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Travel Karanganyar, 12 Transportation Featured in Karanganyar, Central Java

Travel Karanganyar, 12 Transportation Featured in Karanganyar, Central Java

12 Places Featured in Karanganyar, Central Java, Tourism Charleston - Karanganyar is a district located in Central Java. Karanganyar had become well-known in Indonesia as the "City of Jemani". Yes, once upon jemani fever, Karanganyar is one of jemani with good quality. In addition Jemani course also developed a lot of ornamental plants such as anthurium there, waves of love, Adenium, and so forth. Climatic conditions in Karanganyar found on the slopes of Mount Lawu is indeed very suitable for ornamental plants and fruit trees and vegetables or horticulture. Until now, plants are still used as one of the leading commodity in Karanganyar, but his popularity is not what it used to be. The tourists who visit Niagara Millennial still much to buy ornamental plants as souvenirs of the family home.

Location Karanganyar is 14 km east of Surakarta or Solo. Thus tourism Karanganyar can not be separated from the Tourism in the city of Solo. Many tour packages offer tour packages in Solo and its surroundings. Usually a few tourist in Karanganyar is also included in the tour package of this Solo.

12 Places Featured in Karanganyar, Central Java

Here are the 12 sites featured in Karanganyar regency Java Tegah you should visit:

1. Falls Millennial

Sewu waterfall
If people call the waterfall with waterfall, then the Java call with the waterfall. In Karanganyar There is a very famous tourist spots such as Thousand Falls. Sewu waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu or precisely located in Kalisoro, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar. Millennial Falls Tourism is a leading tourist spot and very famous in Karanganyar regency. That makes this tourist spot visited by tourists from various regions in Indonesia. The location of the tourist area is very cool because it is located on the slopes of the surrounding mountains still covered with dense forest. In the woods around Niagara Millennial this abound in Tawangmangu apes living in the wild. The monkeys are like other apes, often seize tourists carrying bag. Therefore you should be careful when traveling to this Millennial Falls. To get to the waterfall visitors must travel down the stairs with a total of 1,250 units. Quite tiring for those of you who are not familiar, however fatigue seemed lost after seeing the sights Falls Millennial very intriguing.

2. Taman Ria Balekambang

Taman Ria Balekambang
Not far from the park there is a Millennial Falls tourist park that is great for travel with family. The park is named Taman Ria Balekambang. Places in this Tawangmangu area more visited by local tourists, especially those who want to spend the holiday weekend. Here you can enjoy the cool air of the mountains and enjoy a variety of amenities such as Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Studio Painting and others. You need to know the tourist area in Tawangmangu There is also a wide range of hotels and villas which you can rent for a holiday with family or friends. Yes, it may be almost similar to the one in Puncak, Bogor. This area is always crowded on Sunday.

3. Astana keburu

Astana keburu
Where two Indonesian President Suharto is buried? Did you know? It seems not much to know if President Soeharto Kedia buried in Karanganyar district, unless they really idolize. The tomb of President Suharto's family cemetery was named Astana trigger. Astana trigger built on a hill located in the village Girilayu, Matesih Karanganyar district, Central Java. Before Mr. Suharto died, this place has been used for the burial of Mrs. Tin Suharto and some of his family who had died as well. Currently, Mr. Suharto's grave is visited by people who want to commemorate his services in building a nation of Indonesia.

4. Cetho

Tourism in Karanganyar next Cetho. Cetho is a Hindu temple located in the hamlet of Ceto, Village Gumeng, Jenawi Karanganyar district. According to history, the temple relics Cetho kingdom of Majapahit. In this complex there are also ruins Ki Ageng Krincingwesi which is the ancestral village Cetho. What is the uniqueness Cetho in Karanganyar this? Cetho has unique characteristics that are not in other temples, there is a statue of Kalachakra or male genitalia. In addition Cetho temple was built on a terraced land. There are eleven core, each of which has a unique and distinctive buildings.

5. Sukuh

Not far from the attractions Cetho, there are other attractions that are not less unique than Cetho, namely Sukuh. Sukuh Berjo there in the village, district Ngargoyoso, located not far from Cetho. As in Cetho, in Sukuh also many flavorful erotic sculptures. But according to some literature these sculptures have a meaning as a symbol of fertility. There are unique in Sukuh, namely the structure of the temple is not the same as the other temples in Indonesia. Even Sukuh structure is more similar to the building of the Maya in Mexico or the Incas in Peru. Curiosity is not, let's pay a visit to Central Java Karanganyar!

6. Kemuning Tea Plantation

Kemuning Tea Plantation
Tourist attractions featured in Karanganyar regency, Central Java is a further Kemuning Tea Plantation. For the citizens of Solo and the surrounding area, if you want to enjoy the beautiful tea plantations, then do not have to go to the top of Bogor, since their neighbors in the district of Karanganyar There is a tea plantation with no less fascinated than Puncak, Bogor. The tea plantation called Kemuning Tea Plantation. In this place visitors can enjoy the beauty of the green tea plantations with the cool air. Also in this place can be used as a venue for hobby aero sport paragliding paragliding precisely in Bukit Venues Ds. Gunung Kemuning Karanganyar pirates. The location is on the slopes of Mount Lawu up a special air of the mountains is characteristic of this area. The path taken to the Myrtle Plantation is in line with the path taken when you want to Cetho, Sukuh and Waterfall Jumog.

7. Niagara Jumog

Niagara Jumog
In addition to Millennial Falls in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar There is also a waterfall Jumog. Tourist attractions in Karanganyar is arguably still new and not much visited by tourists. Visitors to this attraction is limited to families and groups from around the region Solo Raya. The atmosphere is offered in the tourist area of ​​Niagara Jumog this is a mountainous environment with cool air coupled with a beautiful waterfall. If you've ever been to Niagara Millennial, Arjun in Jumog water is slightly smaller than in the Millennial Falls. But access to get to here is not so difficult. just a little down the stairs and you will arrive at the location of the tour, unlike in Thousand Falls to be down thousands of stairs.

8. Agro Sondokoro

agro Sondokoro
Not far from the town of Karanganyar There is a sugar mill which is still under the auspices of PTPN IX Central Java Tasikmadu the Sugar Factory. The sugar factory is one of the first factories Balanda relic. Currently the management of PTPN IX opened agrotourism around Sugar Factory Tasikmadu family used to travel around the Agro Sondoloro Karanganyar. In this area visitors can enjoy a wide range of facilities available games such as flying fox, waterboom and other arcades. In addition, you can also travel around the area by using the old car a very unique and antique. This of course could make special experience for you and your family members.

9. Travel "Tubing" Goasari Ngargoyoso

Goasari Ngargoyoso
If you usually get to know people rafting, in Karanganyar you can do tubing. River Tubing, or commonly abbreviated with tubing down the river with an activity using the tire. The equipment used is almost the same as with safety standards rafting is by using a helmet and a life jacket. Game tubing in Karanganyar is situated in the area Banyu Bening Arena in the village Punthukrejo Ngargoyoso Karanganyar District. The tubing is very pleasant especially done by the group. Usually this group can be family, friends or co-worker campus. Along the river is the pesrta can enjoy the cool river water is very clear and distinctive rock mountains. The scenery around the river is also very impressive.

10. Bath Sapta Tirta Pablengan

Sapta Tirta bath Pablengan
Sightseeing in Karanganyar next is Sapta Tirta baths in the village Pablengan, Matesih Karanganyar District. Referring to the name, Sapta Tirta, in this place there are 7 springs, each of which has a different taste. Though the seven springs are located in one area. The seven springs are First, Borax Water Resources of the water used as materials for the character or crackers. Secondly, Empowered Water Resources, the water is believed to increase the strength and purify the body. Third, Dead Water Resources that are considered unique because the water is always constant, not increasing and not decreasing, but said the water from these sources can not be used for bathing, washing face, let alone drunk. Fourth is the Water Resources Manage-Manage the water is used to facilitate bowel movement or laxative. Fifth, the warm water sources, the water is believed to cleanse the body as well as to treat various skin diseases, rashes, and arthritis. On the sixth of Water Resources water used for washing the face to someone young and beautiful looking appearance, while the seventh Soda Water Resources, the water feels natural soda and can cure various diseases in the kidney, tuberculosis, liver and sugar.

11. Campgrounds (Super) Camping Cradle Resort and Sekip

Cradle Resort and Sekip
Still in Area Tourism Tawangmangu, within easy reach of Thousand Falls, there is a no less exciting attractions, such as camping grounds or Buper. Buper is often used to make a good camping by school students, university students and from other circles. Very cool location makes this place crowded. Not only for the purpose of camping, when the holidays arrive many also just come to enjoy the scenery of the pine tree line is very beautiful. Campgrounds (super) Cradle Camping Resort is located in Kalisoro, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar. Surrounding communities have been very familiar with Buper carry weapons. So if you go there you can ask the people around Tawangmangu, almost certainly carry them out Buper.

12. The peak of Mount Lawu

The peak of Mount Lawu
Travel in Karanganyar which has also been known next summit of Mount Lawu or at Fir Fir Thousand and Kennels. This tourist spot because we enter into one of the main attraction Karanganyar especially for nature lovers throughout Indonesia. Location hiking trail is located on the border between Karanganyar regency, Central Java and East Java Magetan. To climb the peak of Mount Lawu we recommend accompanied by experienced climbers. Because it climbs atop any mountain can not be ignored, should be a good preparation and experience in the mountains are qualified. Usually climbers will start climbing from the post in Thousand Fir Fir and eventually ended up in the cage. Before starting the hike you can enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry sold by stalls around the area. The process usually begins his ascent at night, hopefully later in the morning it can reach the top and see the sunrise from the summit of Cradle Hargo Dumilah. There is a unique highlight of this cradle, which is in the cradle mountain before reaching the summit there is a stall selling food for the climbers. Perhaps this coffee shop called The location is still the issue that this hiking trail. This is certainly very helpful climbers, because it can hold a tent to rest while enjoying a variety of food and drink sold a variety of hot drinks are also available. What we can not understand how this stall owners struggle to bring a wide range of groceries to take to the mountain. But their journey is almost the same as a trip to the summit of Cradle Hargo Dumilah.

How about sights Karanganyar above? Not interesting? Little information when you are paying a visit to Chad and then want to get around to the sights Karanganyar using a rental car, you can hire a car rental service by accessing the site in Karanganyar Docar.co.id. There are a lot of cars that you can rent. To visit the official site you can click on Docar Solo car rental .

Well, so was 12 Places Featured in Karanganyar, Central Java. In Karanganyar, Central Java itself not only above there are 12 travel alone, but also many other attractions that may not have been much exposed and has not been developed by the local government. Here we are a few other attractions that are not less interesting that there are in Karanganyar , Central Java .

Bath warm Jatoba is located in the village of Plumbon, District Tawangmangu
Monument Joko Songo, the Heroes Cemetery of the Students' Army (TP) is incorporated in the team Ala-products which fall against the Dutch colonialists 

Temple Långgatan, lies not too far from Sukuh

Monument Land critically, in the form of an educational tour to commemorate the existence of critical land located in the village Sukosari, Jumantono district, Karanganyar.

Lalung Reservoir, built for irrigation, fisheries and agriculture but has not been seriously developed for tourism.

Stones largest Gola, a relic of the pre-historic site located in the village Ngasinan North Village Karangbangun, Matesih district, Karanganyar, Central Java.

Astana Mengadeg, located in the village of Karang Bangun Matesih District is a complex of tombs of the kings of Mangkunegaran Palace, Surakarta.

Goa alley located in the Village District Lempong Jenawi, a natural cave mouth of the cave has a size of two meters by 1.5 meters.

Niagara is located in the Village Pond Pringgodani four kilometers from the bus terminal Tawangmangu, Karanganyar.

RRI Monument in the Village Hidden Pond Jenawi

Pura Bali Ancestral Heritage in Karanganyar initially in the form of a re-tangible ruins tomb of Ki Ageng Pasek (Pemacekan), He was buried in the ancestral village of Bali Pasekan Karangpandan District, Karanganyar.

Tourism Mount Bromo is an overgrown forest area of research the various types of trees, including rare trees such as sandalwood. 

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