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Mount Raung via Waringin Bondowoso, Porter Raung, Raung Mountain Guide, Travel Ijen Crater

Mount Raung via Waringin Bondowoso, Porter Raung, Raung Mountain Guide, Travel Ijen Crater

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Mountaineering roared Other Strip via an alternative route other than Kalibaru Banyuwangi. Other paths are located in the village of Other Resources, Woodend, meditated.
From Wonosari Bondowoso Go to that and get off at the junction substation Atta (using public transport). From the fork again followed by transport to the village K. Resources. And proceed to the homestead, the postal license or basecamp climb to the mountain roared. For the rest of us walk alone because only several hundred meters from where the decline of transportation to the village K. Resources.
Licensing and preparation of all kinds made in basecamp owned by local residents. As usual in the basecamp we could rest and eat of course.
banyan source basecamp
BASECAMP - Post 1 Cottage Motor (1hr use a motorcycle taxi)
path to Pos 1 is a wide strip and there is usually a motorcycle taxi to get there. If the walk can take 3 hours.

Post 1 Cottage Motor
Post 1 Cottage Motor
Pos 1 - Pos 2 Cottage Wells (4h)
The path to the post 2 and slightly uphill through the woods.

Postal 2 Cottage Wells
Postal 2 Cottage Wells
Pos 2 - Pos 3 Pondok Demit (2,5jam)
Furthermore, road narrowing and lush.
Pos 3 - Pos 4 Dead cottage (1,5jam)
In post 4 favotir place to set up camp and spend the night.

Heading 4 Cottage Dead
Heading 4 Cottage Dead
Pos 4 - Pos 5 Pondok Wind (45 min)
Strip the heavier tracks. Up in Post 5 we've been out of the dense vegetation. For the next summit attack.

Heading 5 Pondok Wind
Heading 5 Pondok Wind
Heading 5 - Peak wail (1,5jam)
The path to the summit is the path of death. Right-left is a gap.

In Memoriam Deden Hidayat
In Memoriam Deden Hidayat
summit trails
The path to the top of the roar
TOP toothpick
Peak Toothpick
In climbing lane Waringin we can only arrive at the peak of the Second Summit of Toothpick.
we calculate the travel time being,
BASECAMP - Post 1 Cottage Motor (1hr use a motorcycle taxi)
Pos 1 - Pos 2 Cottage Wells (4h)
Pos 2 - Pos 3 Pondok Demit (2,5jam)
Pos 3 - Pos 4 Dead Cottage (1, 5 hour)
Pos 4 - Pos 5 Pondok wind (45 min)
Pos 5 - Peak wail (1,5jam)
TOTAL = 11 hours 15 min
  1. Pick a nice day for a hike, try to avoid the rain
  2. Physical exercise a week before the big day
  3. Prepare the team and equipment that will be taken. To climb the mountain roared must use special equipment such as rope climbing etc.
  4. Is a solid team of 5-12 people. And there should be a leader
  5. Do not underestimate safety. Wear sandals or hiking boots and mountain jacket. Bring enough food and water not too little and not too much. Most importantly do not break the rules and do not throw trash on the mountain
  6. To climb roared better done in the afternoon or morning.
  7. Set up a tent in a flat and try shrouded in trees or bushes that are not directly exposed to the wind mountain
  8. If any member of the group could not continue the journey should be accompanied. Or if severe pain immediately notify the other groups.
INFORMATION ON mountain roar
Name: Mount roar
Altitude: 3344 meters above sea level
Location: Banyuwangi, Jember and Bondowoso
type: Volcano
Peak: Peak 17 Peak Toothpick and Puncak Sejati roared
Condition: plantations, forests, caldera, crater, fog
Forest: Forest Route hill, slope forest Upper Montane forest, and forest or mountain forest Ericaceous
Flora: grass, pine, fir
Fauna: a wide variety of birds
hiking paths:
Myth: Peak caldera very large and spacious supposedly is a government White Tiger
raisins (story Mystery): on the path of ascent found places sacred. Many restrictions for climbers if passing through that location

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