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Travel West, 11 Places in Belitung What should be visited, Guide Belitung, Belitung Tour Guide, Porter Kerinci

Travel West, 11 Places in Belitung What should be visited, Guide Belitung, Belitung Tour Guide, Porter Kerinci

Indonesia, a country whose territory is large, larger than countries with bigger names but little territory. Indonesia is a vast archipelago that stretches from the west to the east end ujun. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, both large and small, to very little. Indeed, not all islands in Indonesia has residents, is still very much an uninhabited island, especially for small islands.

The islands in Indonesia's land area is the island of Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Papua, and Java. Yes, only five islands in Indonesia's large. However, there are many medium-sized islands such as Bali and Nusa Tenggara. Not to mention the islands, islands in Indonesia are also numerous. It consists of a series of medium to small islands, so it will look lovely. We can not mention one by one island in Indonesia. This is one property owned by Indonesia, island.

Speaking about the Indonesian region has many islands, do not hurt if we explore in detail one of the regions or islands. One of the island's territory or that we should explore is Namibe. Bangka Belitung is a special area that is still in its culture. Variety tribes living in the Pacific Islands that will add a variety of wonderful diversity owned the island. (see also: beaches in the Pacific Islands ).

Kedaerahannya culture is still very strong, so get to know the motherland Indonesia. The richness of the sea or baharinya which has been famous since ancient times, as well as its natural beauty deserves to be spoken. And society is still a traditional society, so it is comfortable and familiar with the homeland of Indonesia.

Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung, is one of the provinces in Indonesia, an archipelago. Bangka Belitung meprupakan provisnsi that not too long ago in Indonesia, the province's new government confirmed on February 9, 2001 the prior Bangka Belitung province is embedded with the South Sumatra Province, and became its own province along with Banten and Gorontalo in 2000. namely

Bangka Belitung this is a province consists of two major islands and the mainland, the island of Bangka and Belitung Island also. In addition to the two main islands, the Pacific Islands also have small islands such as Pulau Lepar, Pongok Island, Mendanau Island and Pulau Selat Nasik. Many islands in the Pacific Islands.

Total islands in the Pacific Islands that have been named are 470 pieces. While inhabited by humans then 50 islands. We can calculate yourself how many islands are uninhabited. Surely it would be very much at all, which is about 420 islands. Bangka Belitung is located on the east side of the island of Sumatra and close to the province of South Sumatra. In addition, the Pacific Islands is also known an Indonesian province that produces tin. Bangka Belitung have capital in Pangkalpinang.

Natural conditions in the Pacific Islands

Indonesia is a country which is crossed by the equator, so the climate in Indonesia is a tropical climate. Indonesia has only two seasons, namely dry season and rainy season. Similarly, Bangka Belitung Islands-climate. The tropical climate in the Pacific Islands is influenced by monsoons that caused a seven-month rainy season throughout the year, and the drought continued for five months.

Meanwhile the geographical situation in Bangka Belitung, Bangka-Belitung province in the north bordering the Natuna Sea, east by the island of Borneo, bordering the west side of Chatham Strait, and south by the Java Sea. So you can imagine for yourself how much beach owned by Bangka this fact. And the natural state of Bangka Belitung province is mostly covered in the highlands, valleys and some other kelcil is mountains and hills.

Height in Bangka Belitung province is mixed. For the low-lying areas, the average height of 50 meters above sea level. As for the highlands and mountains and hills, its height can be mixed. And the highest is Mount Maras has reached a height of 699 meters.

Flora and Fauna in Bangka Belitung

Bnagka Belitung Islands is a province that is rich in various natural resources. Not only the natural state or territory, but also animals and plants or of its flora and fauna.
  • Flora various types of wood
Bangka Belitung is covered with various types of wood quality can be pitted up to foreign countries. These timbers are Pelawan wood, Wood Meranti, Ramin Wood, Wood Mambalong, wood Mandarin, Bulin wood and wood varnish. In addition to some of the wood, there are also other forest plants like Buk- wall, Keramunting, Kapuk, Mate Ayem, Jelutung, Pulai, Meranti swamp, Gelam, Mentagor, mangrove, Mahang, and much more.

Bangka Belitung province is also famous as a producer of natural honey and cane. Interestingly, the results of Namibe honey is honey that is known for its bitter honey. As for fauna or animals belonging to the Pacific Islands is very similar to animals or fauna in the Riau Archipelago and the Malay peninsula, from animals in Sumatra province though they close (Bangka Belitung Sumatra).
  • Diverse fauna
Some fauna that can be found in the Pacific Islands include deer, monkey, monkey, monkey, pangolin, wild boar, fox, birds Keruak, Chicken Forest, Eagles, badgers intimacy, as well as various types of snakes and lizards. Then other animals or fauna, there are many other animals or fauna that exist in the Pacific Islands, which of course is typical animals.

Pacific Islands have a population of about 1,223,296 inhabitants according to the last census in 2010. The Pacific Islands Society merupapakn diverse society. People who stay in Bangka Belitung are people who come from different tribes, like the Malays, Javanese, and ethnic Chinese.

Bangka Belitung and indigenous Malays known as the Pacific Islands. The religion of any variety of Bangka Belitung, Bangka Belitung society nonetheless known as a community that upholds religious harmony. The religion of kain masuarakat Bangk Belitung between Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Tourism Existing in Dublin

Sectors of the economy in the Pacific Islands consist of a variety of sectors, such as agriculture, mining, trade, and tourism. Although most of the population are farmers, but there is one sector which is the mainstay of the community and the government of Bangka Belitung. This sector is the tourism sector.
 Bangka Belitung is one area that does have a very nice natural potential to develop tourism. Moreover Belitung island. There are many places of tourism in the island of Belitung suitable for a visit while visiting there.

Some tourist attractions in the island of Belitung has shaped the beach, because the region has a lot of Belitung Island beach. Nonetheless, Belitung Island also has other attractions besides the beach. To be sure all wisara pliers in a beautiful picturesque island of Belitung, and everyone should know it.
  1. Memperak Island
Memperak Belitung IslandMemperak Island, is one of the tourist attractions in Belitung has not been known by the people and the tourists. Nevertheless, this Memperak Island has a charm that has been known in the West Island. Memperak Island is located in East Belitung.

Memperak Island will be presenting to you the blue water there is somewhat colored greenish so it will look very crisp and clean. This will make the eyes and minds to be refreshed. In addition to crystal clear sea water, underwater view lait on the island is also an amazing sight. The underwater scenery is very beautiful on the island. That's why Memperak Island is known as one of the great snorkeling spots in the Pacific Islands region.
  1. Lengkuas
Galangal Belitung IslandTourist attractions in Belitung island next available galangal. Belitung Island also become one of the islands have to Khasan gerupa lighthouse whose age she is very old but still active to this day. This lighthouse is one of Dutch heritage building built in 1882.

One of the charms that appeal to Lengkuas this is where the lighthouse is also a stretch of blue and crystal clear sea water, combined with the presence of granite rocks there. Scenes like this to be one of the most scenic and very mepensona. The presence of granite rocks are the hallmark of the beaches in the Bangka Belitung. Sights Lengkuas has extensive approximately 1 hectare.

These attractions are able to present your views repeatedly folding beauty. How to climb the lighthouse that has a full height of 50 meters, you will find spectacular scenery in this Galangal Island. But for those who do not like to climb, or if too tired to climb, it does not have to reach the top of the lighthouse, the view outside. This is because on each floor of the lighthouse has a window facing different directions. The charm, the view from the top is one attraction that always invites holidaymakers to come here. Galangal Island is in Sijuk, Belitung province.
  1. Cape Coast Kelayang
Belitung Tanjung KelayangTravel in Dublin is not separated from the beach. After du Island we explore, the next it was the turn of the beach. One of the beaches and islands into tourist attractions is Cape Coast Kelayang. Kelayang Cape Coast is located in the radius of 27 kilometers from the center Tanjungpandan.

You need to know that this Kelayang Cape Coast is one of the tourist destinations in the West are very popular among domestic and international tourists. In the event Sil Indonesia, hundreds of boats, yachts coming from various countries will stop at Tanjung Keyang dantai this.

Alluring charm that belongs to this beach is very beautiful granite rocks with one of the formations that resemble the head of a bird, and combined with the white expanse of pristine white sand. In addition, the beach is often a grand event organized various national and international maritime. One is the Sail Wakatibi- Belitong. This Kelayang Cape Coast beach is located at Yeng Sijuk, Belitung province.
  1. Cape Coast High
Cape Coast High BelitungThe beach is a beach that is popular in the West, especially when used as a filming location after Rainbow famous national and foreign tourists. The beach can be regarded as a very charming beach. The beach is also one of the beaches that are popular among connoisseurs of travel or traveler than other beaches, the beach Parai mackerel.

Again this beautiful beach is located in Sijuk, District of Columbia, and is located in the radius of 30 kilometers from the city center Tanjungpandan. Like other shores of the Pacific Islands, this beach also offers a view of the blue part of the sea, clean white sand and rocks combined with rides and beautiful granite. In addition a variety of rides, water sports available on the beach. The tourists who visit this beach usually perform a variety of activities.

Several activities are often carried by tourists are sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, riding a jetski, to walk by canoe. Many public facilities are also available in this area, such as restaurants and hotels, so if you want to visit and stay in this coastal area with their families, will be very easy for a lot of facilities provided.
  1. Bukit Berahu

Bukit Berahu this is not a hill a mound. Berahu Hill is a mix between a restaurant and a bungalow or villa located on the coast of Belitung.

Berahu Hill is located near Cape Coast High. From Bukit Berahu we can see a beautiful view of the beach. If we want to beach it, we had to descend about 97 steps.

The beach here is part of a bungalow beach, private beach so the sensation we get when we are on this beach. The sensation that we will not find in other provinces.
  1. Beach pigeon
Beach pigeonThis pigeon Beach is a beach located in the southeast Pacific. This beach is located precisely in the village of Tanjung Kelumpang. The beach is a little different than most beaches in the Pacific Islands, where granite is granite-owned large-size large.

This beach has a large granite rocks into small pieces. In front of the beach there is a small island that was given naman pigeon island, because the island's abundant bird netting. To reach this island, we can walk away if water is receding sea.

When you go to the beach netting even to the beach anywhere certainly items that will be taken will differ from the items to go to other tourist attractions, therefore tourists should be prepared for anything that will be taken when traveling to the beach, famous place this heat. (see also: Preparation for a holiday to the beach )
  1. sand Island
sand IslandTourist attractions in Belitung island next is sand. Sand Island is actually a pile of sand that will appear only if the sea water was receding. And if the tide, the island will sink.

The island is only half the size of a football field. Many tourists come here if it was receding, using fishing boats. This small island is usually used only for the dismissal, because of its small size is also not able to load a lot of people and only at certain times to visit her.
  1. Lake Kaolin
Belitung Kaolin LakeKaolin Lake sebanarnya not a tourist place that is open to the public. Kaolin lake is actually one of the best property in Belitung.

The combination of a blue water lake with white kaolin makes this wonderful place and hunted potografer. So this place was gradually used to traveling, though not as common as other places.

Kaolin lake is also not many other attractions, so it was quite peaceful place for tourists who want to experience the natural beauty of the desert in increasingly see the color of the lake water is so beautiful.
  1. Beach Penyabong

This beach is located in District Membalong, South Pacific Islands. The beach is also known as the Stone Pit. The granite rock on the beach interconnect and menjok-skirt extends towards the sea forming natural harbors.

Waves at the beach is not too big so it can be used for swimming. But for those who want to practice water sports on the beach Penyabong deemed to be less suitable as surfing and others. Tourist attractions in Belitung and this one is recommended for tourists who love the quiet beaches and small waves.

(see also: beach mat in the Pacific Islands )
  1. The museum
The museumMuseum Kata Andrea Hirata became the first literary museum in Indonesia. In this museum we can see the rainbow film collection as well as works by Andrea Hirata. Andrea's work is not mentioned, only will we find here.

The place is quite comfortable and unique with a variety of display frame with the words written by Andrea Hirata's touching. This resort is perfect for tourists who love literature author Andrea Hirata reliably. Of course, also suitable as a family vacation, the kids will get to know the literature that is not less interesting and various painting and drawing at some point.
  1. Beach seaport

Beach seaport is located in the village of thatch, Alberto District, East Belitung. Unlike most beaches covered with coconut trees, the beach is actually covered by pine trees around it, so that makes the atmosphere became more calm.
Tourist attractions in Belitung who sat quite famous with the cool breeze and the coast shady with trees that are on the waterfront. This makes the tourists linger at the beach, basking in the sun near the waving foliage exposed to the wind.
These are some of the tours that we can find in Dublin. There are many other attractions that can be found on this island if we continue to export it. Belitung Island is an island known for its beauty. And this belongs to Indonesia.

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