atmosphere of romantic possibility? Now you can realize the wishful thinking that!

A blend of unique cafe setting, ciamik natural scenery and great food makes this place should be one of your goals to the unfortunate moment.

From home, Cafe Rice laid out in such a way by accentuating its traditional side. The existence of the gazebo from bamboo with straw roofs and wooden tables of authentic confirmed it.

While the view is so incredible. Located in the middle of the rice fields, you can see the direct Mount Dorowati and mount sleeping Princess from a distance and verdant rice fields. Because it follows the contour of the land, the landscape became Cafe with staircase, which became the hallmark of this place.

For the food, it goes without too many wish would get a menu that well because it offered at this place was the landscape. Even so, with the chill of the air in this place, a plate of rice corn, semangkok meatballs and hot tea any time feels special.
Photo via bendottetapsemangat
Photo via bendottetapsemangat
Photo via cha.yoo.9,-ayusherlyta.16,-addy_kopier
6. A panoramic city and mountain views: The Clubhouse Restaurant & Lounge, Jambuluwuk Rock Resort
Many ways to enjoy the beauty of the stone City and the Poor, and one of the options that can be taken is to enjoy a romantic dinner together couples in The Clubhouse that is contained in the Jambuluwuk Resort this stone.

This place offers great views, especially at night. From the slopes of Mount Panderman, you and your partner can see the city lights kemerlip Malang and Batu from a height. The cold air will add to the romantic side.

But that's not all of the ' special ' package you can get.

The food menu is on offer to enjoy a romantic evening is also no less special. The star-lit sky and (if the weather is sunny), you can enjoy a meal with a local or international menu. There is also a romantic package dinner special for couples.

All of that would further add to the romantic side with musical accompaniment melow, who no doubt will make the warmth with couples increasingly soluble.
Photo via abdi22np
Photo via Jambuluwuk
Photo via tamsil ainnur rizal,
Photo via bunbun revel

7. The atmosphere of the romantic evening under the flicker of lights: Hill Cafe Delight

Malang was already a populous residential area. It is almost difficult to find vacant land that could be used to enjoy the impressive scenery.

But, there is one place where you can enjoy a stylish mix of views between the plantations, mountains and village in one corner of the city of Malang. The place was named the Hill Cafe Delight.

It opened the afternoon began, this makes the Unfortunate view cafe in the evenings as a mainstay of attracting visitors. It's not redundant, because the atmosphere of the evening here is so impressive.

With mount Arjuna, Panderman and many become background, estates and houses which are characterized by the twinkle of lights from a distance make the atmosphere became calm.

The atmosphere at the cafe itself is also convenient and stylish. Furniture boards and his chair out of wood, with trees arranged in such a way adding to the atmosphere of cafe itself. At night, a row of lights will adorn this cafe open areas. Keren abis!

A menu that is served is quite special. For the food, there were Hotdogs, Chicken Rice, Chicken Barbeque Blackpepper Rice and Beef Teriyaki Rice.

Photo via bennythama,-putrimonding,-riskamnd

8. Dining under the shady trees in the middle of the forest: leaves Brown (Dancok) Cafe

The name of this iconic cafe, and when you get to the location where this place is, you will also find the landscape whatsoever no less special.

The concept of the Brown Leaf Cafe is indeed as the outdoor cafe. Because that's what being power pikatnya is the natural landscape around.

Setting-an cafe ever designed to make patrons blend with nature. There's a hammock ready Your swing among the trees, there are also a number of wooden deck in between the trees, also chairs to give you the opportunity to relax in the middle of the cool pine forests and pristine beauty of the Valley look directly Songgoriti. Adem tastes!

It also instagrammable abis. Not a few who've been doing pre-wedding photos at Dancok Cafe.

What about the food? There is a mandatory Dancok Know You tried. Crispy fried tofu contains vegetables and green chilies that tastes of savoury-piquant spicy. Interested in trying?

Photo via capuchino491, jilbabusang
Photo via l.a.c ho guide, kikikodps
Photo via farhan miftakhul, raramuhammad09
9. Garden hidden among teak trees: Camilo Colours & Garden

Want a little away from the Poor crowds, you can directly go to Camilo Colours & Garden. The combination of quality food and the natural landscape around the incredible will leave you gaping!

The Cafe is located in the middle of teak trees plantation on the outskirts of Malang. With the outdoor concept, made for its furniture blends in with nature.

What's interesting is how the design of cafe. Ranging from ornate flowers, lights, and garden benches are all supporting each other. During nighttime, the situation becomes much more fun but calm.

The seriousness of the manager plays the interior and exterior makes the cafe is very Instagrammable. Not a few places with interesting viewpoints, especially the pool.

The romantic atmosphere, the place is very cozy and beautiful environment is enhanced with various menu at cafe. Specifically for coffee lovers, you can choose the method of presentation, ranging from the V60, Scale up to Syphon. Assorted latte by latte art on it also adds value plus this place for You which pairs.

Want a slightly heavy snacking? There are many choices, from Tuna Fried Rice to Waffle Choco Cheese. It's all good. Slurrrp!

And of course, free Wi-Fi! Cihuy!

Photo via lulaizza

Photo via erdyantidewi

Photo via ryandhimuhammadzaen

10. Enjoy the horizon of heaven: the Skyroom at the Best Western Hotel OJ

Confused found the place of the present that can take You to enjoy a romantic meal together with a partner, while enjoying the panoramic view of Malang?

Don't be confused, because there's a fun hangout, fun and cool who are ready to accommodate you and your spouse or friends.

The venue is the Skyroom, there is a restaurant on the 12th floor of the Hotel Best Western hotel OJ Malang.

Not a few deals given Skyroom, and one of the highlights is a city view and the mountains in the daytime, as well as the glittering stars and city lights at night. A pleasant musical accompaniment at night makes this place suited to hang out with my friends.

As a four star hotel amenities, Prime quality is very guarded. A menu that is served is also varied, ranging from European, Asian cuisine to the archipelago.

But, there are important notes if you want dinner here. Skyroom apply strict policy regarding clothing, so don't selenge'an-style here, okay?
Photo via adityadaniiswara

Photo via grace graciana, dininyas, agiego
Photo via jtaim.azzam
11. the cool mountains and Eve Eloknya: Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Resto

Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage hotel known as indeed with views of the mountains. You can freely enjoy how his magnificent Mount Panderman.

But, you don't have to stay only to witness the extraordinary sight. By signing in to Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Resto, enjoying a romantic dinner together couples, you can already enjoy all of it.

With a restaurant located at the pool side hotel, view to Mountain Panderman very clearly visible if the weather support. There are pine forests on the slopes of Mount else looks beautiful lining.

From the restaurant's own garden atmosphere, neat can also be pemuas an eye for beautiful views. At night, lighting of the garden light, adding to the exoticism of this location.

Complement Your romance, food menu served Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Resto also complies with the local tongue. The quality of taste and appearance kept well, that makes you and your partner will never feel a loss of your romantic night spent in this place.

Photo via winaaditya

Photo via nurliana ulfa, arindra barcaacc, kisworo hadi wiyono
Photo via dewie agustina
12. Green Park on the rooftop: d'Fresh SkyGarden Resto

Contemplating a romantic dinner in the garden on the roof of the building? In the city of Malang, d'Fresh SkyGarden Resto serves up the perfect place for you.

Do not have to travel far because this place is located in the Centre of the city of Malang. d'Fresh brings the interesting concept that makes this cafe specials.

As the outdoor cafe, d'Fresh plays a variety of styles, ranging from classic to modern vintage. But that makes it special is the landscape.

You can see the charming sunset from up here, or even see the city sights and keriuhannya. Add a night, the atmosphere will be merrier with the beat of the music from local DJS-DJ warms the atmosphere.

The food menu is also offered, a mix of local and European-Asian. But amazingly, you don't need to spend too deep to be able to enjoy it.
Photo via uniuni28
Photo via vitriayu 89, dhe theiiyaaaa
Photo via uniuni28

13. Dinner under the shadow of a mountain: Sekartaji Restaurant, Hotel's full moon Stone

Want to see the incredible mountain scenery and eating special?
One of the most fun ways with melipir to the Sekartaji Restaurant, Hotel full moon rocks.

As part of the star hotels in stone, Sekartaji Resto serves a signature menu of European dishes, which no doubt will leave a lasting impression for you and your partner enjoy it.

But not only the European cuisine, Sekartaji Resto also offers local and Asian cuisine. But the most interesting is the experience of a barbeque on the terrace while enjoying the natural landscape around the mountains.

More fun again is the food while watching the beauty of the natural stone. Located on the slopes of Mount Panderman, you can see directly 

Photo via diankadew

Photo via olivia wirana

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