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Climbing Mount Binaiya Package 3,027 masl 7 Day 6 Night
Seven Summits Seven Summits Sixth #Puncak Indonesia

Binaiya mountain is the highest mountain located on the mainland soil Ambon, Maluku Islands. Mount is becoming one of the dream destinations mountaineers who dream to reach the Seven Summit Indonesia. 

The mountain is stretched Seram Island and moved into the realm Manusela National Park which has an area of 189 000 hectares, or approximately 20% of the island of Seram. Mount Binaiya also known as the 'Pearl of Nusa Ina' . Mount Binaiya have Montane Forests and Forest Ericaceous.

Mount Binaiya represent the Maluku Islands. Like Mount Latimojong located in Sulawesi, Kalimantan Bukit Raya, Gunung Kerinci in Sumatra, Mount Semeru in Java, Gunung Rinjani in the Lesser Sunda Islands which is now West Nusa Tenggara.

On this occasion our team at Branding XploreNesia XploreWisata has opened Trip Package 3,027 masl Climbing Mount Binaiya Seven Summits Indonesia with a duration of 7 days 6 hours [7D6N].

day 1
Meeting point Ambon Pattimura Airport at 07:00 local time. 
Proceed to Port Tulehu Ambon for later use speedboats heading 
Proceed to Masohi Ceram with fast boats
The village continued to Piliana with local vehicles.
Continued Ceremony in the village. 
Continued Rest and overnight in Piliana.

day 2
7am start trekking to Camp Aimoto. 
Proceed to the second camp [Camp River Camp Yahe above and Lukuamano]
[3 hours] 
Proceed to Yahe River [source of water, fill water supplies, a minimum of 1.5 liters / person]
[4 hours] 
Proceed to Camp Lukuamano 
[Moist forest filled with thorny cane and trees - big trees]
[3 hours] 
Proceed to Camp Aimoto [These Uphill] 
Overnight in Aimoto continued.

day 3
Continue trekking to Camp Isilale 07.00. 
[3 hours] 
Proceed to High Camp 
[Uphill, this post is a ridge towards the summit meeting Manukupa]
Lunch followed at the High Camp. 
[4 hours] 
Continued to highlight Manukupa [more gentle and filled with thick moss and vegetation pitcher]. 
[2 hours] 
Proceed toward the valley Isilali [karst rocky path]
Continued Isilale break stay at the camp.

day 4
Continue trekking to Camp Wai 07.00 Puku. 
[Path up and down the ridge and valley of rocky karst]
[8 hours]
Continued stay at Wai Puku. 
Proceed to fill water in the lake around the camp area

Day 5
Continue trekking to Camp Wai Puku.
Continued Summit Attack! 
[3 hours]
Proceed to the top of 3,027 meters above sea Binaiya
Welcome to the Summits of the Maluku Islands
Continued down to Camp Aimoto.

Continue trekking toward Piliana 07.00 
Proceed to Masohi [local vehicle]
Overnight in Masohi continued.

day 7
Proceed to Ambon [speedboat]
If enough time, can Manise Ambon city tour Gate City, Liang beach, souvenir shops and culinary Petak 10 Rojak Natsepa. 
Pattimura Airport continued to drop and the trip is completed.
Special Price Seven Summit Indonesia
£ WA 085 643 455 685 / person
Included [Facility]
  1. Professional guide
  2. Porter Group
  3. Meals during the trip
  4. Mineral water during the trip
  5. Transport for Ambon (Boat + Car [Local Vehicle])
  6. SIMAKSI + Insurance Ascent
  7. Tent
  8. Logistics 
  9. Cooking equipment during the trip

Excluded [Not Included Amenities]
  1. Transportation to / from the meeting point Ambon
  2. personal equipment
  3. Eating outside the program
  4. Tipping for Guide / Porter
Personal Equipment [BYO]
  1. Jacket
  2. Hat
  3. sunblock
  4. Trekking pol
  5. Gaiter
  6. Raincoat
  7. Headlamp [+ backup battery]
  8. A change of clothes to taste
  9. Gloves and socks
  10. trekking shoes
  11. A health certificate from a doctor
  12. Camera
  14. Slippers
  15. personal snacks
  16. personalized medicine 

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+62 85 643 455 685
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