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Travel Semarang, 25 Tourist Attractions in Semarang The Famous

Travel Semarang, Come Visit Semarang

Travel Semarang, 25 Tourist Attractions in Semarang The Famous

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in Semarang. Here is the complete list of 25 famous attractions of Semarang, on the beach, natural landscape, cultural heritage and religious tourism:
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Marina Beach

1. Marina Beach
Marina Beach is a cheap recreation park for the residents of Semarang. We can breathe in the fresh air and look at the sea shore. Marina Beach every Sunday morning a lot of visitors, the average family comes together. Marina Beach Hotel in east PRPP or housing the Royal Family, if you see an eagle statue on the roundabout is large enough, behind the entrance.

Maron Beach Picnic
2. Beach Maron
Maron Beach is just a few hundred meters from the runway edge Ahmad Yani airport but the road to get there is an uneven ground, quite difficult for private cars who want to visit the beach Maron Moreover it rains, (is not recommended to use the sedan). In the west there is a beach Tirang, the sea water was clearer than Marina ...

Recreation Tirang
3. Beach Tirang
Beach Tirang Maron Beach is located on the edge of the airport runway A Yani, approximately 5 km air distance from Marina Beach. Actually, here the sea is much cleaner and blue from Marina Beach, but due to the less well explored, Tirang Beach on the west side of the canal and Maron Beach on the east side of the canal a little seedy. Moreover Tirang beaches inaccessible car.

Artificial lake Gazebo Garden Lele
4. vilage Travel Lele Park
Garden catfish are surrounded by an artificial lake gazebo, water bikes, swimming pool for children, games for children, pets, some animals, such as peacocks, python, crocodile and various species of birds. The place is ideal for a stopover for visitors to Semarang by road or northern roads, because the location is right on the strip.

Religious Tourism and Culture

Pagoda Buddhagaya Semarang
5. Pagoda Vihara Avalokitesvara in Bodhgaya
More often called Watugong Pagoda, Pagoda Vihara Avalokitesvara in fixed Buddhagaya Indonesian Museum of Records as the tallest pagoda in Indonesia. Pagoda which has a height of 45 meters was built on seven levels. According to the history of this temple is the first temple in Indonesia after the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom. In 1955 Ven Narada and Venerable Bhante Ashin inaugurate the monastery. Ven Narada arrival in Indonesia.
Mosque between pillars
6. Central Java Grand Mosque
MAJT along with supporting facilities located on the street Elephant Kingdom, Village Sambirejo, Gayamsari District occupies the land of the Great Mosque of Semarang assets of 10 ha and is able to accommodate more than 13,000 worshipers. Besides building the mosque here dilngkapi also other facilities such as: office space, space and training courses, library room, the ceremony, the auditorium ...
Travel Lawang Sewu
7. Lawang Sewu , Semarang Travel Icons.
Location: Jl. SMG youth.
Owner: Department of Transportation: Railway public company
building is nicknamed Lawang Sewu (thousand doors) because it has a lot next door arc - arc impressive cavity, filling the building facade. Millennial door complex consists of two masses bag main building. On the west shaped "L" with a very ...

Tower Mosque Kauman Semarang
8. Grand Mosque Kauman
mosque is located at the west square no 11 on one side, while the side is a street Kauman. Kauman Mosque is a series of updates on the history of the mosque in Semarang. The first mosque in Semarang is located in the first task that was founded by Kyai Ageng Pandan Arang. When he moved to the city of Semarang subordinates, establish BuBa district and build a mosque ...

Baiturrahman Mosque
9. Baiturrahman Mosque
Address: Jl. Pandanaran No. 126 SMG.
Phone: 024 831 0155
Development Baiturrahman Grand Mosque began on 10 August 1968 marked the installation of piles for the foundation of the mosque of 137 pieces. The mosque was inaugurated by President Soeharto on December 15, 1974. The existence of this mosque until now the pride of the citizens ...

Sam Poo Kong Temple in Semarang
10. Sam Poo Kong, Gedung Batu
Complex Sam Po Kong Temple Building stone consists of a number of platforms. The main shrine is a building of the Temple and the caves of Sam Po Kong Temple Tho Tee Kong: place - a place of worship Kyai Juru Mudi, like anchors, Kyai Kyai Cundrik Earth and grandmother cone. Great Temple and the cave is the most important building of all, and is the center of all activity in the complex worship.

Tay Kak Sie Temple
11. Tay Kak Sie Temple
Tay Kak Sie Temple is an old temple that was built in 1746. The temple is located at No 62 Chinatown Gang Lombok. This pagoda is one of the objects of religious tourism in the city of Semarang. Tay Kak Sie Temple at first only to worship the Goddess Kwan Im Po Sat Sie, Your Honor Goddess of Mercy, though later evolved into the pagoda also worships other Gods Tao.

SMG Blenduk Church
12. Blenduk Church
The church built in 1753 is one of the landmarks in the old city. Different from other buildings in the Old City, which generally encloses the road and do not highlight the shape, the building with Neo-Classical style is actually appear sharp. The shape is more prominent. The location of the building on Jl frontal. Suari previously called straat Kerk (Church Street). The church building is now a symmetrical building with a single facade.


Nature - Gedong Songo
13. Nature Gedong Songo
Gedong Songo is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, precisely in Gedongsongo temple, Darum Hamlet, Village Temple, Ambarawa, Semarang and the temple complex was built in the 9th century AD. Gedong Songo term itself comes from the Javanese, "Building" means house or building, "Songo" means nine. So the meaning of the word of Gedongsongo are nine buildings.

temple Monument
14. Temple Memorial
Temple is located in Jalan Tugu Mangkang KM 11, about 2 km from IAIN Amanah, the Semarang Jakarta is located on the right side of the road, or a few hundred meters from the hospital Tugurejo. In this place is the temple said the border between the kingdom of Majapahit and Pajajaran. Orphaned long, the Dutch colonial era, in 1938 (on the input historian J Knebel) held the restoration of the site.

Waterfall views Kalipancur
15. Niagara River Shower
Area Shower Niagara River is located in the village of Nogosaren, District Getasan, Semarang regency, about 14 km west of Salatiga. To go to the location of these places there is no public transportation, so must bring their own vehicle. If forced to ride public transportation can be majored Kopeng Salatiga and if it has reached the border village of the district. Getasan.

ecotourism area Penggaron
16. The Penggaron forest
tourism area is located in the administrative area Penggaron Feed village, Ungaran, Semarang regency, about 2 km towards the city of Ungaran or about 18 km south of Semarang. Wana This tour is one of the planted forest Independent Business Unit Travel, Seed and Other Businesses (KBM WBU I) Perum Perhutani Unit I Central Java. People usually take advantage Penggaron around Semarang.

Bannerman Sidomukti Bandungan
17. Nature Sidomukti Bannerman
Bannerman Sidomukti is one Nature Mountains, located in the Village District Sidomukti Bandungan Semarang. The tour is supported facility and Services: Out Bound Training, Adrenaline Games, Garden Pool Nature, Camping Ground, Pondok Wisata Pondok Lesehan, Meeting Room. There are four pools elevated and can be selected according to the desired depth.

Travel swamp dizziness
18. Lake Swamp Dizziness
Lake Rawa Dizziness is a lake and water attractions with a size of 2,670 hectares, occupying an area of Andreas, Bawen, Tuntang, and Banyubiru Semarang, Central Java. Rawa Dizziness is on the lower slopes of Mount Telomoyo basin, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Ungaran. The appeal in Rawa Dizziness: Water Tourism: with traditional boats, water hyacinth producer.

Niagara Benowo
19. Niagara Benowo , charm on the slopes of Mount Ungaran.
Niagara Benowo located in West Warwick District District Kalisidi SMG. Waterfall in Javanese means waterfall. Exotic Waterfall fatherly Benowo this may be difficult to achieve the most, because it's really natural course of the trail, up and down, perhaps only recommended for nature lovers or those who like a challenge, not for most people, let alone a family recreation.

Zoo elephant ride Mangkang
20. Wildlife / Bonbin Mangkang
Zoo or better known as the first Bonbin are in place now to the Taman Budaya Raden Saleh and Wonderia. Then in 1985 Bonbin Semarang Tinjomoyo relocated to the area. And on February 28, 2007 Bonbin moved again occupy the new area in the district Mangkang, exactly on Jl. Amanah KM 16, opposite Terminal Mangkang.

museum Tours

Museum of Islamic development jateng
21. Museum of Islamic Development of Guangxi
Museum of Islamic Development noted the historical development of Islam in Central Java.
The museum is located in the 2nd and 3rd floors of Tower Era in Central Java Grand Mosque complex is located in Jalan Gajah. Illumination artifacts artifacts such as Al Qur'an, Puppet wife, Wayang Sadat, Gayor Masjid Sunan Muria, smooth, Two Sides Ornaments, Ornaments Mantingan Mosque, Ceramics, Collection of Early Islamic heritage. More ...

Museum Jamu Nyonya Meneer
22. Museum Jamu Nyonya Meneer
Museum Jamu Nyonya Meneer Jamu is a museum in Indonesia. This herb Museum was established on 18 January 1984. The purpose of the establishment of the museum this herb is as a cultural heritage to preserve the ancestral cultural heritage so that it can become a medium of education and recreation for the younger generation. Museum Jamu Nyonya Meneer is divided into two parts, the first part presents the productivity herbs, concerns.

museum muri
23. Museum MURI
World Record Museum of Indonesia was founded on the initiative of adherence in the industrial district of herbs JAGO Independence Pioneer Road Semarang on January 27, 1990 and officially opened by Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Coordinating Minister Soedomo and Soepardjo Roestam witnessed by PMI Chairman of Soetowo Center and Central Java Governor, HM Ismail. Indonesian World Record Museum and more popular as MURI given by Soepardjo Roestam at the ceremony.

Museum Ronggowarsito Semarang
24. Ronggowarsito Museum
The museum is located on the road this AbdurrahmanSaleh is the most complete museum in Semarang has a collection of history, nature, archeology, culture, the era of development and the archipelago. With a name taken from the name of one Indonesian poet, famous for his work in philosophy and culture, museum occupies a land area of 1.8 hectares, the museum is open every day at 08:00.

Museum Mandala Bhakti
25. Museum Mandala Bhakti
building was first designed as a District Court or the Court of Appeal for the European citizens in Semarang. So it is no wonder if its mass were formal and stiff. Its designer was the architect of the firm E. I. Kuhr Ooiman and van Leeuwen. The building is located on the frontal area. The young man is right in front of the Tugumuda (dh Wilhelmina plein).

That was the most complete list of tourism in the city of Semarang and the most visited by tourists. Good roads.
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