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Porter Merbabu, Mount Merbabu via Thekelan, Kopeng, Guide Merbabu

Porter Merbabu, Mount Merbabu via Thekelan, Kopeng, Guide Merbabu

Posted at July 29th, 2017 | Categorized in Merbabu
Thekelan path is one of the hiking trail Merbabu via Kopeng Salatiga. The line has been in such a manner rejuvenate. At the beginning of the ascent of the posts have been given the abundant water resources and permanent buildings. And some signposts are also available.
Thekelan is the name of the district in Kopeng, Getasan district, Semarang. But as more'll be in Salatiga then often referred to as the route of Salatiga.
Thekelan a complex track with band Cuntel. Both will be met in the Post Transmitter (tower). Actually the band Thekelan and Cuntel not much different kind of level of difficulty and scenery, but both have their respective advantages.
Thekelan via the route we will see a huge cliff (rare view of the cliff climbing Merbabu). Spot will we find the time to post 3. There was also a post stone hut that is a very large rock.
Transportation same as other paths: Cuntel, Wekas.
Car / airplane -> Title -> bus / car charter -> Milan -> Kopeng -> Basecamp Thekelan
Bus -> degree Magelang -> Kopeng
Motorcycle / car can be via Milan or Salatiga
NOTE: Use the GPS search keyword "BC KOMPPAS Merbabu Thekelan", determine the routes and transportation
It is sufficient that among existing transportation routes and taxi lanes. So no need to worry. Take advantage of smartphone technology. For more detail and obviously you can use Google Street View.
Basecamp Thekelan are in several rows of houses. It is located next to the mosque. The location is not too large but enough for the car park. For bike parking inside.

basecamp Thekelan
Basecamp is unique in that there is a 'library mountain'. Collection of more books to books for children. Thekelan Basecamp is also much appreciated.

- Can motorcycle parking / car
- Admission: 10K
- Motorcycle parking: 5rb
- car park: 15rb
- eat: 10k jobs (stall in front basecamp)
- Coffee / tea: 3-4rb etc.
Thekelan lane map complete merbabu-min
BASECAMP - POS 1 (pending)
trip from the base camp early cast will pass along the road to the garden houses.
After that we will go into the forest.
To get to the Pos 1 track is quite simple. Some remaining flat road and a little uphill. In the first post built permanent buildings and no water source. The location is quite extensive
1 POS - POS 2 (Pereng White)
trek to the Post 2 will pass through the forest with trees red trunks. A few steps up the street made it easier to climb.
Red tree
Postal 2 Thekelan path constructed permanent buildings and no water source in the form of tap water. The location is not too large but enough for a rest
POS 2 - POS 3 (Dune Menthul)
Next to the Post 2 track will go through more difficult. At this point we will walk the track ramps with a high cliff right and left are gaps. In this place of abundant water resources.
The path to the post 3 is also dense with green vegetation
Pos 3 lanes wide enough Thekelan but no buildings here. And there is a water source such as tap water last.
3 POS - POS 4 (Lempong Sampan)
From heading 3 to heading 4 track will go through more difficult. The line was out of the woods and past the open bushes and some woods off (dry trees).
Heading 4 itself is quite spacious and can accommodate 10 tents more. At this location can be a good place to camp, but still far from the peak
Next Post 4 of us will head stone hut. The stone hut is characterized by a very large rock in the middle perforated. Prior to the stone hut where we will meet big enough to be able to camp. While in stone hut itself where many rocks.
WATU GUBUG - POS Transmitter
Next we'll climb through the track because of the extreme left was a gap. From this track we can see to the right is the path via Cuntel.
View Post transmitter from below
POS Transmitter - district boundaries - croquet - ternary
Postal Transmitter is a tower whose origin is transmitting telephone signals fails. At this location is a meeting between the lines branching or Thekelan and Cuntel.
Post transmitter Merbabu could be the location of the camp but if the rain should not camp because it is dangerous here (lightning tends to flow through the metal tower). If you want to camp should run continuously around a few meters after the tower because there is a fairly safe spot
The next track to pass Syarif more extreme than ever before
We will find a district boundary marker
Then we will pass a crater off. If it is raining there is usually a source of water nearby. After that we will pass the helipad, or flat location such as a helicopter landing site. The location of the helipad is the meeting point Wekas ​​/ fire
The track was much more extreme after the rock uphill. And then comes the T-junction towards the summit.
From the fork if we left then climb up on top of 3119 meters above sea level Merbabu Sharif. That is the second highest peak in Merbabu after Kenteng Songo. At the top of the tent can be erected because the location is quite extensive. Only the risk of a storm and very high winds because unobstructed trees.
sharif top merbabu
Ternary - TOPS Kenteng Songo
From the fork to the right we will find the top Ondo Rante, which is a small hill mound. Trek to the summit is also easy. If you take the left then we'll go to Kenteng Songo. Spot the line was usually a great place to be photographed
ondo chain
After that we will see the last extreme trek to reach the highest peak Kenteng Songo. The ramp or bridge devil (probably because they have to crawl and use the rope)
Melipir thin about 5 meters
Songo Kenteng peak 3124 meters above sea level
TOTAL TRAVEL (not with his old camp):
Basecamp - POS 1 (1 hour)
POS 1 - POS 2 (1 hour)
POS 2 - POS 3 (45 minutes)
POS 3 - POS 4 (1 hour)
POS 4 - WATU GUBUG ( 1 hour)
WATU GUBUG - POS transmitter (45 minutes)
POS transmitter - thirds (2 - 2,5jam)
fork - TOPS SYARIF (5 minutes)
fork - TOPS Kenteng Songo (1 - 1.5 hours)
TOTAL = 8.5 hours more ride.
The trip down the mountain is usually faster 50%. From the top Kenteng Songo - Post transmitter (1 to 1.5 hours). Then from the mail transmitter - The stone hut (30 minutes). The stone hut - Basecamp (2 hours)
  • Pick a nice day for a hike, try to avoid the rain
  • Physical exercise a week before the big day
  • Prepare the team and equipment that will be taken. Do not forget to bring a pet or writing such things for someone to be able to share photos while at the top
  • Solid team is 5-8 people. If fewer earned 3 (1 should've been up the mountain)
  • Do not underestimate safety. Wear sandals or hiking boots and mountain jacket.
  • Bring enough food and water not too little and not too much. Most importantly do not break the rules and do not throw trash on the mountain
  • To climb Merbabu we can ride in the morning or evening. If am good at 10-13. If the night 6-7
  • Set up a tent in a flat and try shrouded in trees or bushes that are not directly exposed to the wind mountain
  • If any member of the group could not continue the journey should be accompanied. Or if severe pain immediately notify the other groups.
Name: Mount Merbabu
Elevation: 3,142 m (10,630 ft)
Location: Detroit (west), Semarang (north), Boyolali (east), Salatiga (South), Central Java
last eruption of 1560 and 1797
business: Mountain National Park Merbabu
Address: Jl. Merbabu 136 Boyolali, Central Java - Indonesia
Phone: +62276 3293341
Website: http://merbabunationalpark.org
email: info [at] merbabunationalpark.org
Spot nature: Forests, Grasslands, Hill,
Source of water: There is on track Wekas (Heading 2)
Flora: Pinus, flower, acacia, Soro, Pine mountain, Edelweiss bred
Fauna: Javan hawk-eagle, black eagle, falcon cow, crested serpent eagle, partridge, pigeon, Wren stone, deer, porcupines, civet civet, long-tailed monkeys, and others.
Forest: Hill dipterocarp forest, dipterocarp forest Upper Montane forest, and forest or mountain forest Ericaceous

Selo (Boyolali)
Kopeng (from Salatiga)
Wekas (from Detroit)
The line Suwanting of Magelang
Peak: peak Sharif 3,119 meters above sea level, the peak Kenteng Songo / Tianggulasi 3,142 meters above sea level
peak of another Watugubuk, Watutulis, Gegersapi, Ondorante
Crater: Candradimuko, beetle, fiddle, drum, Sambernyowo
View other mountains from the top: Gn. Merapi, chippy, Sindoro, Telomoyo, Ungaran, Cradle

Rates Climb: Rp 10,000 / person / day (Jan 2015)

Myth: Governments, Java is huge buried in the Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu associated with ancient Mataram kingdom

Raisins (mystery): On the mountain Merbabu no such thing is said to Satan market buy-sell its spirits
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