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Porter Argopuro, Mount Argopuro via Baderan - Bremi, Argopuro Guide

Porter Argopuro, Mount Argopuro via Baderan - Bremi, Argopuro Guide

Argopuro Mountain is a mountain known as anchor and with the longest track of up to 40 kilometers to reach the peak with an altitude of 3,088 meters above sea level. To climb Mount Argopuro required careful preparation. Mount Argopuro located in Situbondo, East Java, and includes the complex of mountains. The mountain is named Argopuro because there are many sites that are similar to the ruins of the temple. The remaining ruins are still visible, especially in the peak. There are two trails to reach the top Argopuro namely:
  • via Bremi
  • via Baderan
Usually climbers climb 2 routes up and down at the same time with different lines because it has a beautiful two-lane that is very dear to wasted - wasted.

Bremi: Surabaya >> Probolinggo >> Bremi
Baderan: Surabaya >> Probolinggo >> Besuki

Before climbing via Baderan, climbers are required to report to the Office of Policy and Resources Sector or Perhutani Malang and pay around Rp. 20,000 per day. Normally ascent of Mount Argopuro conducted for 4 days.

Basecamp (Baderan) - Spring
trip begins from Perhutani to walk down the asphalt road and continued to trail hardened to stone and macadam on the estate population. You can shorten the time to ride motorcycles with a tariff of Rp. 30,000 up to the entrance of the forest. There is even a taxi that drove them to Cikasur rate Rp. 135,000, when walking can travel up to 1.5 days.

The journey continues with the start ramp along the ridge and continued with a ramp in the woods. You will find a ramp with narrow streets to discover the writing Wildlife Plateau Yang .
The Highland Wildlife Sanctuary
This location you can use to rest before continuing the journey. The next track you will find a ramp with a shrub that meeting with a few hours to find an open track. Then connected track down and uphill to get to the post spring 2. Spring 2 post there are places that can be used to set up a tent. There is a river to fill with water running down about 10 minutes.
Springs 2
Springs 2 - Cikasur
towards Cikasur will pass a long track and takes a lot of time. From Pos 2 will pass through dense forests and appear dark even during the day. Sometimes seen some monkeys swinging in the trees - trees. The track is quite sloping but with a very long distance.

Once out of the woods, you will arrive at the savanna is not far from the open ridge. The scenery is very beautiful ridge when there is no fog. Once on the hill you will arrive in the first half that found on a hiking trail Mountain Argopuro via Baderan.
First Savana
Savannah is ideal for relaxation but is not suitable for setting up a tent because the soil is rocky and uneven. Here you can find some dry grass and lavender. From this savannah you will return to the forest with a little uphill trek. There are several places to set up a tent on the side - the side of the trail if there is not enough time to Cikasur.

Once on the ridge you reach a wider Heath 2 with hill - a small hill in the vicinity. The scenery here is very beautiful with trails that cut through the savanna to Cikasur.

Cikasur a broad savanna There are hiking in Mount Argopuro. In the Netherlands, this savanna used as a airport. Climbers must go down and cross the river to reach the Cikasur.
Savana Cikasur
Cikasur is a favorite place to go in a tent than Life Park. There Cikasur near the clear river with lettuce plants that can be eaten. Not infrequently, people - people around Argopuro often come here to harvest and then sold to the market.
river Cikasur
river Cikasur

Cikasur - Cisentor
From Savannah Cikasur continued by heading right toward Cisentor. Uphill trek across the hills with dense savannah before reaching the forest dense with vegetation. The climbers will pass the two former hills with trees uprooted and prone to forest fires.
Directions to Cisentor of Cikasur
After reaching the top of the hill, you have to down the slope directly adjacent to deep water. Having reached the end of the hill you have to go down the river and arrived in Cisentor. Cisentor is a very suitable place to set up tents because there is a source of water and a shady place. There is a shelter that can be used to rest or spend the night.

Cisentor - Swamp pushes
ascent continues through pastures and edelweiss, then cross the river dried before returning through the pastures and edelweiss again. Once down the hill you will get to the Swamp pushes. 
Rawa pushes
Pushes towards Rawa

Swamp is a place that pushes quite spacious and sunny during the day with a cold wind blowing. There are fountains to refill a drink. You can set up a tent in Rawa take this post.

Rawa pushes - peak
journey to the summit that is to take a cruise down the bog meadows and the ridge of the hill through the woods, through the trees and over the river edelweiss off. Once out of the woods you will arrive at a small meadow where there was a couple in the top left and top right Argopuro. You can leave your things in the shade not far from the foot of a hill.
peak Rengganis
To reach the top Rengganis takes about 15 minutes. At the top a couple you can see some ruins. Rengganis form of limestone peaks and smelled of sulfur. From the top you can see the ocean a couple of clouds, craters and trails savannah.
peak Rengganis
To reach the top Argopuro takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Argopuro a stone with dense jungle vegetation that covered the landscape around the trees and climbers are less able to enjoy views of the sea of ​​clouds here.
Then you can go down with 15 minutes to the summit or summit of the sculpture which is the peak of sculpture and other debris that covered the bush - a bush. When sunny, from the top you can see Mount Smeru, Mount roar, and Mt.Arjuno - Welirang.

Puncak - Garden of Life
Journey begins from the top of the hill down towards Muslims with a steep descent and turn - outs. Once on the ground, and continued to ride down the hill ridge area is close to Fir Limo. When you get to the fork in the left select the path that will lead you to the Garden of Life.
garden of Life
All the way down the hill you will find a steep road and the necessary prudence - carefulness. When it gets dark, you can just walk in the wrong direction because of the large open space that resembles a hiking trail. Sometimes there is a sign at the intersection of hiking trails. The journey continues to the forest of moss that long to get to the Garden of Life. Trek along moss forests tend to be flat and downhill. Garden of Life is a vast muddy lake with beautiful views. This place is perfect for open tent with abundant water.
garden of Life
Garden of Life - Bremi
From the Garden of Life, proceed to the premium. Note the direction indicators are already installed and do not let the wrong direction back to the top. The path will you pass going uphill to treat solid dirt track downhill to reach the forest tree resin. When you get to the forest tree resin compact, you live long past the gardens of the population to arrive at the gates of premium hiking trail.
Woodland Damar
Estimated Time
Basecamp - Mata Air 2 (5 hours 30 minutes ( motorcycle taxi driver, to the forest ))
Springs 2 - Cikasur (5 hours)
Cikasur - Cisentor (3 hours)
Cisentor - Swamp pushes (1 hour)
Swamp pushes - Peak Rengganis (1 h)
Peak Rengganis - Argopuro (40 minutes)
peak Arjuno - Park Life (4 hours 40 mins)
Garden of Life - Bremi (2 hours 30 minutes)

Tips Mount Argopuro
  1. Prepare supplies for at least 4 days of climbing
  2. Prepare physically for you will be hiking along 40 km
  3. Record the coordinates in the post permits for forest very close and a lot of misleading paths. Better you already understand navigation
  4. Use long dress because along the path will find plants - plants that can make you itch
  5. Find as much info about the hiking and water supplies both ends meet
  6. Avoid walking at night because the road will be a lot of misleading
  7. Avoid throwing garbage and cigarette butts carelessly, Mount Argopuro very prone to fire, especially in the savannah area
  8. Take a taxi to shorten the travel time
  9. Organized by Baderan up and down through premiums, because if more than Bremi, of course basecamp trek toward the Garden of Life has been very uphill.

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